Then youll need to plug in your Lily, with the included charging cable to turn it on. Once you see Hello displayed on screen open the Garmin Connect app and follow the instructions on your phone screen to set up your account and watch. If you already have a Garmin Connect account select Garmin Devices from the main menu then Add Device at the bottom. The app will automatically search for and connect to your Lily Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup. During this process, youll be able to set your sleep preferences goals and, more Once youre done with initial setup, you can tailor your experience and set alarms. Customize widgets manage your activity, settings fine tune, hydration goals enable pulse ox sleep tracking and more Now lets talk about using your Lily smartwatch To wake up the display. You can either double tap the touchscreen or lift your wrist and rotate it toward your body. When the watch face is displayed, you can tap the touchscreen to quickly cycle through your step, count: heart rate, energy levels, calories, burned, weather and remaining battery. Once you settle on your favorite stop tapping., It will be there. The next time your watch face is displayed At the bottom of the watch. Face youll see a circle which acts as a button for the Lily smartwatch. You can press the circle to navigate back to a previous page and from the watch face open the main menu Here you can open and start activities change.

Your watch face open your alarms, stopwatch and timer and access your watch settings Just tap the touchscreen to open a menu option From the watch face. You can swipe left or right to scroll through your stats for the day health data, calendar, womens health data and more You change and add these widgets in the Garmin Connect app. If you swipe, from top to bottom from the watch face, you can access a set of quick controls such as do not disturb find my phone and more To edit your controls, just press and hold the screen, select the control you want to change and when youre Done press the circle at the bottom of the display Next well: walk through how to start an activity. You can customize the activities available on your watch in the Garmin, Connect app First open the main menu and select Activities Swipe through the options and select the activity. You want to start, You can also connect Lily to your compatible smartphones, GPS, to accurately track your distance and pace during certain activities. Then double tap the display to start or stop your activity. Once you stop the activity, youll see a recap of your activity. Data.. You can either discard your activity or save it Once saved. The activity will be synced to the Garmin Connect app for you to view. If you want to change the look of your watch, face press the circle to open the main menu, Then select Watch Face Scroll through the different options and when you find the layout, you want just tap it and the watch face will be updated And thats.