To be honest, i think amazefit is one of the very few brands. Today, i want to dive into the new gt e range establishing itself as one of the leading brands when it comes to great budget friendly, smart watches and, of course, amir’s fit is grown as a brand name when it comes to its own brand. Small watches too, and it looks like in 2021, things are only gon na get hotter, because the amir’s fit gtr2 and gts2 have just been joined by two alternative options: the gtr2e and the gts2e. These four wii bc’s right here are amir’s fits flagship, smartwatch range. There is a fifth one technically in the amir’s fit gts2 mini, but that’s so let’s take a look at how these four watches stack up, which one might be best for you now. The e in the name of the two new small watches, the gt s2e and the gtr 2e unsurprisingly stands for essential. They’Ve got a design very, very similar to the original smart watches, but now they’ve had some of those premium features stripped out just for a more affordable price point. So, for instance, you can no longer stream music offline from the watches to a pair of bluetooth headphones. If you’re, you know hitting the pavement, the gym uh doing whatever fit people do, but you do still get a lot of that great amaze fit functionality such as, for instance, an offline voice assistant. Now, in a quick glance, the most obvious difference between the amir’s fit gts’s and the gtrs is the shape of the bloody things the gts is as square as the gtrs around and to be fair.

That is one of the major differences between the gts’s and the gtrs, though there are some other little factors such as the battery life, to take into account now, when you rock the gts2 and the gts2e on your arm. At the same time, first of all, you’ll notice that they are essentially the same watch, certainly from the exterior. The gts2e rocks the exact same 42 millimeter aluminium alloy case as the original gts2 you’ve got that same 50 meter water resistance built in and the same 20 millimeter strap as well. Thankfully, there is a way of telling the two apart, though, because the original gts2 has a built in speaker they’re on the side of the watch, whereas that is absent from the new essential model. Now the original amir’s fit gtr 2 and the freshdue amaze fit gtr 2e. Both sport, as you can see, they’re more traditional circular watch, finish it’s a bit easier to tell the two apart as well. Now both smartwatches are pure glass up top uh, but the original gtr2 offered a bit of stainless steel case and just around the edges here, whereas that’s been paired back somewhat for the gtr 2e, which now uses a cheaper aluminium alloy, just like the gts2 and the Gts2E you’ll also notice that both the gtr2 and the gtr2e have actual uh time markings around the circumference of the watch face. The gtrs are very similar to the gts’s. You once again have 50 meter water resistance, so you can take them swimming if you like, the straps have been scaled up a bit, though you now get 22 millimeter straps once again fully detachable, so you can replace them if you like, and then once again constructive To be honest, i think amazefit is one of the very few brands who actually pulls off uh catering to all user groups like whether you’re a businessman a student, a mom working from home.

Whatever i mean their tagline is literally fitness for all. So no surprise there it’s more like a good feature that helps you know better. If you keep warm or whether you need to wear more clothes, another advantage of the e models should be their battery performance. Both 2e models can last twice as long as their predecessors with the same battery capacity, specifically under typical usage scenario. The gts 2e can last for 14 days, while the gtr 2e can last for even 24 days and under basic usage scenarios, where we only use the watch check time. The gtr 2e can have up to 45 day battery on a single charge, which is still 7 days longer than the gtr 2 maximum life for the gts 2e. Due to the size limits, the smaller 341 milliamp hours battery still can run for 24 days, considering its compact design. The results are not bad at all, and even now, it’s really impressive that both the 2e models have been working effectively without running out of power. Since the unboxing several days ago for the review, it should be known that we turned on almost all the essential features and tested watches to simulate our daily uses. With the two advantages of longer battery life and a new temperature measuring sensor, the cheaper gts2e and the gtr2e can even be recommended over the standard. Two serious models, the health tracking, is also the same across the board. Buying one you’ll find that it’ll have the same data as the other, for example.

The difference is when you go for an exercise with the main range you can actually store music directly to the watch itself and you get three gigabytes of internal storage. This means that if you wanted to go and have a jog in the easy mode, apocalyptic wasteland that we live in at the moment, you can simply go for a jog put the music on the watch and you don’t have to take your phone with you. So the only other real main thing that sets these apart is the connection type. Another thing you’ll find about the e range is that because it doesn’t have that on board memory, because it only connects via bluetooth, because it has a couple of those things that aren’t quite as advanced as the main range. The battery life is a lot better it’s. Nearly double, in fact, is nearly double than the main range over standard use.