This is larry welcome. Back to today, i feel like today, we’re going to take a look at the goku smart watch. This is a smart watch, that’s supposed to have all kinds of great features like your heart rate and blood pressure in 26, different sports modes and all kinds of wonderfulness, so we’re gon na un package. It unbox it take a look at it. Try it on see how it fits, how it feels how it performs – and here we go all right – let’s go ahead and take a look around the box here we can see here. This is going to be the goku smart watch, we’re going to get an idea of what it looks like so i’m digging the look of it. It has a nice classic round, watch, look and uh yeah. It says it comes in black and gray and it looks like we have the black one here and let’s see here on this side. It’S going to say it has sport modes, heart rate, blood pressure, messages and steps, um there’s going to be an app that we need with it. So we’ll um we’ll get the app and it says that it is the model number s11 and it’s in black and gray. This one here and then there’s some other information about the company there, including a website and an email and then on this side. It says it’s gon na do sleep tracking, it’s gon na have a stopwatch.

Uh it’s gon na have weather, find your phone and uh and an alarm and yeah. So on that side, barcode from amazon – and i believe at the time of this video – this watch is about 45.99 and there is a 14 off um. You know coupon on there right now, so this watch will actually be a little bit cheaper. Uh, maybe around you know, maybe around 30 something dollars or something like that. So it’s a very inexpensive watch, so um on this side again just tells us what color it is and the and the model number so all right, let’s go ahead and uh and get this thing open here and try this out and uh and see what this Is gon na look like and for those of you that are curious, my uh, my knife. Here i have the uh, the savivi pintail um. I get people that ask me about my pocketknife. Sometimes so i figure i’ll, let you know um all right, let’s see if we can get this thing out and take a look at it and let’s see here. We’Ll have to open this and get that and on here again it tells you some of the functions on there, so that’s kind of cool, so let’s uh let’s see what this thing is going to look like and all right yeah. I, like the look of this watch so far very i’d, like that a lot that’s looking pretty good let’s see what else we get in here.

Oh, we have our infamous silica gel there we go. I should start a silica gel uh collection. I should just like tag it where each one of them is from and start keeping them or something i don’t know that’s silly anyways. We have a user manual here that we can uh that we can use so there’s that um, hopefully we won’t need that. We have the uh the charger here and let’s see what this is going to look like. So i think it’s going to be a proprietary charger, so um. You know i don’t really like the whole proprietary thing, but i i sort of get it, but i wish it was something more universal like you just usbc, or maybe just a straight key wireless charging, or something like that. So um yeah all right, let’s go ahead and and uh take this off. This is a little tag for that that covers up the uh. The sensors there so we’ll set that off to the side and here’s a little uh screen protector, so we’ll take that off, set that right there and now that’s it that’s the watch right there let’s see if there’s any um. Oh, you know what there is a little uh protector on there take that off and now let’s see if there’s any juice in the watch here. So we’ll just push that and hold it for a second and see if it turns on and yeah there we go.

It’S booting right up that’s kind of awesome all right, so it looks like uh. It looks like it’s uh, set to the wrong time. So we’re going to get this right and part of that is, is having the app set up. So we’ll get this uh we’ll get this going, i believe, it’s. Oh there we go. I was trying to turn the the crown and nothing was happening because it’s not actually the crown doesn’t really do much except work as a push button and then it is a touch screen. But i really like the interface, it looks really good. The screen looks nice and bright and easy to see. I really like that a lot so, okay, let’s um let’s go ahead and yeah there’s all the different, i guess there’s all the different modes. We have settings messages, weather, stop, watch sleeping status. Bp – and you know, let me just zoom in there a little bit closer, so you can take a a little bit better. Look at that and and see that so that’s uh let’s, see here. If we can get that going and you can see some of those different uh, some of those different features there, so yeah that’s, looking pretty cool, they have the time and then there’s the uh step counter your tracker there’s your blood pressure there and then your excuse Me, your yeah, your heart rate right there that’s your blood pressure and then your sleep tracking, your training and uh yeah.

So all right, let’s, uh, i’m gon na go ahead and get this thing set up with the app so that i can uh. I can get everything going and then i’m gon na test it out and come back and tell you what i think about it. I haven’t started using the watch yet, but i have it all set up and when i was setting it up, there were a few cool things in the app that i wanted to show you so let’s jump into the app right. Quick before i start using the watch now, the first thing i want to show you here is: when you go over to the device tab, we’ll click that we can go into the dashboard and we’ll notice here once it loads up. There are a ton of watch faces that you can select to use with this watch now. This is really really cool because, most of the time with these budget watches you get maybe one or two sometimes they’ll, give you as many as like. Maybe five or six watch faces that you can choose from usually it’s not mini. Most of them are just automatically pre installed on the watch, but here we’re, actually getting the uh we’re actually getting the watch faces here in the app that we can select. So we can see there’s a lot of them here. There’S. Just a lot of watch faces different styles different colors. They have some different functions on there that they show so lots to choose from that.

You can get something that works best for you. So let’s say you want something like this one here we can click that we’ll hit. The uh we’ll hit the dial to start synchronizing it, and this is going to start sending it over to our our apple or to our watch here and i’m. On my i’m on my iphone right now, this is going to work. I imagine the same way with android, but it just goes ahead and we can see that it’s synchronizing there and it takes just a few moments and when it’s done it’ll actually go over and it’ll go over and it’ll start putting it on the watch all right. There we can see where it says, synchronization synchronization complete, and we can see that it installed that watch face on our watch just like that. So it takes a few moments for it to download and then it goes ahead and installs it on the watch and we can see up here where it says: uh, it’s, 887 kilobits, so 807.1 kilobits and uh yeah. So it says 1000, k plus downloads that we can get now. If we want to change this back or change it to something else. We just select another watch face that we want to go to that. We want to use let’s say we want to use something like this a little bit more colorful, but also not quite as busy. We can go ahead and and start synchronizing that and when it’s done it’s going to go ahead and have it on the watch.

Just like it did before all right there we can see it, it is finished synchronizing and it has the same watch face. That is fantastic. Just that that’s really really amazing, so i’m. Digging that all right now, let me show you the other stuff on here in the app that i wanted to show you, and one of them is, is that if you go back into the dashboard you can come over here where it says my dial and it’ll Show you all the watch faces that you have that are installed and you can click edit on here and you can delete them if you want to so let’s say i want to delete this one and let’s say that one i can go ahead. Click that and i can select, delete them and just like that, they’re gone and i don’t have to worry about it now i can download a bunch of them on here. So if i end up wanting to switch between faces, i just come in there and switch them out really quickly and easily so yeah. You can have a custom dial there. If you want to create a custom one, you can do that as well. So yeah very cool stuff um also on here you can set your heart rate settings to automatic so that it’ll uh check your heart rate periodically or intermittently. I say throughout the 24 hour period you can have your phone messages sent through so that you can get your messages that will ring and you can hang up or you know phone calls on there as well.

You can get sms messages, your app messages, so you can get messages from all or notifications from all these different apps now there’s other ones, but these are the ones i have on my phone. You can get a sedentary reminder, so it’ll tell you to get up and move about every 60 minutes or so there’s alarms on there. So you can set alarms on there if you like, you also have a light up, so it’ll it’ll wake when you uh raise your arm, so you don’t have to worry about turning the uh pushing the button to turn the light on. You have a do not disturb uh, you know button, you can turn on, you can set times and uh and vibration mode or message off there’s all kinds of features you can do in there and there is more settings. You can do a shake to picture, find device, timeout display 24 hours or 12 hours, and you can set your up device language now also on here you can reset the uh, you can update the firmware and you can reset the device or unpair it so yeah Now, in the sport mode you can see here that we have uh various uh things you can do you can set for walking. You can do outdoor running, you can do indoor running, you can do bicycle there, so you can. You can hit the plus button here and then you can go for all kinds of other stuff that you want to add in here.

If you want to add these other cycling things so let’s say you want to do spin cycling, you can go ahead and add that in there let’s see, if i can click this on there and add that i think i might have to to push it and Hold it or something, but yeah i’ll figure that out i’ll get that there, but you these are different ones that you can select so that you can have these ones in here. Maybe you’re only allowed to have certain ones in here i’m going to go ahead and choose outdoor running i’m going to take that let’s see. If i can click that off and i’m going to choose a spin cycle, so yeah it looks like you can only have four of them up there at a time. So all right so we’ll leave that there i don’t do indoor running because i don’t have a treadmill, so i’ll click out of that and get rid of that and i’ll do let’s see what i can put else. What else i can put in here? I have walkings uh, uh, bicycles, spin, cycling and yeah. I guess that’s pretty much i’ll leave that for oh push, ups i’ll leave or no that was sit. Ups sorry we’ll take sit. Ups off, i thought that said, push ups, but it said, sit ups, so um yeah i’ll go ahead and put sit ups in there. What the heck you know, maybe i’ll, do some sit ups and try that out so all right, so we can go ahead and hit save and now it’s going to be saved and on our watch here we can come over to our watch and go to the Sport mode let’s see if we can get over there, we can go to uh let’s, see right now.

I think it’s set to walking and let’s see what think was where is it going to go? Where is it going to go? Let’S see how we’re going to do this let’s hit, stop and oh there we go so there we have it. So now we can there’s our swimming cycling, running and let’s, see, i think, with the other ones should be in here somewhere, so there’s our walking again and basketball, fitness volleyball, there’s, all kinds of stuff in here i guess there’s, all kinds of ones in here i’ll Have to figure out more how to use this thing, but yeah there’s there’s a lot of of cool functionality to this watch. But those are a few things that i want to show you, because i think they have some really really cool features in here. And i really am excited that you can have a lot of watch faces saved that you can just switch out when you feel like it. So i’ve been using the watch for about a month now and let’s talk about the good and the bad, and the first good thing up that i want to mention about this watch is that i think it looks pretty good it’s pretty much black on black. There is some white on there around the bezel with the arabic numbers, there’s, also a little bit of silver on the watch band, but everything else is pretty much black it’s, very sleek and classic looking.

I just think, it’s an attractive watch. This next thing that i like about this watch is that it has a touch screen and the touch screen is very responsive, making it easy to navigate around through different screens, so it’s easy to go in and change settings or to start an exercise if you’re in The exercise modes there or you can check notifications if you have a notification coming in whatever it is that you want to use the watch, for it just is very, very easy to actually navigate through those screens with the touch screen. Now this last good point that i want to mention about the watch is the battery life and i have to say this battery has been nothing short of impressive i’m getting about two weeks on a single charge and it’s just really nice to not have to worry About charging my watch every day, i’m, coming from an apple watch where i have to charge my watch every day, sometimes more than once a day, so to be able to go for a week or a week and a half or two weeks and not have to Worry about charging, it is really really nice now. That leads me into the first bad point, and that is this watch uses a proprietary charger. I would really prefer if they use just a universal charging port, something like usbc or even just use key wireless charging. That way, i can set it on any wireless charger and the watch would charge up, but they don’t.

Instead, we have this proprietary charger, which means i have another cable that i have to keep track of now. This last bad point is the fatal flaw that just killed it for me, and that is the sleep tracking on this watch is just wholly inaccurate. Sometimes it doesn’t record the sleep data at all. Sometimes it records it just wildly and accurately. You know let’s just go ahead and hop on the phone and i’ll show you what i’m talking about. So here we have glory fit the app and it’s opened up here. I’M. In my sleep, uh i’m, in my sleep section already here and the sleep part of the app i’m gon na go ahead, and we can see right here. This one looks like it’s, probably relatively accurate, and then i’ll go here that one’s okay. But then you can see right there. It didn’t even record my sleep on that day. I have no idea why and then here, 8 35 i’m pretty sure that’s too much. I don’t i just rarely sleep longer than you know, four or five hours and i don’t think i slept that much that day and then here it’s showing i slept for 11 hours and 25 minutes. I know that is absolutely wholly inaccurate, it’s. Just no, i mean there’s no way that i slept for you know nearly 12 hours, it’s just yeah, and so we go here we’re at nine hours, again, no that’s, probably about right and that’s, probably about right and then that’s, probably a little high there and about Right and you can see again here – didn’t record any sleep data at all, no sleep data and then here again 10 hours, just no in 11 hours, no 13 hours, i mean come on they’re trying to tell me.

I slept for 13 hours on uh on march 21st, no it’s, just as you can see there again, no data, no data, no data, no data, no data, no data, no data, no data, no data, no data, no data and then we’re back again, and then we Get no data again, and then we get some data again, so you can see that it’s just all over the place. It really is just all over the place, and that kills it for me, because one of the main reasons why i want to actually wear a smart watch is for the sleep tracking and battery life is important to me, because i want to be able to track. My sleep and not have to worry about trying to charge this thing up every night before i go to bed, but if i can’t depend on that sleep tracking to be accurate, then for me one of the major features of having a smart watch is just it. Doesn’T exist for me, and i might as well go back to wearing just a regular analog watch, so that, for me, is a fatal flaw and just killed it for me all right everyone. So there we have it. That is a look at the goku smart watch and i have to say that this is an okay watch, it’s more like a fitness tracker than a smart watch, and i say that because you’re missing out on some key features that you normally get with a smartwatch.

Like you cannot make or receive phone calls from the watch, you can’t uh, you know respond to notifications from the watch. You can get notifications on the watts from various apps, but you can’t respond to them, not even with with uh. You know with like pre, determined or or pre written uh messages, something like you know, call you later or i’m driving or sorry. I can’t talk right now. You can’t even respond with stuff, like that. You can just see the messages and that’s it so also the sleep tracking is inaccurate. So if that’s not important to you, then you know this could be okay, also, there’s, no integrated gps it’s only connected gps, so you’re going to have to have your phone with you if you’re out, running or riding, and you want to track your route you’re going To have to make sure to have your phone with you as well, so, but if all that stuff doesn’t bother you, it does look good. It has great battery life and i think it can work out for some people, so yeah anyways i’m, going to leave a link to this product down below in the video description, so that you can check it out i’m. Also going to leave links to my amazon page and my social media contacts, you can reach me elsewhere and i hope you enjoyed seeing this video.