Smart watches you’ll find the links to the two products in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews make sure to watch until the end of the video to know our final verdict on which outdoor smartwatch is better. So the main difference between the two is the battery. The garmin 4 4s have a battery life of up to seven or eight days, while garmin vinu lasts about five days in gps mode. You get about 5 to 6 hours on the 4 and 4s and 6 hours on the vinu display. Garmin 4 and 4s have a display of 1.3 inch, mip or 1.1 tft with 260 218 pixels garmin vinu, on the other hand, features a 1.2 inch amoled display with ‘0 pixels. The amoled display with more pixels is brighter and more intuitive. All the displays are touch screen: garmin, vivoactive, 4, 4s and vnew gps smartwatches specifications, garmin 4 4s comes in two options with more colors to choose from and a battery life of between seven to eight days. Garmin vinu is lighter and bigger similarities between the garmin vivoactive, 4, 4s and venu gps smartwatches, both the garmin, 4, 4s and vnu are compatible with ios and android devices can store up to 500. Songs are water resistant for up to 50 meters, support garmin pay, the displays are touch screen comes with inbuilt gps, 3.5 gigabyte, music storage and cost the same garmin, vivoactive, 4 and 4s overview and features the garmin vivoactive.

Series 4 comprises the vivoactive 4 and 4s. The series is circular and flat shaped, has the same size and comes with a touchscreen display. The difference is that vivoactive 4 has a 1.3 inch display with 260 pixels, whereas the 4s has a 1.1 inch display with 216 pixels. Vivoactive 4 is available in black gray, with a stainless steel body, while vivoactive 4s comes in slate silver and gold for controls. The watch has two buttons one at the top and another at the bottom. The two models have a battery life of up to 8 hours and 7 days respectively, while in smart watch mode with the gps enabled vivoactive 4 lasts for up to 6 hours, while 4s lasts up to 5 hours. Both models can last in water for a depth of up to 50 meters, making them ideal for swimming. You can connect the vivoactive 4 4s to an ios or android device, as the device supports bluetooth, wi, fi and gps for a music fan. You get music storage of up to 3.5 gigabytes, meaning you don’t have to carry your phone around while exercising pros longer battery life of between seven or eight days, variety to choose from cons, lower screen resolution, garmin, vinu overview and features. This was the first garmin smartwatch to use an oled screen. The watch is primarily made of plastic and silicone for the bands and features a 1.2 inch amoled display with a screen resolution of 290 pixels, giving a clear display.

The bezel is stainless steel. The case is made of fiber reinforced polymer, and the screen is covered with corning gorilla glass, 3, giving the durability it deserves. The white display with extreme viewing angles turns red, while the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the lighting conditions. In addition for extra control, there are two physical buttons top and bottom, with each for the activity screen and shortcut menu, and for going back, it’s water resistant for a depth of up to 50 meters and also resistant to dust. The amoled display means that the battery life is short lived. The watch has a battery lifespan of up to 5 days when in smart watch mode 20 hours with gps enabled and 6 hours with the music and gps switched on. This gadget is able to track a wide variety of workouts, including swimming running, skiing, strength, training and more. It comes with on device and animated workouts which help in guiding you along. If you want more workouts, then you can head over to garmin connect and download. Garmin vinu keeps track of your respiration rate on a dedicated widget and on its own card in the garmin connect app. This allows you to keep track of your daily weekly and monthly stats when it comes to music. This watch has a 3.5 gigabyte storage enough to carry up to 500 songs, garmin pay for making contactless payments compatible with both ios and android devices, and can push notifications to them pros crisp oled screen with the always on display mode, unique breath, work exercises, cons, touch Screen can be difficult to use shorter battery life verdict so which is better garmin, vivoactive, 4s or vino gps.

Smart watches, garmin vivoactive 4 series offers you options from the models to the colors. Besides, the watches have a longer battery lifespan of between 7 to 8 days. However, the garmin vinu scores points with its crisp amoled display with a higher resolution. If you like this video, please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel.