Discover why more and more people like to use smartwatches to track their fitness.
Part 1 – GOKOO Smartwatch on Amazon ➜
Part 2 – Unboxing ➜ (2:18min)
Part 3a – Charging ➜ (4:07min)
Part 3b – App Install ➜ (4:48min)
Part 3c – Water Test ➜ (7:13min)
Part 3d – Activity Tracking Results ➜ (7:58min)
Part 3e – Heart Rate Monitor Results ➜ (9:10min)
Part 3f – Clock Face Designs ➜ (9:39min)
Part 4 – Summary ➜ (10:20min)

After watching this review you will have learned how to pair your phone with the watch.

First, I show you a few close-up shots of this fitness tracker, next we will download the app and test its functions.

Because the watch is marketed with an IP67 water rating, I will also do a short waterproof test outside to see how the watch handles it.

After using the watch for a while, I share my experience with the activity tracking and heart rate monitor function.

Very nice is also that you can change the clock face to different designs based on your taste.

Using the watching inside and in shaded areas should be fine, if you spend a lot of time outside in bright sunlight however, readability may be an issue.

Otherwise, my initial impression of the watch is positive, I also like the metal wristband and the fact that the watch can send you notifications for incoming calls, as well as from social messenger apps.

Overall a nice entry level watch that can pair with an iOS or Android phone of your choice.