So this is a more middle range band. This has gps built in comes in around 199, but you can get on sale for about 150 let’s go ahead, get right into it. Let’S go ahead and get into the specifications, so this does have a 1.3 inch lcd display. It is touch screen and also have corning gorilla glass 3, so it will be scratch resistant and also have two other menu buttons on the right side. This does have great battery life as well around six days, but if you’re, turning on all your sensors and everything like that, i got around four to five days and, if you’re looking to be in gps mode, it’s gon na give you about 14 hours of built. In battery life with that, it does have five atmospheres of water resistance, so you can go swimming with this and it has pretty decent swimming tracking as well with its sensors. It does have a heart rate, monitor. It also has an spo2 sensor. It also has a gps and an accelerometer as well all built into the device this does have built in bluetooth, 5.0 and also wi fi support as well. This also does development in three different colors. It comes in black, it comes in light gold and also comes in orchid purple, and this 20 millimeter silicone band can be replaced as well. Real quick let’s go ahead and get into the garmin connect app. So your home screen looks like this.

That has all of your recent things, your heart rate built right in, as you can see, it’s live right here. It has your body battery built in where your stress is, for the day, your intensity minutes all that built right in every single thing you need, and even what your last seven days look like as well so that’s my day, you can go into challenges. There’S, a bunch of things built in and you can get connections with other people as well. You can get into what your calendar has been looking like throughout and you have a news feed. So if you want to share it on social media, all built in right there and notifications about what’s new stuff, like that on your down screen right here, it has all your activities, your sleep, all built in your pulse, ox built in your performance, stats, your training, You can get your gear here, your groups, everything built right in even a lot of golf stuff with this. If you are a golfer, this is built in and you have other things as well right here on the app the other thing you have the garmin iq apps, you are looking to add other faces. You can go to the garmin iq app and it will allow you to buy extra watch faces, but a lot of these are free as well go again into the user interface of this guy. When you swipe up, it goes into all your widgets, how your day’s been how pretty much all of your metrics have been going as well.

Your history, for the day where your heart rate’s been your battery body battery your hydration levels and, as you can tell it, does get a little sticky here and there in the actual app and just go back. You do have to swipe from the left side when you go down again, you can reorder this any way. You would like your weather, all that built right in again, swiping from your left goes home and again not the most. You know easy way to get around your watch, as you tell them even having difficulties during this video and when you do hold the top button. This goes into all your quick settings. You can get into like your sleep, your brightness, your of course everything built right in you can lock the screen and to go back hit swipe from the left. If you hold the bottom, this goes into all your settings. You can go into your watch, face your clocks, your history and then settings from there. You can change your widgets right here, your apps stuff, all like that. You need to go all the way down to system and display, if you’re looking for that, always on display which i enjoyed, because the gesture believe me the sensitivity, even though it was on high. It didn’t work that well, but it has so many different things. It’S built in but again it takes a little bit to get used to how the watch works and even the battery percentage it isn’t on the home screen.

You do have to hold a button and it will be at the top and at the back of it, is all of your sensors and with your usb charging device. It has this little connector. You connect right at the top, so it’s it connects fairly. Well. No big deal whatsoever but that’s how everything goes here: Music, all right, let’s go ahead and get into the fitness tracking so with the fitness tracking let’s go ahead and get into what i’ve been doing throughout all my activities, let’s get into my cardio. So i did an hour long, cardio workout, they don’t have many different. You know workouts built in so i did have to pick cardio. It was a crossfit type workout, as you can tell my whoop right over here. It actually tracked my heart rate fairly well, but bands around your wrist, typically on workouts, where you’re doing a lot of wrist, flexion you’ll lose a little heart rate here and there, and you can kind of see that as well. But it gives you a lot of great data built right in and what it’s all about and going from cardio let’s go into my run. So this is: where really does benefit, so when you are going to run and using the built in gps, you do have to wait a little bit for it to connect with the gps, so it did a lose a little bit of my run. So it goes in, you can kind of check out where your run is.

I did switch from side to side, but it really wasn’t that accurate, like i didn’t, go all the way off to somebody’s yard. Over here i was. I stayed on the actual road itself, but in general it did fairly well, especially for a gps right in and it cracked my mile really well too going into my pace again. I did a little sprinting here and there that’s, where you can see my heart rate again, checking it out with my whoop over here. Heart rate did really well. I can’t really complain whatsoever. It really tracked my heart rate throughout the only thing that i didn’t know about is i kept on flicking and i couldn’t find it it took forever, but there isn’t always on display on the actual band. So i learned about that later, and that makes it much better if you want to check your pace overall, especially for running. This is a great band, and you can see this in bright light. Believe me, it was bright outside. I had no problem seeing the band, but i did have problems kind of activating the watch, but with the always on display you don’t have to worry about that. What about its sleep, tracking so going in your health stats going into sleep tracking? You can see what happened today. It said i got about five hours of sleep it’s fairly accurate, as you can tell my whoop is over here that’s. What i use for sleep.

One thing i didn’t really get was my awake time, so i am a new dad. I am awake a little bit more during the night. I was definitely awake more than a minute, as you could tell over there, but in general it checked my deep, my uh, my rem and my life. Sleep pretty well, and you can check my seven day and then go on to sunday as well. Again, i mean it got me 15 minutes of awake time, but it kind of overshot my sleep time by a bit, but as far as a sleep tracker is concerned, it really did great. You could check out what your respiration was throughout the night, which is awesome as well, and you can even check how it does from day to day your pole, socks and your stages all built right in. So it is a great sleep tracker all right. So what are my recommendations with this guy? It is pretty good 199 dollars, maybe a little bit more on the expensive side for what you get the fitbit charge. 4 is around 150 and it gives you pretty much everything that this does, but it doesn’t have the bright, vibrant display that the garmin does, but the garment does have coaching built into the app. So that is great. If you are a runner and you’re looking to jump into the garmin ecosystem and you’re, looking for something that’s a little bit more fancy with a smartwatch feature, you really can’t get much better at this price range, because this screen is very vibrant.

You can go with the garmin forerunner 235, but the screen definitely is not this great, but it is a little bit more accurate and it has a little bit more better battery life. If you are looking for something that doesn’t need to have a big screen again, the charge 4 might be something a little bit better and if you don’t need something with gps built in. There are a lot of other bands for less money that you can go ahead and get, but for a band that has gps built in and has a great screen like this and pretty decent battery life. You really can’t get much better than the menu cq to be perfectly honest, and especially with garmin and how well they typically do with running cycling swimming. Basically, if you’re a triathlete, garmin’s kind of your go to one and of course it has all the things built in corning, gorilla, glass, it’s, very sturdy, even though it feels a little bit cheap and the user interface isn’t, the most intuitive, when you first starting out. But you do get used to it. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. Please smash that like button. If you enjoyed this video and please consider subscribing because i got tech reviews each and every week and please hit that bell button. So when those new videos do come out, you’re gon na be the first one to know and if you end up using the links down below to purchase your product from garmin a little bit of that is gon na help me grow my channel, but as always Stay happy stay healthy and, above all, stay positive.