Look just like this, so they reached out to me, so i can check out their smartwatch slash fitness tracker. I think uh it’s the correct term for but they’re calling a smart watch. So here you can see they do have the black version, a gray version and i believe it’s here it is right, so they have gold and silver and black, and obviously i got the black. This is the box that it comes in, looks like a pretty nice watch uh. We have sport, heart rate, blood pressure, which is something that i haven’t seen on any of my fitness trackers, yet so far messages and steps. So i love taking account of my steps. Heart rate and oxygen level, but this does looks like it: doesn’t have oxygen level, so this is the s11 my patch so now the s11. So it is the goku smartwatch s11. You can see here they have qr code, you can get the little app and i believe it works on an ios and android, but uh there’s enough of that let’s jump right into it. On this side, they do have sleep, monitoring, stop watch the weather, find my phone and alarm so let’s check this out man. I, like smart, watches right now, i’m using my apple watch, which is my main, and then i got this one sent over this. Is i haven’t done a video on it, but it is the vermi vermi, 3 fermi, vr three or something like that light.

So it’s, a pretty awesome watch so so far, so good, so let’s go ahead and open this up real quick pull the sleeve off. I, like that, check that out. Smartwatch watch s11 nice little box right there on the back once again to give you the function: sport, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, stop, watch messages, steps, weather and find my phone open. This up it’s just going to be a little unboxing, wow that’s, a pretty nice watch right there. Look at that so let’s check this out. We looks like yeah, we should have some manuals, so let me tell you what how the watch feels. So we have some silicone bands which they feel real nice. The back of the watch is actually plastic looks like we have some kind of a connector here, but it looks real nice here’s a little screen protector we’ll. Take that one off too wow it’s a real nice look good, looking watch. It does have another screen protector on it. I’Ll leave that one on for now, but to me it feels like it’s metal just off the initial impressions. It feels like it smells very light. Very light watch so let’s see what else we get in the box. Smart watch. I like that big screen. Okay, so move on to the box here, pull this up. I should do some goodies under here how to charge it okay. So here we have the charging that’s, all we get in the box, the user, smartwatch user instructions um.

I recommend you guys read these got some chinese. Some english i’ll probably read through it on the later. You know when i give you guys my full review on it. Uh i’ll have read that already, and this is the charging connector here so kind of similar to what the vermi vt3 is, has actually like two little prongs there and it’s magnetic, and it should go on just like that. Let me plug it into my computer and see if it will power on or whatnot. Oh there we go power, it’s, actually, charging the magnetic on the back like the charge thing is pretty strong, so yeah. Let me go ahead and charge this up and came off. I’Ll charge this up and then i’ll come back on a later video and let you guys know my thoughts on it, but for right now this is once again the gop goku smartwatch s11. So let me pour an impart on oh check that out so it’s got some juice, so let me see what it all does empty notifications, wow it’s, a pretty nice watch, so anyways guys i’m gon na go ahead, set this up and come back with another video.