It is plastic on the back silicone bands. They only come with one band 15. It says 15 on there. If you can see that but use the watch for about three four days and i’m here to give you guys my thoughts on it so far, very simple: to use very accurate when it comes to the steps and i’ve noticed that it’s been on 75 percent. Since i’ve got the watch here are some watch faces, we’ll jump into the app in a little bit, so i can show you more details on this particular fitness tracker, slash smartwatch, you can see here. I got some notifications. You will get imessages on here. You just won’t have the ability to respond. You can just see your text messages and you can also view all your other notifications, depending on what apps you selected so right now, 73 um, you do. You can set the brightness to what you want. I got mine set down low i’ve got it’s been on 73 for days now, so i haven’t really been connected connecting my messages with it until recently, but my message is, it probably will have an effect on you to get. If you start getting notifications on it. Let me see let’s go ahead and jump into the app that the watch comes with. If you search here settings you can go to qr code and you can scan this with your phone and it’ll launch the app on your phone on ios or android.

So pretty nice they included that so let’s go ahead and show you something else real, quick. If i swipe over, you can see my steps. You can see my miles and my calories burned. If i swipe over, you can see my heartbeat and then, if i swipe over again, you can see my blood pressure and the time that i’ve, the sleep sleep tracking, so yeah let’s jump into the app on the phone and check that out all right guys. So here is the phone i’m on iphone ios uh. This is the iphone 12 i have it connected to and if i swipe over here right here down on the bottom glory fit you tap on here. This is the app that you install on your phone. Gives you a bunch of information. You can see the steps taken, the distance, the calories, the sleep tracking, so i got nine hours and 17 minutes, but i did take a nap yesterday. So don’t judge me on that here you can see how i’ve been using it for two days now or actually three days, but i just thought it would it wouldn’t start tracking the first day, so that is sleep tracking. Then you have heart rate. You can see my average is 80 and then, when i’m sleeping 65 gives you a lot of information like i said, i’ve only been using it for three days and if you go back over here, you got blood pressure, so blood pressure is pretty nice.

I do not do not know how accurate it is. You can see 124 over 80, which is real good, and if we tap on that, you can see my last few blood pressure tests. So that is that you also have a sport and you can do walking. You can do outdoor running, you can do indoor running, you could do bicycling and that is about. It shows you the weather, also and if you go into the device it’ll give you the mac id, which i shouldn’t have showed you that battery and here is the dashboard where we have all the watch faces on here, which is crazy. The amount of watch faces you can just add on here, tons and tons. You can even select the ones you want. You can put them in here. You can delete them. You can add custom with your own pictures. So that is that, and you can see dashboard heart rate – you can do it automatic the phone. You have to agree to this for to get um your calls and your caller id to show up on your watch sms. You have to also agree to that. Then you have apps, which you can select to get notifications on your watch. These are the ones that are all in here pretty interesting stuff. The watch pairs up with the phone real good. You got alarms, you got light up when you bring it up to your wrist and you have do not disturb more settings.

You can shake to take a picture, but it’s only shake to take a picture on on your on your uh phone. So the the watch does not have a camera, then you have the 24 hour mode or you can do standard 12 and the language. So when it comes to firmware update, i am on the latest and then profile here’s my profile go to settings. You set your units to miles pounds and fahrenheit in the usa, and that is that for the fitness tracker app, which is called glory, fit now back to the watch back to the watch. So you can see it also comes with a screen protector. So very nice comfortable watch, i like it, and i recommend you guys check it out links down below if you guys need any more information on this, that i can help you out with. As far as the step tracking and heart rate it’s, pretty almost identical to my apple watch, so with that being said, drop a comment and i’ll catch.