Here are 10 dark and mysterious secrets of antarctica. Music number 10.: a lost city, scientific evidence strongly suggests that antarctica was once mostly or entirely ice free around 90 million years ago, during the cretaceous period, when the earth got much warmer, the southerly continent appears to have hosted, dense, thick vegetation, which was adapted to survive. Even through four months of annual darkness, but the idea that ancient humans ever inhabited antarctica is a far fetched one. Since the continent has been a solid icy mass for a very long time and its freezing temperatures make it very challenging for life to thrive. There, however, rumors of a hidden ancient city in antarctica have been floating around for years. One of the most popular theories believed by conspiracy. Theorists is known as crustal displacement, which says that parts of antarctica were ice free as recently as 12 000 years ago, and that humans may have lived there before being wiped out with the onset of the most recent ice age. One of the strongest pieces of evidence used to support this theory is the mysterious piri race map from 1513, which people argue looks like it shows part of antarctica hundreds of years before it was officially discovered scholars and map experts. Do not believe that this is what the map is representing, but there it is photos taken during nasa’s operation, icebridge project in 2016 show what armchair experts believe represent the ruins of an ancient city. Google earth shows a mountain that people claim is actually a pyramid and therefore proof that people lived on the continent.

A video left behind by an alleged missing camera crew in 2002, detailed, the so called remains of a prehistoric human settlement in antarctica. Perhaps not surprisingly, evidence of this purported video from a missing camera crew is conspicuously lacking from credible sources, giving way to rumors of government cover ups and nazi claims to antarctic territory. There are rumors that a massive archaeological dig is going on, but is being kept a secret proponents of this exciting. Yet highly imaginative theory also claim that this ancient civilization on antarctica could have been the lost city of atlantis. Scientists argue that the ice and mountainous landscape of antarctica is full of incredible and unique natural formations and that if anything of academic or historical value were found, it wouldn’t have to be kept a secret. What do you think, let me know in the comments below number 9 base 22. Besides the belief and rumors that an ancient lost city existed in antarctica, some people believe that the continent once hosted a top secret nazi base, equivalent in size to a small city, simply called base 22 or new berlin. The alleged fort was supposedly used not just by the nazis, but also the illuminati. The nazis are believed to have been very obsessed with the occult the nazis had many secret bases as a contingency plan in case things, didn’t work out. One was recently found in the jungle in argentina. In 2016, russian scientists announced that they had found a lost space in the arctic.

So why not antarctica? During the early 20th century, the race was on to see which country could own or take over antarctica. Supposedly, the germans claimed an area as german territory and sent an expedition. They mapped the area and discovered a geothermal lake. This is where they supposedly built base 22.. It is believed by some that the nazis encountered alien technology at the site or somehow contacted extraterrestrials from there gleaning knowledge that enabled them to manufacture super weapons, but wait there’s more. This gets even weirder. Some say the base still exists and is still in use by the nazis, the illuminati and or their alien helpers, who plan to jointly launch a new world order, because why not? While researchers have admittedly discovered evidence of nazi bases close to the arctic circle? Scientific evidence of such an establishment in the antarctic is pretty much non. Existent number eight gamberzev mountain in 2010 scientists revealed the existence of a massive mountain range hidden beneath the antarctic ice dubbed the gambertsev mountains, the peaks rise to over eight thousand feet and are buried beneath a thick layer of ice over one mile down in the continent’s Eastern interior region, russian scientists originally discovered the 750 mile range more than a half century. Earlier, new satellite images from 2010 covering an area the size of new york state, revealed the mountains in greater detail. The newer findings represented a vast upgrade from previous evidence of the gamberzev mountains, which was estimated based on gravity data it’s, like going from using a big fat sharpie to using a fine tipped pencil senior research.

Scientist robin bell told life science. The updated images revealed a dramatic rocky landscape filled with deep river valleys and liquid lakes. A six million square mile layer of ice called the east antarctic ice sheet covers the mountain range posing important questions regarding the isis potential to melt as well as why and how the gambits of mountains emerged. In the first place, scientists reported in 2011 that they were making headway and solving these mysteries, particularly the mountain ranges origins. The gambits of mountains resemble the alps suggesting that they are old, yet their steep rugged shape more closely resembles a young mountain range. Researchers detected magnetic anomalies similar to those found in one billion year old, rocks nearby, implying that the mountain’s origins date back to around the same time when continents and subcontinents collided evidence further shows that rifting events likely triggered the uplift of the range 250 million and 100 Million years ago, solving the next piece of the puzzle will involve drilling through the ice and into the mountains to collect samples for data analysis. Number 7. pyramids in 2016. Images of mountains in the shape of a pyramid went viral. Many argue that these structures looked like they were man made and proof of an ancient people. The structures were found in antarctica’s ellsworth range, giving rise to rampant rumors that an ancient civilization built the constructions around 100 million years ago long before our earliest human ancestors emerged into existence. It’S worth noting that these alleged human built pyramids are around 4000 feet tall around 10 times the height of the great pyramids of giza.

The claims appear to have originated at a website called earth. We are one or ewao which referenced a photograph taken in 1935, as well as a wildly flawed misunderstanding of antarctica’s geological history as evidence that a prehistoric society erected pyramids long before even our distant early relatives were known to exist anywhere on the planet. To bolster its theory, ewao cited legitimate findings of previous plant and bacterial life in antarctica, guiding its followers along a kind of misleading path that suggests ancient vegetation is a direct sign of previous human habitation. The idea that these claims are relevant to the belief that ancient humans built a series of pyramids three quarters of a mile tall is weak at best sorry to disappoint but pyramidal peaked. Mountains are a common feature of glaciated regions and are often the product of multiple ice sheets converging, simply put as university of california irvine geology, professor eric rignot, told life science. This is just a mountain that looks like a pyramid. If people actually studied geology and perhaps went to see these places in person, they would know number 6 antarctic polynya. In september 2017, researchers spotted something called the mod rise polynaya in an ice pack in antarctica’s lazarev sea what’s, a polynya. It is a body of unfrozen ocean that appears within a thick body of ice measuring, roughly the size of ireland according to science, daily the hole in the ice forms during the continent’s coldest winter months when ice is at its thickest, because the mod rise polynya is Located in a difficult to access area, experts relied on satellite observations and a re analysis of previous data to try getting to the bottom of how and why the hole formed it’s been a mystery for about 40 years.

They concluded that a combination of cyclones and strong winds created the polynaya by causing the packets to shift in opposite directions. The mod rise polynya was the size of connecticut when scientists began monitoring it and it expanded by over 740 percent over the following month. It eventually merged with the open ocean. Prior to the 2017 observations, researchers only knew of polynya is happening in antarctica during the 1970s. Amid the advent of satellite technology, experts were baffled by the phenomenon kind of until now study, leader and research. Scientist diana francis said that once opened, the polynya works like a window through the sea ice, transferring huge amounts of energy during winter between the ocean and the atmosphere. She also said that, because of their large size, mid sea polynayas are capable of impacting the climate of the region and even of the whole globe, as they modify the oceanic circulation. Citing the newly established connection between cyclones and polynya formation, francis predicted that polynyas may increase in frequency as climate change progresses, past studies show that polar cyclonic activity tends to intensify in warmer climates, making the conditions more conducive to the creation of polynyas. Scientists are still trying to learn more about these rare occurrences. Number 5. doomsday glacier earlier this year, scientists stationed on antarctica’s thwaites glacier, which covers an area the size of florida, released footage of the glacier’s grounding line, in other words, the point where the glacier meets the land as part of the international thwaites, glacier collaboration, the melting Ethwait’S grounding zone and its control on sea level or melt team collected samples and data of what’s considered one of antarctica’s most important and hazardous glaciers.

The team ventured into a rarely visited remote part of the continent where few scientists had ever been and where they spent two months battling inclement weather and temperatures as low as minus 22 degrees fahrenheit. They drilled through at least 2 300 feet of ice using a hot water drill using the torpedo shaped ice fin robot. The team gathered important scientific data that was previously inaccessible to experts in the past 30 years. The amount of melt water flowing from the thwaite’s glacier has nearly doubled by studying the dynamics of this rapidly changing environment experts hope to gain a closer look at what we can expect in the future in terms of sea level rise. We know that warmer ocean waters are eroding many of west antarctica’s glaciers, but we are particularly concerned about thwaites said british antarctic survey. Oceanographer dr keith nichols scientist’s biggest fear is that warm ocean water is seeping into the glacier and will cause it to retreat from the ridge and collapse number four cave entrance late. Last year, google earth users called attention to what appeared to be a yet unidentified cave entrance on a remote antarctic island, which allegedly first appeared in 2007.. The sighting supposedly occurred on greenwich island, a southerly antarctic isle six months after the discovery was made. The purported cave door disappeared from google further fueling already rampant suspicions that the government or another entity was hiding a secret conspiracy theories abounded, including allegations, ranging from the possible existence of a top secret military base to evidence of a lost ancient civilization, either of which the Authorities were trying to hide at all costs.

Perhaps the most dramatic among the theories is the idea that the secretive portal led to a hollow earth. I honestly don’t even know what that means. At the time, the image circulated the cave, measured, 249 feet wide and 74 feet high, meaning to some speculators that hundreds or thousands of people could fit inside blake and brett cousins. Co host of the third phase from the moon youtube channel speculated that perhaps a natural event such as a snow slide or climate change, exposed or covered up the cave. They even went as far as suggesting that a rock formation outside the cave was a deliberately constructed. Staircase to its entrance, naturally, everyone wanted to put in their two cents. Since the story broke out. However, the so called cave entrance has failed to regain the attention of international headlines number three singing ice using seismic sensors scientists spent over two years gathering recordings on the ross ice shelf. Their findings were revealed in a late 2018 study which revealed that the continent’s ice sings at a constant frequency of 5 hertz or 5 cycles per second. This humming noise results from regional and local winds and is affected by factors such as surface snow and ice storms. Shifting the positions of dunes and excessive melting according to life science scientists discovered the noise unexpectedly after installing seismic monitors on the ice shelf for other purposes. They realized upon reviewing the data that active winds blowing over the uneven antarctic surface, cause near constant vibrations, collectively known as a seismic hum it’s kind of like you’re blowing a flute constantly on the ice shelf.

Lead study. Author julian chaput said in a statement certain conditions, such as powerful dune altering storms and warming events caused the seismic hum to subtly change by tracking the song of the ice shelf. Scientists can likely monitor important changes in the surface ice and they may even be able to develop a warning system for if and when the ice shelf is on the brink of collapse. Number 2. deep lake, as generic sounding as its name is deep lake, is a very specific place located in east antarctica. This isolated water body harbors a barely productive, yet sustained ecosystem, despite having saline levels 10 times higher than the world’s oceans. This high salt content is what keeps deep lake liquid, even though it hits temperatures as low as 4 degrees fahrenheit. At its deepest point, the air at deep lake is so frigid. A group of scientists who spent 18 months studying it in 2013, had to take special measures to prevent water samples from freezing as they were harvested. Would you spend 18 months in antarctica? Let me know in the comments below most animals don’t easily survive here, as evidenced by the plethora of seal and penguin carcasses lining the lake’s coast. But four microscopic species have found a way to thrive in deep lake, three of which are archaea. A basic life form that was first mistakenly classified as bacteria. These species are known as extremophiles, demonstrating a shocking ability to survive in temperatures and conditions, uncharacteristic of virtually any other type of creature.

Deep lake, which sits at 180 feet below sea level, is full of more questions than answers, and scientists are looking at this place as an example of what life could look like on other planets number one miles, long structure in 2012, a 14 mile long quote: unquote: Structure in antarctica spotted on google earth left people online, pretty confused it’s a white blur that has provoked speculation, that it is a secret government research station, a buried, ufo and who knows what else a youtube user by the name of wow for real described the site. As a patchy mess in a self made video about the strange formation marked by a bright white patch, the alleged superstructure is and wow for real’s words so huge you can’t, miss it not even from outer space, i’ve searched the entire continent, and i couldn’t find anything Quite like it, the host said, citing brush like markings over the structure as solid evidence that someone was likely trying to cover it up, but it doesn’t seem that google earth would hire an amateur to retouch highly classified aspects of its imaging. He says if this masking was removed, would we see the deck of a giant ufo mothership buried in ice? My best guess probably not, but i don’t know. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below thanks for watching be sure to hit that subscribe.