The new and improved line from garmin is here and i’m going to take a look at the s12 today we’re going to deep dive through all the features and we’re gon na see how it performs in real life playing conditions. We’Re gon na have some fun let’s. Do it all right, we got lucky it’s a beautiful day out here to check out the garmin s12 we’re gon na. Take this on course now. The first thing you do when you get to a golf course is you’ve, got to hit the satellites and register what course you’re at so many watches take forever. I was shocked at how quick this happened in my house. I hit the satellites immediately we’ll see what it’s like out here. I’Ve stood on this tee box literally for 5 to ten minutes at times with different brands. We’Ll see how quick this one does. Let me go ahead and take it off of my wrist here, just because it’s impossible to do this, hold the camera and do everything i need to do with it on my wrist, so we’re gon na go ahead and hit this action button and then just simply Hit play golf so, with the action button again it’s going to say: wait for gps now, let’s see how quickly this happens for us get that in a good spot. For you look how quick that was. That is incredible. That was in real time folks, all right pine to cypress on carrollwood country club is where we’re playing so we’re gon na go ahead and hit okay.

But if you wanted to scroll through, you could see all the courses that were available again that’s your down button. There on the bottom that’s your up button there on top and we are at pine cypress carrollwood country club, that was i’m telling you i’ve seen a lot of watches. That was the quickest i’ve ever seen, including the garmin s62 is about twice as long as that. Maybe even three times as long as that, all right do you want to keep score? Yes, we’re gon na go ahead and keep score and then it’s gon na ask you what teas do you wan na play i’m gon na play the white t’s and there you go there’s a little overview of how far we’ve got we’re 491 to well. We just switched, there were 490 to the center of the green there 490 501 to the back 478 to the front. This is a par 5. let’s make it happen guys and a couple things i want to show you here: you’ve got this down button and that’s going to tell you how far it is to different areas. So there’s a bunk around there, that’s that’s green side bunker. It must be 472 to clear the bunker 465 to get into the bunker talks about how far you need to hit for a layup there’s, some other bunkers there, as you cycle through so i’m, just literally cycling through here and we’re, getting different features of this hole.

Now, it’s a little bit different than the s62, where you’re going to see a full map view in full, color and that’s beautiful, but for a watch that’s considerably less money, you’re still going to get a lot of these. There actually is water here to my left. You’Ll see here in just a second and so to clear, the water looks like it’s 182., all right so there’s all the different features of the hole built into this watch. That is a beautiful thing. I’M gon na put this on let’s go hit a shot. Man, that’s perfect Music – that was big right there. All right, we’re gon na take this into the fairway we’re gon na use our rangefinder and see just how accurate this watch is all right. We’Re coming up on this thing, man that was smoked that was smoked that’s. My new driver right there – okay, i think i can get there in two, so we’re gon na take out the rangefinder here and we’re gon na see what it says on the watch. We’Re looking at the watch is telling me it’s, reachable 222 to the front 233 to the middle and 245 to the back of the green. I think i can just get there. Take a look at that. I think that’s doable. All right, we’ve got the rangefinder here. Take a look at that flag up there 235, so that flag must be right in the middle now again that’s the thing about gps watches is you’re, going to get a front middle back reading and you’re not going to get exactly pinpoint precise.

However, with this watch you can move the flag around on the green. So if you know that’s a back pin if you get the t sheet in the morning – and they tell you this is a back pin or this is a front pin, you can move that flag around. Accordingly, the screamer is rolling up there. It might be just a little bit short, but that was a pretty good shot there all right time to make a ship in a putt. Well, wow, guys i’m pin high here so that’s the new clubs for you. I usually don’t get here in two, but i am with my new clubs. Hopefully you’ve seen some of those reviews as well, but now it’s time to make a little chip and a putt and then we’re going to look at some other features of the watch here. After i do that all right now, let me show you how this watch works, all right, so it’s first going to ask us how many strokes we had guys. I actually had a birdie so i’m going to go down to birdie. That was nice. I don’t start with too many birdies too often, and then it’s gon na. Ask me how many putts i had we’re gon na go down to one putt there it’s gon na. Ask me about my tee shot. Did it go in the fairway? Did i miss right? Miss left so i did hit the fairway there on that shot and it’s gon na ask me if i had any penalties, if i was in the water or anything like that, i didn’t have any penalties on this hole.

So it’s going to record that – and we are good to go to the next hole here – i’m going to hit my drive here and then i’m going to show you another really cool feature about this watch, which is the measure shot feature with measure shot we’ll, be Able to measure exactly how far we just drove the ball let’s try that now and that was deep, but just how deep we’re gon na have to measure it all right, and this is how we do that so we’re gon na go ahead and hit the action Button here and we’re gon na go down to measure shot we’re gon na hit that button and then we’re gon na go start walking from here and see how far that drive was so, as you can see, as we’re going here getting closer to our ball. That thing is moving once we get to the ball. We’Ll know exactly how far that shot was all right. So, as we’re walking up here, it doesn’t matter what direction you approach the ball from it’s, going to measure it from where your tee shot was and, as you can see, that’s 251 there. So really nice, especially if you’re testing clubs, uh you’re playing a dog leg. Like this hole, was a dog glad you’ll get a true, accurate reading of how far that shot was from where you hit. It really great feature here of the garmin and, of course, if we wanted to go ahead and reset it from this shot, we’d go ahead and hit that reset button and that’ll measure from this shot to where we hit it next really cool right there now.

I know the flag is in the front here so i’m going to go ahead and change that flag. Okay, so i’m, going to go down here to move flag, hit, that red button there and now i’m going to cycle it down. That flag is right in front that is as front as a flag gets okay, so 79, all right now, i’m feeling pretty confident i’m actually going to walk one of these cameras up here to the green. Just so, you can see that ball hit and have some fun let’s hit this shot. Yeah that’ll. Do i promise you that was the only shot i hit. Some people were like. Oh, you only show the good shots i’m happy to show the bad shots but i’m happy to show the good shots when they happen too. That wasn’t right there all right, we’ll see if we can make a birdie here back to back. Birdies i’ve got like six feet: i’ll show you where the ball mark was, though, the ball mark was three feet from the pin. That’S pretty awesome let’s make the putt, though, yes all right guys. How cool is that back to back birds, whoo i’m, loving the s12? So once again, it’s going to ask us: what do we do for strokes there i get to go down and make a birdie i’ll. Take that i’m, two under that’s awesome again that’s a one putt tee shot was in the fairway, no penalties on to number three.

Now let’s check out some of the other features of this. We can move the flag, as you saw. We can measure our shot. We can bounce here to the scorecard and actually see where we are so we can go up and down. You can see on hole. Three and four haven’t been scored yet, but on hole. One and two we’ve got our running score here. With the total up top there i’m gon na go ahead and hit that back button we’ll see what else this thing can do. We’Ve got sunrise and sunset: let’s. Go ahead and hit that that’s pretty cool right there, so it’s, actually late in the day here and it’s, telling me that sunset is going to happen at 7. 37 twilight is from 7 17 to 8 o’clock. So that’s super cool feature right. There that’s it we’ve, got our golf settings which we’ve already seen let’s go ahead and just hit the color uh background. There i’d like to try white and see what happens there. You go that’s the difference if you go white so before that was sort of white on black now that’s black on white and again there’s your white on black. So there you have it folk that’s what the s12 can do. I’M gon na stop this video. I know when to stop when i’m ahead, i’m, definitely ahead at two under i’m, not gon na. Let you watch me hack the rest of these nine holes all right, but if you have any comments or any questions about the s12, leave it down below i’d.

Be happy to answer them for you. We’Re gon na be reviewing more garmin tech here on the channel very soon.