2 smart watch from garmin. This is a mid range product priced at ‘9.99, which also comes in an s model with a smaller display for 349.99. The watch boasts a 1.3 inch amoled display with corner and gorilla glass 3 and a pixel count of 416 by 416. battery life is stated to be up to 11 days in smartwatch mode and 8 hours in gps and music mode. The watch includes garmins elevate, v4 optical sensor for recording heart rate and pulse ox and 7 gigabytes of internal storage, which would mainly be used for music. The watch is charged using garmins own proprietary charger, which now supports rapid charging. The amoled display is a vast improvement over garments commonly used always on display with a higher resolution and more vibrant colors. There are, however, a few trade offs that you have to keep in mind, which include a shorter battery life and reduced visibility and direct sunlight. I did, however, find that changing the brightness to maximum made this minor inconvenience. The strap is your standard silicon band with a quick release mechanism, its a bit more fiddly than the designer products, such as the phoenix 6, but its quite easy to get the hang of, and essentially will only take you a couple of seconds to remove the strap. The garmin elevate v4 is the latest revision of the sensor for recording heart rate and pulse ox. It has an expanded infrared sensor with two led sets, as opposed to one and four signal paths.

A new feature which garm has named insights, allows you to scroll through and view all of your data, such as sleep heart rate, calories and notifications, without continuously having to navigate to different screens. You can, however, select each insight for a detailed overview of the data. The order of the insights can be customized using the watch itself or using the connect mobile application. The watch supports all of the standard activity types anything from running to golf, but strength. Workouts are where the main improvements have been made. Now, when scrolling through the workout schedule, you can view animations to provide guidance on how to perform these correctly, which will avoid injury and get the most of your workout Music custom. Workouts can also be created in connect mobile, which also support this feature. Music. The venue 2 supports three methods for music playback, the first being from your phones, audio with the watch acting as a remote control; secondly, from downloading playlists using applications such as spotify diesel and, lastly, you can store music directly on the seven gigabytes of internal memory, Music. The watch should, in theory, support any bluetooth headphones, but theres always a possibility of compatibility issues, so you shouldnt really have any issues here. The sleek feature on garmin watches has remained fairly standard over the years, allowing you to view a sleep consisting of deep light and awake times. The venue 2, however, pushes this a bit further by taking all of your data and providing a sleep score as well as score factors for each sleep category and comments on your quality of sleep.

Here you can see, even though my sleep duration was only fair. The other categories were rated excellent, so it gave me a final score of 87 watch faces are one of the areas where the watch benefits from the amoled display youre no longer limited to static faces, but can now pick from a selection of animated ones as well. With the support for connect iq4, we should see even more improvements in the future. You can configure watch faces using the default templates on the watch, and you can further customize them by adding your own data fields. Alternatively, you can download community created content directly from the connect iq store, while the amoled display has an impact on battery life and visibility. I think the advantages of the display outweigh any negatives. The higher resolution, fluid graphics and animated watch faces, bring the watch more in line with wear os products, which i think was garmins intention when designing this product. Yes, the battery life will be pushed for all day activities, but i dont believe this was target market in mind and the phoenix range may be better suited to individuals for that purpose. For the majority of people, the battery life should not be an issue along with garmins market leading performance statistics, the introduction of insights, advanced strength, workouts and sleep scoring.