One of them is the garmin menu 2, plus that one was released just a few weeks ago and its the updated version of the garmin venue 2, which is my favorite smartwatch. On the other hand, we have the fossil gen 6.. Now it is very good as well, especially if youre looking at the price perspective and what features you get for that now before we start with the video, let me introduce myself: hey folks. My name is leonard. You are watching the product, reviewer and thats me. So you can probably tell by the title of the video, but today were going to compare these two watches and see which one is better in which situation so lets start with one of the biggest differences which are the customizable workout screens and the accuracy of the Health tracking and the built in gps. One thing we do not get on the faucet gen 6 are customizable workout screens. If its running cycling or walking, we only have a preset of available metrics, whereas on the garmin vineyard, two plus, you can customize up to three different workout screens and choose. If you only want to have your heart rate displayed or also your pace, mileage time calories and more and every of these workouts has its own three workout screens for the best workout experience now the accuracy of the building gps steps and the heart rate is also A point in which the garment exceeds it is probably one or the best smartwatch when it comes to that.

Comparing the map of my marking tour through the park between the windya, 2 plus and the gen 6 right here, you definitely see a big difference. The vox gen 6 cuts about every corner. There is, and it seems like it only connects lines in a straight way. Once you take a sharp turn. You know these kids pictures in which you have to connect dots in order to draw a picture. It kind of feels like that and its very bad, but its a totally different story with the garmin menu 2 plus the lines may be a little bit shaky inside of the city but outside in the park or generally, whenever youre, not in the city. The gps is pretty darn accurate. Now lets talk a little bit about the accuracy of the heartbeat. Now on the fox gen 6. It always seems to be a little bit more on the lower side of things, so you have a low avatar rate and a low maximum heart rate. Now, if you compare it to the garmin vinegar, 2 plus, it always seems to be a little bit better when it comes to strength, workouts, running workouts or whatever, by the way ill. Compare all of my smart watches to the polar h 10 chest vent just in case. You wanted to know that now the next biggest difference between these two watches is the battery life. Now, with all of the features turned on, i got quite a few notifications at the brighton settings on the highest level, always in display mode.

I have that one turned on as well and you do a workout with and without the grip and gps. Now, with all of that, you get about one day of battery life out of the foster gen 6, whereas the garmin v2 plus lasts up to three days, which is a huge difference. Thats the difference between going a weekend, hiking trip and the trip to the grocery store, and, back now to be fair. There are a few battery modes that you get on the fossil gen 6 to get a little bit more out of your battery life. One of them is turning the smartwatch into a dummy watch, which is the watch only mode. The daily mode gives you about a day, an extended mode that turns off some of your features, and you have the custom mode with this one you can choose, which features you need and which knot and toggle these ones on or off. You can even say in what time span your bluetooth should be turned on, since you dont need it 24. 7.. Of course, you have a battery solving mode on the garmin venue, 2 plus as well, which basically doubles your battery life at only at the cost of a few features. It disables your music, your watch faces gestures, low brightness and the stuff that you see right here, but considering the battery life that you get out of it its definitely worth throwing in the battery saving mode every once and then and as for less the charging.

Time of both watches and theyre, actually pretty equal in that the venue 2 plus takes about 10 minutes until you have enough battery for the whole day and the gen 6 charges from 0 to 80 in just 30 minutes, which is incredibly fast. The biggest downside of the garmin venue, 2 plus, is that you cannot reply to any messages. You only have a preset of quick reply answers and you can add some more if you like too, but thats. Basically it all you can do is read reply and delete them. As for the gen 6, you have all the tools in the world. Of course you can just send some quick replies as well, but you have a bunch of emojis. You can type on a little keyboard or do the swipe motion to text as well, and on top of that, you can speed to the watch using the build and mic in dictate, which is working rather good, its sometimes getting distracted by background noises. But overall it is working very good. As for the last big difference, we talk about the specs and the design. Now lets start with the files of gen 6. and the first thing you notice, you have three buttons on the side of the watch. The lower and upper one are customizable and you can connect them to any of your apps. For example, my upper one is connected to google maps and the lower one to my google pay.

Now the middle one takes it to your app menu or by long pressing it. It takes it to the google voice assistant, which i love by the way. The unique thing right here is that this button is rotatable, which is a great way of scrolling through your apps and messages right here, ive got a 44 millimeter version of it, which has a 22 millimeter strap with a quick release function. It has 8 gigs of internal storage, so you have enough space for all of your spotify playlists and tracks. It is water. Resistant up to 3 atm has nfc and a display with 1.28 inches, with a resolution of 416×416 pixel. Now, on the other side, we have the garmin venue 2, plus that one right here is the 43 millimeter version. This one has three buttons on the side as well, of which only the middle one is customizable. In my case, it either opens up my spotify or the voice assistant. The lower one takes you back to the previous page or opens up the menu and the upper takes you either to your workout mode or to the control center dashboard quick panel or, however, you want to call it just like. With the gen 6, we have an amoled display with a resolution of 4 16 by 4, 16 pixel, but a slightly bigger screen of 1.3 inches. Now, on the official pages of these watches, it says both watches are 33 millimeter well, 33 millimeter and 3.

3 centimeters, which is the same. But actually this one is a little bit bigger and this one is a little bit smaller, which i do not understand, but for all of the nerds out there, 33 millimeters is 1.299 inches. So now you know as well as this watch is water resistant up to 5 atm, so you can actually go swim with. This. Has a 20 millimeter strap with a quick release, feature and a stainless steel bezel and back which look awesome in my opinion, okay, before we move over to the next point, make sure to hit the like and subscribe button right now and if you dont want to Miss out on any new uploads click the notification bell as well. Okay, the price is probably the point where i would part ways with the garmin mini 2, plus that one cost 450 euros on the official store now cut it down to 350, and i would be in but 450 is just way too expensive. I mean its okay when you compare it to the other high end. Smartwatch spark watches from garmin that cost like 800 900 in a thousand euros and above. But if you compare it to the fox gen 6, that one is way more affordable at a price of. Only 300 euros still a lot of money, but its a better deal. Now that we talked about the major differences lets see what these two watches have in common and the first one that pops up is to build a mic and speaker.

So you can actually take cars and answer cards right from your wrist, so we can call friends by either punching in the number in the diet pad or look in our context book just make sure that your smartphone is nearby. Otherwise that wont work on both watches. We have the standard, 24, 7 heart rate tracker sleep tracker, which tracks your sleep, duration and different sleep cycles and an spo2 tracker now. In addition, we have a respiration rate and stress tracker on the garment veneer 2 plus. We are also able to download all kinds of apps and new watch faces to these watches. On gen 6, we have the google play store and on the garmin venue, 2 plus we have the iq, connect, store and thing bolsters, are well balanced and stuffed with apps and as for less both watches have quite a few sport modes to choose from. You may have a little bit more on the gen 6, but therefore all of the workout modes on the garmin viewing 2 plus are customizable, but both still tracks all the major sport modes like running siding, strength, training and even some winter sports. The gen 6 has no water sports since its not suitable for that kind of activities. But, besides that, you will find everything else by the way i compared the garmin vineyard 2, plus to my guys who watch 4. so just in case youre interested in that one too. I got a video right here and i have the top 10 features.