com. This is a health band, and today i want to talk to you about looking at health bands from a different perspective. Now healthband is not so much a fitness band, although it can do step count and calories, and things like that, but it's more of an instrument for taking your heart rate. Your blood pressure checking your sleep time. Even your blood oxygen and an ecg chart right on the device itself. You can also do temperature and there's bands for that as well. This is about putting one of these charged up, maybe two of them in your medicine chest and pulling them out when there's a problem in the house. The idea behind this video came along as a result of basically the corona virus and a lot of people sitting wandering and worrying about trying to get through such an event and a lot of folks convalesce at home. You know it's only the severe cases that go to the hospital, but nonetheless it's important to try to find out things like your temperature over time, whether it's getting too high a band like this it's called the e66 can do that. Not only that it can do it remotely and that's the point of this video two of these devices, working together in tandem, can give you just about every measurement important to you and can do it remotely from a tethering app either the app called smart health or H band, depending on which device you're using and you can go through and remotely trigger the device on somebody's arm, perhaps in a bedroom, that's isolated from the rest of the house.

So nobody else catches it using bluetooth that can connect together and give you heart rate. Uh or ecg charts, just like you get at the doctor's office, blood pressure, readings taken remotely every 10 minutes or activated whenever you want to get a reading heart rate. All of that, with a chart last night's sleep time and more including blood, oxygen and, of course, temperature. Now that remote aspect i was talking about here, you go every 10 minutes temperature taken throughout the night throughout the day and all a person needs to do is wear the band it's done automatically you're in the other room. You want to see what the temperature is on the person that's wearing the band. You just start the app put it on this mode and for a 10 minute sequence, it will monitor down to the tenth of a degree the body surface, temperature, so what's. The internal temperature – you can compute that get a temperature. You know once in a while with a regular thermometer and see the difference between the two and add or subtract that number and uh factor it to this, and and you can actually get the the internal body temperature really just like using a rectal thermometer on an Infant or something it's going to be different than the overall body temperature and you have to account for that. You do the same thing here. This is skin temperature and, of course, adjust it up. It would be um body temperature, 98.

6. Typically, you work in cell celsius centigrade, no problem that can all be changed in the app. This is mainly for the u.s market and there it is in fahrenheit, so i'm gon na give you two videos today you're watching the first one, the concept, video about how these things work and how you can monitor remotely for some of the factors. There'S. Two different bands – i'm talking about this one – the e66 is really good for that temperature monitoring and for doing remote, ecg charts right from the wrist without even having to connect to the phone it can transfer later, and you can look at the chart on the phone Or send it to your doctor, but you can activate it remotely with this one so ecg and temperature on the e66. This one is called the spoven blade and i got it set up, so you actually have to press it to unlock it. This one does the same kind of thing, except no temperature and the ecg chart when you take it remotely from just the band it doesn't store it and transfer it anymore to the app so for remote ecgs. This one is much better, but it can do some really good ecg charts when you're activating them with the device connected. This one is really really valuable when you're doing uh things like blood oxygen. I'Ll show you why, when you're doing something like blood pressure or heart rate, it uses green diode technology.

But when you switch to the blood oxygen, it lights up, red diodes and those are much more effective, and when you run this all night on your arm, you get a continuous blood oxygen reading based on the red diode technology. It can even monitor you for sleep. Apnea that's, where you hold your breath at during the night and it'll notice, your blood oxygen level, go down, send a signal to the band vibrate it wake you up and you can start breathing again really works. It really really does so i'm going to review this. One in a form that's slightly different in the next segment on this video. Just in case you guys really interested in this. Stick with it and you'll see all of the remote measurements capable from the spoken blade or in watch format, round regular watch format. Identical is called the w3 and that's the one we're going to evaluate, but just know that the w3 and the spoven blade operate exactly the same and they use an app called h band and when you're in the h van you'll see this. In a moment, you press more and all of these things are the buttons that you can tap to remotely measure heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen or ecg, chart it's, so cool, so bottom line. These can be thought of as devices that you just stick in your medicine chest and pull out when you need them when you think you're coming down with the cold or the flu.

Okay, simple: easy to use remote connection to an android phone, uh, app and um. Definitely archived information hour by hour day by day, multiple days can be monitored directly in the app you have two different versions. Unfortunately, they haven't yet been built together in one where you have temperature and all the other stuff temperatures just coming out ever since covid broke out in china. It wasn't here before believe me eventually they'll all be together, but for right now, if you want temperature, the e66 is the one that i recommend, because you saw that nice big temperature remote chart that you can get and the fact that it's constantly taking a temperature 24. 7, in that the spoken blade or the w3 is what you're going to want for everything else, including sleep apnea, heart rate, variability blood pressure, blood, oxygen pulse, you name, it it's all going to be capturable on here in terms of sports, get a fitbit or get One of our other ones that we talk about the maze fit bands devices they're really designed for getting out there and doing all your sporting activities, but when it comes to health, your health, your body measurements. These are the ones and these are great ones. So the e66 – you now know what it does: there's a link in the show notes that you can go over and look at the full review to get much more detail on it. The spoken blade and the w3 coming up now greetings and welcome to smartwatch ticks we're a youtube channel on the web smartwatchticks.

com. This is a very special video designed to help those of you who may be working with a family member who has a case of covet 19, potentially, who may not be severe enough yet for hospitalization, but is in the process of recovering and it's designed to show You how to use this specific smartwatch in a unique way for remote monitoring, it's called the bakey w3, which, when combined with a special phone app called h band, will allow you to work with a patient that may be convalescing from covet. You might need to know some factors like their heart rate over time continuously or their blood pressure reading or their blood oxygen, in particular that they're getting enough air. That information is all available remotely from this particular app, and this is how it works once they're tethered together, you'll see the band appear here and there's a more button right beside it. Now the device itself can just actually be on a person's arm and doesn't even need to be showing the display it can go off. What you do is you tap the more button here and you get a selection of items across the bottom remotely as long as you're within bluetooth range, you could be in the room outside of a isolated coved environment, where your loved one is working through the virus. Before getting serious enough, hopefully not having to go into emergency to get a reading of the basic vitals on this device, if they're just wearing it all you got to do, is tap a button start it from right here now instantly it turned the watch into a Heart rate monitor it's, going to be monitoring, blood, beats per minute heart rate and will do this continuously on your phone.

So you can see exactly how the heart rate is working when you finish that you can back out of here, hit more, do the same thing for blood pressure. Now you see normal and personal you'll learn in the full review about this watch that you can set up your own specific, normal blood pressure if you're hypertensive, you wear a cuff and your readings are typically 130 over 85, for example, you can enter that in the Personal area and then when it actually monitors your uh blood pressure again, you won't see it on the watch. It won't vibrate it won't light up. It won't do anything only if it's twisted in the right way the time will come on, and you can even turn that feature off, but as it goes through assessing the blood pressure over about a minute or so it will then give you the reading on the Screen on the watch remotely outside of the room, you can either accept it or reject it, and if you say yes, that blood pressure blood pressure reading is now recorded into the phone that you can review later. Okay, that's blood pressure and then really important. One is blood oxygen. This is the one that tells you the saturation of oxygen in the blood and it's the critical one if there's difficulty breathing that needs to be monitored, so it doesn't fall too low, too low of a blood oxygen can create some serious health problems.

Now an interesting factor about blood oxygen. It can be read with the green diodes that typically, you use for heart rate and and blood pressure, but a very sophisticated device will use red diodes like this one, the red diodes penetrate the skin in a way that gets a better reading overall for blood oxygen. Now, since i messed around with it and lifted it, you see it's bouncing all over the place. If i were quiet and still this would normalize and come back to a a regular level that you're being able to monitor continuously on your phone or any phone. Your old phone use your phone for regular stuff and take last year's phone. If you still got it connected up with this app – and you could just have this mounted on the wall outside the door, if you wanted to to the bedroom that has a person who's working through the virus, all of that stuff is available. There'S other things here. This is ecg, but it doesn't really. You can try it uh, but it requires the person to actually touch the ring during the testing in order to get an electrical signal for you to get a heart wave chart here, but it's, something that you can also do on here. You just press the start. Button you grab the ring. You make sure that the skin is moist and in a moment, you'll start to see a chart appear on here remotely transmitted by bluetooth, which is really really cool.

There you go so the app is called h band it's, a free app. You download it tethers to the bakey w3. You tap the more button once they're connected and you can initiate any of these uh tests remotely without even touching the watch itself. So you may be wondering about the accuracy of this device i mean. After all, it is an inexpensive, wearable, smart watch with some measuring capabilities in it. Well, they have not been verified. To be honest with you, i really wouldn't trust the blood pressure, readings they're, something you should check for sure to see how they correlate with your uh. Your calibrated cuff, or your doctor's reading, as far as heart rate, goes pulse, that's, pretty close to those little oximeter things that you can get at the drugstore and put on your finger and see your pulse. The blood oxygen have a pretty good feel about that. One because it's using that red diode, like i talked about so monitor this but again use it only for guidance, okay, it's. Just to give you a little bit of information, but don't trust it totally that it's accurate, look at other factors to determine whether or not there's over reporting or under reporting by any of the measurements coming from this device. So accuracy is questionable, but it does provide you some metrics that may guide you to get more accurate measurements from a trained professional. So where do you get? This watch um pretty easy.

We have a sponsor who gave us this watch to review it's banggood there's, a link in the show notes down below or you can just go to if you need to and put in bakey w3. But if you use our link, it helps us out here and i usually have a coupon that you can apply to get a discount on the device as well it's an ecg heart rate. Variability things i didn't show you you'll see in a full review. Are sleep apnea monitoring that will actually vibrate and wake you up if you're holding your breath, while you're asleep a thing called the laryn scatter diagram that can show you various aspects of your heart health night after night after night be sure and watch our full review Of the w3 on this channel as well, thanks for watching uh hope to see you here again and if you're brand new to the channel be sure to look around we've got lots of interesting stuff if you're a regular, subscriber.