That means it had an amoled panel that was way more vibrant and graphic rich than anything else. On garmin’s product roster, the venue 2 continues down this same line, looking to boost the display credentials over the company’s vivo active 4, which is similar in design and features, but without the glorious display and some bespoke visuals. So does the venue to succeed i’m kam bunton from pocketlint, and this is our review while you’re here, you could hit that like button subscribe and tap the notification bell. That would be smashing now glance at the venue too, and you might not know if you’re looking at a new watch or the old model, the overall design is pretty much the same and it’s a safe design. The watch case sticks to polymer for the body, topped with stainless steel bezel, to give a premium look around the display. The big change here, though, is that there are now two sizes, there’s 40 or 45 millimeters, so there’s a venue two for every wrist, the stainless steel bezel isn’t just there for decoration over the course of wearing this watch, we’ve scratched some paint off the sides where We’Ve scraped it against door frames and other surfaces, but the bezel takes these knocks without damage saving the display from scrapes that you might otherwise have to live with, as we’ve said, it’s similar to the vivoactive, but not exactly the same. The case of the venue. 2. Now appears to be one piece, whereas previous models had a separate, backplate and body, not that that makes any real huge difference for those who, like to examine sensors there’s.

Also, a new arrangement to the elevate heart rate sensor on the back, which we’ve not seen in any of the other garmin devices before this one. Now the 45 millimeter model of the venue 2 has a display that’s 33 millimeters in diameter for the visible area there’s. Some bezel area under the glass that’s, not active display, but garmin, has now added some markers on this area which helped to disguise that fact, unfortunately, because this is an amoled screen, the deep black of the display and that surrounding area merged together. So you really don’t notice it. There are plenty of watch faces on the device and many more available through connect iq, but we were quickly taken by the matrix style face. You can choose something more classical if you prefer and you can have complications on the watch face to show the stats that you like, like steps or floor climbs. Basically, you can make the watch your own there’s the option for an always on display hiding in the menu under the timeout settings, which will dictate how long the display is on before it returns to inky darkness. It illuminates easily with a twist of the wrist. But you might want to move from the short option if you find it turning off too quickly. It’S a touchscreen display too, but you do have to use a combination of touch and button gestures to move around, and this can end up being quite frustrating, especially if you’re trying to use it while you’re on a run we’re quite torn on this interaction.

Being a regular wearer of the phoenix without a touchscreen using touch and buttons does just become a little bit more fiddly than it needs to be. It works fine, but can become an issue if the watch gets wet. That said, the display really is the reason to buy the venue 2 over some of garmin’s other watches, it’s better visually than devices in the forerunner or vivoactive categories. So if you think that those devices don’t have the punch or the vibrancy that you want, you’ll, certainly get that here. There are custom animations on the venue too, so you’ll find it a little more engaging than some of garmin’s other devices. Despite this being pitched as more of a traditional smartwatch, it still has everything that makes a garmin a garmin. That means it’s loaded with all the sensors to feed garmin’s data machine. It will keep track of your activities from your steps to your hit workouts and give you loads of information. Essentially, this is a fitness device first and that’s. What you’d expect from garmin a lot of that data is built on heart rate from the hr sensor, which can keep track of your beats per minute through the day and the night. To give you a complete picture of what’s happening with your body, it will help you get in the zone when you’re working out it will help spot when you’re stressed and it’ll even measure your blood oxygen levels, although be warned that this particular one demands a lot Of battery life so probably isn’t worth the sacrifice, because it’s not a massively useful metric, we found the heart rate sensor to return results comparable with all the other garmin watches that we’ve had and that’s to say, it’s, pretty reliable gps similarly provides your location for accurate Route tracking, so you know how far and how fast, when tracking all those outdoor activities and the accelerometer will detect motion like steps or movements during your sleep and the barometer can detect altitude change, while the compass can sense which direction you’re.

Moving in all the data collected feeds the number of systems, which is where garmin really becomes more than just a fitness tracker. Your activity can be set in the context of your rest and recovery with the body battery system, giving you a really good idea of how well rested you are garmin will present plenty of data on the watch which it calls glances. These will let you check on things like your steps or floors climbed, but are customizable. So you can see the information that you want. Each letting you tap through to see a little more. That can also include your calendar synced from your phone and give you quick access to music controls, which is really useful. There’S, a full selection of sports, supported reaching beyond the mainstay of running swimming and cycling that not only tailors the display to the sport, but makes it really easy to keep track of your workouts in garmin connect once you’ve finished or via other services like strava, sleep Tracking is offered, but that means wearing the watch in bed which i’m personally not a very big fan of doing because it just feels clunky now compared to other garmin watches it’s. The battery life that’s the biggest casualty of the venue too, but even there it’s, not bad when you compare it to other smartwatches with about three or four workouts a week and using it as a daily smartwatch. I found it lasted about a week between charges, which really is fine.

Now, of course, we’ve said this is a fitness first watch, but it does offer features that make it more in line with other traditional sort of smart watches. So lifestyle functions like garmin pay for contactless payments or playing music from spotify or diesel, or even getting notifications from your smartphone, are all included here. On the whole, the venue 2 is a great all round, watch fusing together a great display that will outshine the rest of the garmin family without sacrificing the core features. That garmin is known for it’s, backed up by essential smartwatch functions like notifications, payments and music, meaning that you’re not missing out by selecting a device that’s mostly about fitness. I’Ve been cam i’m at cam bunton on social media. You can find me on there. Follow me ask me questions if you want to or use the comments down below, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.