com this time of year January ish, we always start taking a look at the fashion designs made for the ladies, because, as you know, we have Valentine's Day coming up in February and We want to give you enough lead time to order one of these if you are looking for a really fun gift inside this box, and I want you to pay attention to the packaging, because I know the ladies do and we're receiving this as a gift with Multiple layers of unwrapping is fun. It makes it an exciting experience inside is a SmartWatch, and this one is called the h1 and it does a lot of things, including female prediction of menstrual cycle. Stuff, yeah it's got dynamic, heartrate capability with it as well. Well, overall, let me show you the specs, but first of all you can get it from banggood and check the show notes down below the video for our buying link. That'Ll, take you over there. You can just click on it and pick it up. It'S got the basic specifications runs and tethers fine with Android or iOS, and it supports bluetooth for here's some technical stuff it's got built in vibration. Reminder ip67. Waterproof should be able to get it moist if necessary, washing your hands or whatnot. A 1.0 4 inch TFT screen 24 hour, heartrate detection and blood pressure. You'Ve got a pedometer built into it. Of course, multiple sport modes in it sleep monitoring, including sleep quality, stay up.

Late, hmm, ok call reminders will come through. You can get push reminder information tethered to your phone and you can support, defines your phone or find the bracelet either way alarm clock medication, meeting sedentary! These are all looping alarms that can remind you when to take breaks, a one key measurement of heart rate and blood pressure, the remote control capability to use it for taking pictures with your phone. So you set this up and you shake your wrist and it'll click. The shutter on you on your phone, which is kind of cool for selfies and group, shots of friends and relatives of movement measurement data mutual investigation. I don't understand any of that and Android and Apple application. Synchronization is done with the where heart, app and we've discussed that quite a bit, but I'll show it to you briefly today. So once again, thank good is our buying source for the h1 let's unbox it. When we get in here, it's got a plastic cover, then it's got a an insert on top of the watch itself and then there's. The watch and it's packaged really nicely. Look at that attention. You'Ve got a little plastic support to keep the band open for presentation in the box. We'Ve got bling on the top, and the bottom we've got a very flexible magnetic, coupled band that, when you put it on your wrist can automatically adjust to the perfect size to fit. You yeah on the bottom.

You'Ve got heartrate diodes you've got the charging ports. We have a little cover on it, let's take that off and we dig deeper in the box. We'Ve got a charging cradle, and this is a fun one. You push here like a cos cosmetic case lid. I don't know this stuff. Mrs. Dickson could probably explain it better, here's a spot where this thing goes, and you see that the access points on the bottom need to line up with the pins. So you just simply lay it in here close it until it clicks plug it into any USB charger and it'll charge it up right there you can see the bezel already is really nicely ketched. We push on here and open the lid to take it out and that's how that works. Then. Finally, in the box, we've got a multi language user manual, which we will page through again here, for you there's the QR code. You can scan to get to the the app we do the Android version of it here, so you can use the link down below to click over or you can point your camera at the YouTube here and use your QR code to pick up the iOS or The Google Play – I guess it says anyway – we've got operations of the watch a little bit about the app when you tether it and then the functions that are on the watch and they're done through to grams.

So you don't really need to have this set for English, although it should automatically set to the language of your phone. When you connect it and of course it will set the date and time remotely automatically to the first time you tether it and that's it. For English, and then we get into other languages, but most of it is driven by icons, okay, let's, clear everything out I'm going to charge it up and then we'll turn it on, for you, it's always fun when mr. Dix tries to put a lady's watch on This was so big that, with the clasp and everything I literally had to take it completely off before I could get it on and then insert it back through here, it's already on by the way, because you can't turn it on with the button you have to Put it in the charger and as soon as the electricity hits it it turns it off, but once you or turns it on once you turn it off, it stays off and, of course, you can press the button to bring it back or twist your wrist. All of those things work, I just remember that you don't want to turn it completely off when you're out away from the charger or you won't be able to turn it back on it automatically comes on when you put it in the charger now notice this design, The case design comes to two points: it's got some rhinestones, some shiny bling on the top and the bottom it's a gold case.

Although it comes in a variety of different colors and and types of bands that you have on it – and this is known as the h1 right well, this is the h2 and look at its design, it's, similar but curved here at the bottom and top, but the Bezel has exactly the same kind of cut to it, and the watch faces are identical as well as everything else inside. Let me show you now this one. The h2 we've already reviewed that gee about a year ago from run doing and the h1 from bang good is right here now watch when I touch the bottom here, you see there's one button in that little dark area and they sequence through exactly exactly the same Operation, the user interface is identical. The functions are identical, whoops that one went kind of quickly, but the sports was there. You'Ll find your watch or phone the brightness level. The themes are all the same, and then the number is different, h1 or h2 other than that. They'Re completely identical so rather than go through all of the features and functions on this one I'm, just gon na send you, over with a link in the show notes to the full review of the h2, because the functions are exactly the same. The interface with the tethering app is exactly the same. All of the other operations are identical. It'S, just a difference in overall looks so decide which one you like.

Do you like? The curved diamond, look or the pointed version of them and then choose the run? Doing h2 or the banggood h1, alright good we're. On the same page, there you go once again for this particular one. The h1 it's available from banget check the show notes for a buying link, for you make sure you get it ordered early enough. So you can get it delivered by Valentine's if you don't well just cut out the picture and put it in a nice card and give the picture and say it's on its way and I'll have it for you in a few days, I've done that before when I kind of miss the shipping deadlines, it still works and they still love you.