Uh smartwatches are available in the market. We know all these smartwatches are available that are under the price range of 5000 rupees, and this is one of those. So actually, this was launched at the price of 3500, but currently it’s not available on flipkart on sale at uh 1800, which is a considerable discount. If you have, if you are compared to the mrp, which is 4500, so the primary competitors of this watch would be the noise watch and Music so right now, i’m going to be unboxing. So, as you can see, the the package has just arrived Music. This is the first time i’m receiving a packaging like this and i’m kind of actually across okay yeah. So i didn’t have to open it. So, as you can see here, that’s something that’s in the package, that’s just saying voice and the box itself and uh. We have the packaging itself, so in a moment uh we will get into it um, so we will look at the directions of the box and then we will also do the context of the box watch. Apparently their life is in codes uh, whatever that means uh. So, as you can see here by this thing, uh this thing this is among the uh, also like uh, since it’s mentioned here is thermos. This is one of the. As far as i know, this is the only smartwatch in the market that i actually have for this facility uh.

So with this smartwatch, you can actually keep the track of your body temperature, uh, 24 7 in real time, uh, which is kind of cool, especially in the current times uh, since we are in the middle of a pandemic, and this could uh kind of help us Keep track of the symptoms uh also speaking of it. It also keeps the track of our sp021 heart rate uh, so typical, uh, smartwatch stuff, but uh. This thermal part uh keeping a track of our body temperature is the uh. The primary standoff feature of this one and we have uh some body and skin temperature sensor, heart rate sensor and all that stuff. I will be posting uh, the pictures uh as a b roll uh so that you can look at the dimensions and you can look at the different dimensions of the box. Uh so, like you can see here the main uh, the main features of the ones i mentioned here and i should say for a thousand eight hundred watch as my rupee smart watch – and i should mention again, this usually sells at around and i go to tomorrow For 1800 – and this thing is ip68 certified waterproof, so most water small batches have waterproof, but they are, they don’t get ip68 ip certification. So that is a really good kind of feature and it takes care of calories and such and there’s a heart rate monitor as well and the so called small select.

We can view our call and decimals, but we cannot uh the response as it is customers with measurement approaches. So, as you can see here, it’s available in four colors and i got the perfect black one – let’s open it up and see what it looks like. Okay, so i thought, after that we have the smartwatch itself and it’s buckle, actually it’s kind of pretty cool it’s innovative uh. We don’t usually see this kind of buckle in most smart watches, so that’s uh that’s something – and this is a 3.3 uh point three centimeter uh as in one point, three inches uh tft, uh t50 touch screen so and it kinda has that uh squarish apple watch Kind of look, but this watch actually doesn’t have 2.5 curved glass, so that is available in many way even noise, uh smartwatch – and i i think the boots modbus also has that which kind of gives it a premium look. So this doesn’t have that feature, but otherwise uh at first look. Sometimes people might even um mistake this for a i apple watch, because you see right down to this button, the design it’s a dead ringer for an app to watch and on the back we have the charger prints here and the sensors various sensors that are used For calculating the blood pressure and whatnot, so apart from that what we have in the box, so we have the charging dock, which is a proprietary charging dock.

So you have to keep this uh safe and because, if you lose this then you might as well have uh lost your watch um. So this is a proprietary charging dock and, as you can see here, it’s mentioned vsw5, so i think uh for the enthalpy or usb prefecture, it’s, the same thing and pretty cool guys. It uh it comes with uh, with a screen guard with an inbox. So um you could keep your thing really safe and after that we just pretty much. Have this warranty information and the quick stock guide uh, so that’s uh that’s it for the unboxing uh uh future. Will Music incredible uh offer uh daily deal likely uh and i bought it for 1800, even though it’s a box price um, something i think, and it usually sells at around 2500 for the thermal model and 2000 for the normal variate. So at thousand eight hundred it is even cheaper than uh many spa, smart banks like uh hundred and five or everybody uh, however, but uh. The main reason it lacks in is, i think, software issues, because the smartwatch is not able to connect to the smartphone and stay connected to it, even though the bluetooth is turned on everything, so i saw that even reviews both in google play store and food cart. Many customers have said that was the kind of issue and i thought it has been about over a year since the watch have been released, so they would have uh fixed it through some firmware upgrade.

But when i checked uh after i got the mock uh watch and i checked it with the app and they come into the internet, but there were no combat upgrades available and as it is, the case was even worse than i could have ever imagined uh. It would be sometimes it didn’t even connect to the smartphone in the first place and then, if it did connect it uh never stayed connected. It always stopped working. So there is like it is. It is packed with like on paper. It is packed with a ton of features uh from uh vp monitoring to thermal like temperature, uh sensors, but uh. In reality, you cannot use senior functions because it does not connect to your phone, then what’s, the purpose. You cannot even use it as a smart band because uh, even when you receive a call on your phone, then you can’t expect this to work and it’s very, really reliable and even though it has on these companies Music. So, at the end of the day, it was completely useless, utterly and uh. I didn’t check it by using a dedicated pulse oximeter and the heart rate heartbeat sensor seemed to work about approximately closely to the the pulse oximeter, but the oxygen saturation level. It was the same for everyone i checked and did not change at all. The same goes for dt monitoring. It was the same value for everyone, so i don’t think i’m not sure about the reliability of that and the temperature also they seem to be using some software.

You need to actually make it one calendar and i don’t think tv has the really good reputation when it comes to software. So, like i said, the firmware doesn’t even support connecting to the smartwatch app, so you can’t really resell the software to work. So, at the end of the day, it’s not worth buying, even at thousands rupees thousand eight hundred rupees, and even if it uh drops to 1000 rupees, i would say you can buy it unless they can somehow fix it. It up, like i said you can’t, even use it as a regular watch because uh the gravitational center, which is supposed to work so that you will move your arm or you can see the time that doesn’t work anywhere. So you will be tapping it uh to make the screen turn on yeah i mean overall. No, it was a really bad experience, that’s why i sent it back and there is really no purpose for you to buy it at a thousand 800 or 300 rupees, and i think currently the thermal model is selling at 2500 and the regular gs5 model is selling At 2, 000, but it’s not worth it so that’s why? I would recommend you not to buy it uh in case uh, uh finally, project smartwatches in the future. I will add that to the channel you guys can look into it and if you have any questions or comments about this, please leave in the comments so that i can get back to you.