These new displays are going to be more in line with other smart watches in the market today like an apple watch or samsung. But the great thing is: is that garmin’s been able to retain some pretty decent battery life out of both of these? So you’ll? Not only get a really capable fitness device, but you’ll also have a nice pretty display so it’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too. I already have in depth reviews of both of these devices in terms of how they perform in sports and fitness capacity. I’Ll have those linked down in the description below, but this video is more going over all the features of these devices, as well as some of the differences. So if this video does help you out at all, don’t be shy about hitting that like button down below. As it definitely helps the channel a lot – and i appreciate it – let’s start out with price, so the venue sq comes in two different versions: there’s going to be a version with music and a version without music, the version with music starts at 250 and the version Without music starts at 200, the venue this ranges from like 300 to 350, depending on what sales are going on, and i do have some affiliate links down in the description below where you can check out current pricing and those links. Don’T cost you anything additional, but they do help out the channel for the construction.

The venue has a stainless steel bezel, where the sq has an aluminum bezel. Both look pretty good, but in my opinion the venue does look just slightly more premium and that may have to do with that slightly neural texture on the bezel and the venue for size. The sq is just slightly narrower than the regular venue due to its square shape, and the sq also weighs just slightly less both use touch screens along with two physical buttons to interact with the device both are going to be water resistant down to 50 meters. Both use industry, standard 20, millimeter watch straps and both are protected by corning gorilla, glass, 3. and other than the shape. Another big hardware difference is the display where the original venue has a 1.2 inch amoled display and the sq has a 1.3 inch lcd screen. But overall the regular venue does appear to have more screen real estate and it does also have a higher resolution display. So it’ll be a bit brighter and also have deeper blacks, but i find the lcd display on the sq to be pretty good it’s, not quite as good as the amoled but it’s still brighter than garmin’s. Other transflective displays the nice thing about both the venue and the venue. Sq is that both have an always on display mode, but just note that this will have an impact on battery life which i’ll go over here in just a bit, but with both you can disable the always on display and just rely on the raised.

Wake gesture like what you’d find on an apple watch, sc series, 4 or series 3.. Both have a fairly good amount of stock watch faces, but the watch faces on the regular venue definitely show off that bright and crispy amoled display a bit more than the watch faces on the sq and one more thing you’ll get with the regular venue are live. Watch faces that have a little animation when they’re activated with a gesture battery life on the sq is going to be slightly better for day to day use with the sq being able to get about five to six days and with the regular venue getting about four To five days and that’s going to be with the always on displays being disabled and if you were to enable the always on displays just take that down by about a day or two, but still pretty decent battery life in the gps department for tracking outdoor activities. The regular venue does have the upper hand here where the regular venue will be able to get up to 20 hours and the sq gets up to 14 hours and that’s gon na be without playing music. But if you are playing music, while tracking outdoor activity, they’re actually going to be very similar, the smartwatch features are going to be nearly identical between these two, where both have garmin pay. Both can sync your weather and calendar information for your phone. Both can also receive notifications from either an iphone or an android phone, and when you pair either of these with an android phone, you can actually reply to text messages using pre defined responses that you’ll set up in garmin connect and then with the venue and the Venue, sq music you’ll also be able to have offline music storage and playback using music streaming services like spotify deezer, as well as amazon, music, and then, if you don’t need that feature for some reason, you can actually save 50 bucks with the non music version of The venue sq and then both also do have the latest generation garmin elevate, heart rate sensor.

That also has an spo2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation levels, so the heart rate performance will be very similar between these two devices. Another hardware difference is that the original venue has a gyroscope where the sqs do not so the gyroscope is intended to be able to improve the rep counting ability with a strength, training profile as well as stroke detection while swimming realistically. The rep counting is kind of hit and miss with any garmin device, no matter how expensive or how cheap it is. So i wouldn’t necessarily gloss over that detail all that much. However, a bigger difference is that the original venue has an altimeter where the sqs do not. But what difference does that actually make well mainly two things? The sq won’t be able to track your floors, climbed as a daily activity metric, since that needs an altimeter, but the other is that the sq won’t be able to show your real time elevation when you’re tracking an outdoor activity like your total ascent and descent. However, once you actually save your outdoor activity with the sq, it will actually show that elevation data and that’s going to be based off of gps rather than all tumor, since the sq lacks that and then for external sensors they’re, going to be identical, where you can Pair them, with heart rate, sensors, speed and cadence sensors vario lights for your radars, a whole bunch of stuff for safety and tracking both of them have live tracking, where you’ll be able to send a link to friends and loved ones.

So they can actually follow along. During your outdoor activity, both of them also do have instant detection for certain activities, and then both of them also do have get assistance where you’ll be able to send a link of your location to emergency contacts for widgets. Both of them have nearly the exact same set of widgets to choose from and i’ve gone ahead and added all the available widgets on both of them. Just so, you can see them all so here’s where you can see the daily activity tracking that each one can do, including the 24 7 heart rate, tracking body battery, stress, tracking calories, burned, intensity, minutes, women’s, health tracking, but the difference with the venue. Since it has an altimeter is that it can also track the floors – climbed, oh and then both of them do also have sleep tracking, which can utilize the spo2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation levels. The workout profiles are similar between these two, but there are a few differences that i want to point out. So i’ll, first just go ahead and scroll through this list, but i’ll have a link in the description below where you can check out the entire list. The first difference is that the original venue has a floor climb profile where the sq has a stair stepper profile the floor climb profile. This will attract your actual floors, climbed if you’re in a stairwell just because you’re actually changing altitude, but with the sq with the stair stepper profile.

It won’t be able to collect that information since, while you’re on a stair mill or stepper you’re, actually in the same place, the entire time and you’re actually not changing altitude. The other big difference is going to be with the ski and snowboard profiles with the original venue. It uses the altimeter to determine when you’re going down the slope and then, when you’re ascending on the chair, lift and it automatically is able to track your runs without you having to do anything it’s actually pretty darn neat, and i have a video where i demonstrated. How this worked on the phoenix 5 plus and i’ll have that linked down in the description below and with the venue sq, although it does have those profiles, you’ll actually have to manually trigger your runs using the lab key, but it still is able to track all Your gps data, including speed and distance, and then another big difference, is that with the venue you’ll be able to get the animated workouts and with the sq you don’t have the animations, but both of them are still able to download workouts to the device and then Finally, let’s also go over the data pages and feels so with both of them. You can have a maximum of three data pages, but an advantage with the venue is that it can display up to four data fields per page, where the sq can only display up to three. But the other big difference that i was referring to earlier.

With the data fields is that with the original venue, since it does have the altimeter you’ll, be able to add elevation related data fields. So you can see that data in real time and again, even though the sq doesn’t track elevation data with an altimeter you’ll still be able to see this elevation data after you save your outdoor activity based off gps. So, as you can tell, these watches share a lot in common, but it comes down to three main things round versus square amoled versus lcd, as well as the altimeter. However, that altimeter it does actually translate into some more smaller differences. That may not be so apparent on the surface anyhow, if this video helped you out at all, if you liked the video make sure to hit that like button down below and also subscribe, the channel for plenty more sports tech videos that are coming soon.