To be honest with you guys, and it looks very, very premium. A smart watch note, but nevertheless very very unique, shot so saving on user manual to be able to connect this to the phone. You need to download the h band app, so nathan, underneath from the google play store nice gus, cubot, ctrina smartwatch. This is your lucky day since you bought c3. I think lucky viewers little channel – all you have to do is very simple. Just like this page gadget. Sidekick and of course, use the hashtag cubot c3 and, of course, the hashtag gadget sidekick giveaway. So it will draw nothing to after two weeks using the youtube random comment: picker, so sana swaliga. At good luck, phones, you know! Either you go for the gps movement or your smartwatch movement depends gps. You see like a smart match. Movement is using the odometer, so right now check that in your mind, knows your profile, nothing so device that is a c3 definitely uh may go, is the best daily recommended sleep, so you need uh unit measurement, no compounds or kilo. Then, of course, check nothin message: notification, alarm setting then of course, heart rate alert so turn on not the heart rate alert then sedentary. Definitely you have to turn this on very, very important, then screen on time. There are times 10 seconds which is more as setting uh, then of course watch nato to take photo, which is very, very nice, though so, okay, so basically so right now, so so swiping again to the left kitten.

I think then i think heart monitoring, then swipe. Nothing back in my basic settings. No like alarm, you write, the settings, do not disturb mode and it took information. So hitta, nothing, information and acting watch. So swiping up is the notification, then full menu. So, sport mode step mode, sleep mode, hr, heart monitoring, notification, alarm, clock domino, stop watch, countdown, music, fine phone, little female uh; another administration which is very, very useful; cycling, stationary bike, rowing machine and, of course, elliptical bike.