Ghost of tsushima was easily one of my favorite games of 2020. I know i know hot take but seriously the atmosphere, tone, style story all give. I think a great overall experience, the standoffs and picture mode give it that extra ounce of elegance and the combat system – i thought, was pretty fun to handle all in all. I think sucker punch really delivered on a solid game and i think they deserve some credit. Give them some credit. I mean they sold 1.9 million copies in july, making it the highest selling new ip in sony history. Yeah i mean i can’t, be the only one who feels this way right now. You may ask yourself: how are they going to follow up with this, with all the praise and admiration from fans? How are they gon na how they’re gon na follow up? Well, update 1.1 of the game comes out friday on the 16th, with the new game plus and, of course, the legends mode. We will be able to get our hands on the new weapons upgrades for like swords bows. We got armor upgrades vanity items a new horse. Rest in peace, sora, new dye options, charms armor sets so on and so forth, but i think we’re really truly honestly gives me hope is probably the new dog petting mechanic coming our way. I mean you know i’m gon na let these dogs lose i’m, letting these dogs loose. The baja men are smiling upon me right now i mean i i just i hated killing the dogs, i hated killing them, and now we come in for these mongols.

We coming at them teeth out fangs out bang out. Okay. I’M. Sorry, you know just glad we get that. I just felt like killing the dogs just didn’t it just didn’t seem sit right with me. Didn’T sit right with me, so i’m glad we’re getting a new mechanic, a new way of getting more allies. On our side, i mean i do like the lone. The lone warrior look, but i mean it: doesn’t hurt it. Doesn’T hurt getting that little dog, a pen, huh and him turning around and mauling his his owners, that’s that’s, a great thing in my opinion, oh boy, well, in the new legends mode, we’ll, get to see the mythology side of tsushima taking us down into the heart Of the mythos letting us swimming in it so pumped for this mode. Honestly, the survival missions wave after wave of dudes waiting for my blade i’m not going to be showing any mercy on these boys, cutting them down one by one demons: they’re gon na be demons right. So i’m gon na be murking demons, that’s. What i mean that’s? What i’m doing i mean i don’t mind it. I don’t mind murking demons for sure uh. I know i know we’re getting some new classes right, it seems standard. You got your samurai assassin, your hunter and your ronin, the assassin’s, probably where i’m going to be going. I think that’s, where i’m going to be my lane, catching mongols. Slipping i mean it’s, always fun.

I guess oh and i’m going to be able to teleport to like come on man it’s over it’s over for these mongols i’m telling you now yeah. Let me know what you guys are going to be. I i think assassin’s, probably gon na, be my my thing, but i mean samurai is pretty cool too don’t. Get me wrong. Don’T get me wrong, i mean with and you’re getting those new charm slots and you’re getting whole new trophies uh. I think the trophies will carry on and – and you know you get to save your your progress that way for it. So i think i think that’s. I think that’s a good thing, uh i’m glad sucker punch is really doing that and it just takes me back way back. I don’t know if you guys remember the dude with the flute and the straw hat uh. I just remember seeing that for the first time – and i was just – i was amazed – homie hitting note for note for nope he’s hitting it look at him. Look at him go! Ah the flute guy he’s gon na go down in history he’s going down in history. For sure seriously, though, it seems like we’re getting something new and fresh and a reason to continue playing, and you know what guess, what guess, what guess, what guess, what all of this is free, it’s free? This should be celebrated in this day and age, where microtransactions are riddling just running rapid through our industry.

The gaming industry and stuff like this needs to be celebrated, needs to be pointed out. It needs to be elevated so that other companies i’m looking at you other companies right just i just don’t, i don’t understand. I don’t – understand why this isn’t more prevalent in gaming. This is this: consumer friendly stuff really needs to be a mainstay, and sucker punch is putting everyone else on notice, and you know i’m i’m here for it i’m here for it i’m, giving them a standing ovation. I mean what else can you say about the game that hasn’t already been said? It’S, a masterpiece, i can say it’s a you know one like i said in the beginning, it’s one of my favorite games of the year i’ve seen people say that it’s favorite game of all time. I got ta appreciate that i got ta sit down and and that’s what the this video was for, just to give sucker punch just to give ghost to sushima a little bit of round of applause cause. I i really think they did a good job here and uh. I really wish more games would follow suit. Honestly, it is ridiculous. Now my wallet anyway, man, i’m gon na end it here if you’re new around these parts consider liking, subbing and sharing, because that is caring right leave a comment below. Let me know what you’re most excited for. If you have any concerns or uh, you know anything.

Just let me know i like to hear from you guys i do i’m, just thinking about fluke, guy uh, all right! Listen up! Listen up! Get those nutrients into your body like it’s, a hobby and stay fresh.