So i wanted to continue today our series on the garmin instinct by doing a deep dive on the strength, training, app uh. It is a really dynamic app, and so i wanted to take a closer look and show you what it looks like, and you know straight training is an important part of being able to enjoy the outdoors, and you know not hurting yourself and but i also wanted To say that, if you’re not in great shape, this is a tool that can help you get into better shape so that you can enjoy the outdoors more to the fullest and if you are in great shape, i encourage you to help those around you get into That level of fitness that you are so that you can then bring them into a more full realization of the connection they can have with nature. So with that said, let’s take a look at the garmin instinct strength, app, okay, so taking a closer look at the strength app here. So of course, we’ll go here in the top right to activate our apps and here on strength, we’ll go ahead and start it again, and now you have your start for the overall app up here and then you have your individual sets down here. So i’ll start the whole strength, app and here’s. My first set now what’s great about this is i’d say about 75 percent of the time it gets your reps correct if you’re moving your arm, uh or your whole body, but say if you’re, you know doing something with your legs: uh you’re, just doing like a Leg, press uh, it’s not gon na get it because your watch is staying still, but if your watch is moving, then it gets it dead.

On about 75 of the time so you’ll see the timer is starting in the corner there and to stop it. I would just do this, not my stopping the whole strength training because you know i’m going to do say: that’s 10 sets in my workout. I don’t want to stop the whole workout. I just want to stop the set, so i would do that by down here. So then my last set it says i had zero reps, so i can press the bottom uh left corner there, and now i can edit my reps. So let’s say i was doing you know a leg press and my watch didn’t move. But i did you know one over here and then i pressed to confirm my one and then i can do my second digit over here. So if i wanted to go back, i would do the back down here, and so i could also go up say i did a hundred. So then you can get into the hundreds up here to adjust your reps let’s say i did you know 130 reps. So then, i would confirm that there and then i could add my pounds. Let’S say i did 130 reps of using in this. These two is or how i would uh move this up and down. I could say: okay, i did 130 reps of let’s, say 50 pounds and now, while i’ve been doing that, i’ve adjusting it it’s been counting my rest, and so i love that and it gives you my heart rate as well, um and so now, i’m.

In sort of a a set in itself, which is the rest set and then when i’m done with my rest, i can go ahead down here and continue to set two. So i love the the dynamic nature, uh and you’re an active partner with your watch to make sure that it’s, accurate and you’re getting good data uh for your. You know your metrics, and so now i can see my timer starts again. My reps um. You know my watch isn’t moving, so it’s, not counting the reps again, the wraps are are pretty good it’s about 75 percent of the time it gets it perfect. Then i can stop this set again by down here in that corner. It has that little arrow, and now i can go once again go down here to edit my reps. Now. The only thing i don’t like about this is that if you don’t get that edit in time as you saw, i just barely missed it. Then you have to go back afterwards and edit your reps on the app later, because i missed my opportunity to edit real time that’s. My my really only uh downfall of this app is. I will often have to go like go back and edit those reps uh, because i don’t catch it in time for some reason. So now, here, i’m on my rest, again i’ll once again press that one now i’m on set three, and so i can just keep doing that again when i’m done that rep i’ll go ahead and show you one more time.

I press this and then i can edit my reps let’s, say: 20 reps we’ll make something more realistic here and then it goes to pounds uh. So let’s do 20, reps of yeah 50 pounds sure and there you go so it’s it’s, good, it’s, dynamic, it’s. A little limited because it doesn’t you know, tell you, okay, you did reps of what uh reps of you know: bicep curls, reps of squats, it doesn’t really say uh, but it lets you edit it real time. If you know it, didn’t get the reps exactly the perfect uh the first time so that’s the the watch while you’re going and uh, then when you’re done, of course, you’ll press the complete stop for the whole activity, just like the other ones. So you’ll press that up there it’ll give you that pause button so that you know the stop button and then it’ll give you. You know your overall time you can, then you know, look as the other apps through your high level overview. You can save it i’m. Actually going to discard this it’ll show you how many calories you burned. You can resume later. If, for some reason hey i got ta pause and go. You know do something and so i’m just gon na discard this but uh and then it’ll say yes, so we’ll take a look on the phone, see what it looks like on the phone and that’s what it looks like on your watch.

Alright. So here we are on the app uh on your phone, the garmin connect app and starting from the top. Of course you can see that’s me it was february 7th and i can do different reactions on that next row. So here i have uh liked my workout. I can comment on it. I can add a photo if i wanted to you know how to if i had a really cool moment. I was doing something awesome and i wanted to remember this workout by and then i can also share this whole workout using that. Fourth, icon uh the little piece of paper with the arrow up uh, with my contacts or anybody else, i’ve connected on the garmin connect app with moving down. I have my dashboard view here. You can see the you know my 91 calories, although it sure felt like a whole lot more and then uh my total workout time, as well as my average heart rate. Then it split up in between you know my time under tension that workout time on the left and then my rest time in between my reps. So here i can move also to my uh sort of a spreadsheet view on the second icon on that row. There – and i can get some really good data that way and then moving on. I can also have a visual representation with a graph which i think is a really cool feature to be able to just visualize and see how well you did in your workout.

So, coming back to my my dashboard there, i can then come down to my sets and that’s how the strength app works by breaking everything out by set and what i think is really cool. Is that the app does a really good job of you know. Sort of determining what kind of exercise you were doing so i was doing a curl, i did 12 reps and the weight was 50. now it didn’t know the weight. I inputted that manually, like we saw on the watch, but it automatically knew how many reps i did and got those accurate and then my second uh set there. My bench press, don’t judge me. I haven’t been bench pressed in a while i’m, a small guy. So i did eight sets of uh or eight reps of 115 and it knew that i was doing a bench press. I didn’t tell it that i was doing that then you can sell. I did another set of curls, but it didn’t quite catch it. So then, i could go in the top right corner there in that blue, edit and adjust what exercise i just did for that set so that’s what you’ll be doing when you you come back, you can clean up your uh, your set uh and clean up your Overall, workout, and so that your data is good and you can get a good representation of that workout for you and then proceed with your. You know fitness goals so anyway it’s.

I love this app it’s a clean, app it’s, a consistent app. So i hope you found this helpful and let me know what you like about the garmin instinct app down below in the comments. Let me know what you don’t like, if you’re having any trouble with it. I know some uh folks, you know, have trouble with various aspects of the app. So i want to know those as well and to have a good dialogue with you so feel free to uh. Please join our community like and subscribe to the channel.