Today we are reviewing Garmin lily smartwatch. Before this i have released a video of unboxing initial setup, amp first impressions. If you want to see it, you can find the link in the description. The review is short and I have broken it up into several categories For every category We have scored it. My wife is the primary user of this watch As a user. She has also scored it. Some of the opinions that I share include feedbacks from her Time stamp is available. It is in the description Coming Straight to the point. If you are buying this watch for yourself or you are planning to gift it to someone, it is good choice without doubt, except if the primary focus for buying it is for fitness tracking. If that is the case, then wait amp think you could get better watch choices at cheaper rates. How I reached this conclusion, you can see it in the review. First category is looks display, amp build. The best thing about this watch Is its looks, I think, of all the smartwatches for women Available in markets. This comes as one of the best looking smartwatch. You can share opinion about this. In the comments I have told you in the unboxing video that this watch is sports variant with rose gold colour. You can see Design pattern on the glass screen, It enhances the look, The screen is monochrome and There is no always on display. It has lift to wake feature.

Display is good enough. It is crisp amp, clear, Sunlight. Visibility is also good enough. One of the opinions that my wife shared the smartwatches generally available today they don’t match with your dresses Except for sportswear but less chance with ethnic wear. Imagine wearing a saree with an apple watch. There is less chance of it matching, but this watch would complement most of your dresses talking about the build. It is lightweight amp, small, the silicon straps can be changed, but in India straps not available in any of the sites and the strap changing procedure is a bit complicated. There is no physical button below screen. You can see a small touch button and the watch is rugged. Screen is Corning Gorilla, Glass. 3. Related to this I would like to share a experience here. My younger son was very fascinated by this watch. He is a toddler 2 years old. He tried taking it out of a shelf, it feel down from there and after few days we saw him playing with it like a car or maybe a train, luckily, no damage to watch cartrain and no scratches too, It survived my son, hence proven it is rugged Enough lets score For looks, display, amp Build. I have given the reviewer score as 810 and my wife as user, scored it as 910. Now, moving to the next category Interface amp Features talking about interface. It is very simple. My wife had never used a smartwatch before She said she was easily able to understand how to use this watch.

She was also able to use most of the features without issue. There is long list of features in this watch on swiping, left or right. You can see all the widgets, you can personalise it through the Smartwatch app in your phone. Let us talk about the feature list. First, there is the step counter. Then the intensity minutes, meaning your exercise score the calories. You have burned your heart rate, your stress level. If the watch detects your stress level as high, then the smartwatch will indicate that you to relax next is body battery which shows you your energy levels. Through the day, you can sync your calendar events, it show weather readings, you can log your hydration level here then comes weekly, active minutes target, meaning your weekly exercise score. It shows SPO2. That is your oxygen levels. You can control music from here. The watch does not store music, but it controls the music played in your mobile. Your daily distance walked your breath rate. There is also sleep tracking and women, specific health tracking, like menstrual cycle tracking amp pregnancy tracking available on swiping. From top you get more options like music control Do not disturb mode. You can see your phone notifications, you can accept amp reject calls. You can read your messages here. Even you can delete them. You can get notification from other apps such as whatsapp. You can check your battery levels, you can connect or disconnect your phone. Another option is emergency assistance option which lets you store a contact number of someone close once you click this option.

An emergency alert message is sent to that number and the person can respond to it. The last option is find my phone two of the most asked question in our life is: where is the phone and a? Where is the remote FIND? My PHONE feature tries to answer one of them, that is, it finds your phone. This sends a notification alert to phone and a ringtone is played amp the screen lights up. You can then easily find it On pressing the bottom button. You get a few more option like activities and the option to change watch faces the clock where you can set alarms, amp timer last is setting to change some smartwatch options. Let us score the score for Interface. Amp Features are reviewer. Score is 8 out of 10 amp user score 8.5 out of 10. Next is activity tracking? You can save upto six exercises. You can personalise them through your smartwatch app. I will show the app it is called CONNECT app in this app. You can see that Walk and run is fixed. The rest four can can be deleted. Amp other exercise, option available can be loaded, But the phone doesn’t have in built GPS. This watch uses the GPS of your MOBILE. So if you are walking running or biking and you need additional data like the route you followed In that case, you need to take your phone. Let us score. The reviewer score is 6 out of 10 and the user score is 8 out of 10.

The next category is Battery amp App. Battery is very important to a smartwatch as all the smartwatches available today have lithium ion batteries and the thing is it degrades. For example, if your smartwatch gives you 2 days battery backup by this time next year, it would give you only 1 to 1.5 days battery backup, Garmin lily has claimed 5 days battery life for heavy usage battery backup is 3 days for light usage battery. Backup is 4 to 4.5 days. The battery backup is good enough. Garmin is well known for its health tracking. The app is also very good. The front page shows you the summary of the day and for health tracking related option. You can click the left icon for smartwatch related option. You can click on the right icon lets score for Battery amp App. Both reviewer amp user score is 8 out of 10. Next, I will be explaining some issues with this watch Before proceeding. If you have found this video helpful, do press that LIKE button. Firstly, No Colour Display If it had colour display it would have been better. The looks would have been very vibrant. Next is NO Always On Display, but it would have been acceptable if Lift To Work Feature worked well, but it is not very good. It is not bad also, but it should have been better. Sometimes it misses and activity tracking options are less. There is no GPS. This leads to limited option for tracking the straps are presently unavailable in INDIA.

The service availability across cities in INDIA is few. Taking everything into consideration. The watch should have costed less Presently, it is costing around 20000 Rs in INDIA. If it had costed around 15000 16000 Rs., then it would have been a great deal .Finally. Coming to the conclusion. The average scores are reviewer score, 7.5 out of 10, and the user score is 8.5 out of 10. We can understand. One thing from the score is what we reviewers think as issues, maybe not so problematic to the user. To conclude, the review in one sentence: If you have the budget and your primary reason for buying it is not fitness tracking, then the watch is a good choice, but the watch is not extraordinary enough for you to go far beyond your budget to buy it.