It is uh waterproof i’m, not sure for how much of the water depth it should go. But uh has a bluetooth. 5.0. You have a 200 milliamp battery in it compatible with the iphone ios and android in this package. It does include the smart watch, of course, and a charging table in a manual book, so i bought the one that is black all right and pretty much. Your other features is gon na, be, is the heart rate sleeping, monitor, multi sports mode, which i’m not going to use notifications from your phone uh you’re, going to have music controlling from the smart watch to your phone call functioning, uh remote photograph. I guess you can control your camera with this watch, the other one is going to be the breath: training. Okay and again, it is black, so let’s go ahead and take the sleeve off put that right. There and ip68 see okay and i guess it includes an app for your phone. So you can control, have controls from your watch to your phone, so you can download it on the app store or you can download it on google play. If you have android so let’s open this Music. Sorry, i got a cold. So, okay, so here’s your man in your book, okay, here’s, your watch, okay, let’s, put that aside and you got your charger: okay, magnet charge charger. I mean that’s the little sleeve, and here you have Music, the power it’s already powered on.

So i was trying it earlier, which you know how on on your iwatch, you can go ahead and touch the screen and it will turn on this. One does not have that feature and it does leave smudges on the screen. Okay, this is rubber rubber, uh wristband. For your watch, you have your little sensor right here for the heart rate: okay and Music. You can swap change. You know exercises your heart rate: okay, which let’s give it a try right, quick, Music let’s see what it is come on, come on all right, 84 blood pressure, okay, it’s a bit slow, but it works all right, let’s see what else you have on here. Your playlist for your phone, which i have to download the app with uh sleeping the sleeping age. So i can go monitor how you sleep and how many hours you sleep uh this one. You need to update the device by downloading the app on your phone. Okay, so you can go ahead and put whichever location you’re in so this one. You do have to press the little dial button on here to actually use turn on the feature. Okay, lamp, okay, not bad. What else you got mute? You can mute your phone. You can go to settings on here scan what is this for that’s a good question. I don’t know what that is for brightness. You can change your brightness full mode, all right, okay, information. It gives you information.

Okay, sn93. Don’T know what that is id. Okay battery. Look, it has almost half percentage of the battery. Bluetooth, of course, is not on right now, it’s the reason it’s not connecting to my phone okay find phone. Oh too, okay, it’s got a stopwatch base. Uh watch face i’m. Sorry can change your watch face on there screen sleep, breathing news, okay, sports, i got select little features on their little apps. You can go ahead and use, and on this one, unfortunately, i did have an issue with it which this button you know just came off loose and it’s. The only thing that i’m not really happy with this button, was kind of like i don’t know it just it kind of felt like it was um, not really secure. You know this is plastic, as you can see, you have the plastic on here, and you have the glass on here and the glass there. So with the charger, usb cable and the charger port does have magnet okay, which it does connect. The only thing that i would want, if is the magnet to be a little bit more stronger in case you know, so i can. It can really be secured on there. Just like a just like a smidge stronger, you know, but uh i mean it still works. It’S still good uh the k, the cable. I wish it was a better, better quality which would really help um. I wish this wasn’t plastic, but i mean for 40 bucks it’s, actually not bad.

It does count how many steps you have. It tells you the days. The day you on wednesday, thursday, friday or saturday uh, it gives you your blood pressure, gives you time and i mean it’s, not bad. This i don’t know if it turns on like a little light. I thought, but pretty much for the feature of this phone. This watch i’m, sorry it’s, it’s, really nice. I mean for 40 bucks it’s, not too expensive. If you want a smart watch, you know and uh don’t want to pay too much out of your pocket to get a really expensive watch. But this is good enough. You know if you have you you’re looking for a gift, you want to give your child your son. This is a great smart watch for him to begin with. You know you don’t have to worry about spending too much money or anything like that. Great great uh watch. The only thing is this dial: it would have been better up here in the corner. So when you go ahead and fold your wrist, it won’t be pressing this button where, since this really delicate button that won’t give it this problem which it wasn’t, you know, i was just trying to figure out how to turn it on and well. It came off loose but that’s the only problem i have the other one that i think may give you issues it’s this. You know i’m, not sure how strong it would be, but i mean it’s not bad.

For 40 bucks, i’m, not spending 500, 300. Of course it’s not one of those high brand watches, but it looks great it’s, a the you know, dial screen, it’s it’s, just great great size for you to go ahead and see things huh. I like it it’s, not bad. Only thing is this not to be plastic this to be fixed or moved up here too, where it won’t give you that reaction when you fold or you lean and accidentally oh turn on your watch that’s pretty much and what i see about this watch it’s, not Bad for starters, it’s, not bad for a gift, but these little things i i would hesitate. You know on on those all right, guys well there’s, a open box for this watch and excuse me and if you do plan to get it just make sure that these watch out with this part of their watch, okay and that’s. All i can tell you all right.