I have before me the samsung galaxy feed 2.. The galaxy f8 2 succeeds the the galaxy fit here. This has a slightly lighter display and it has a longer battery life than its predecessor. The galaxy feet now i have been using this smartband for past few months, i’ve been comparing this with other smart bands like the weapon 4 pro and the me band 5.. So in this video i am going to be going in depth to what the galaxy f8 2 can do for you is this a worthwhile investment for you? Well, after watching this video? Hopefully, you should be able to make that um decision all right, but before that, please, if you are new to this channel, if you have not subscribed just click on the subscribe button and, of course, on the notification bell next to it, to always get updates from Me whenever i upload a video like this all right guys, i am going to be talking about the design of this smart band i’m going to be talking about the fitness tracking features. I will also talk about the notification management and the battery life and, of course, the companion app of the galaxy feed 2.. Basically, what this map bank can do for you is to track your daily activities, help you manage notifications and, of course, tell you the time and date. Okay, so guys let’s begin we’re going to start with the design of the galaxy feeds, two the galata fit two.

Unlike the galaxy feet, here has a thermoplastic case. Okay, so this um looks quite cheap all right. It is cheaper than the galaxy feet, all right, so um it has a thermoplastic case and the band here is made of um made of silicon. You can always swap this okay, if you don’t like this, you can always um seek for another one that you prefer all right, so this smart band has a touch key at the bottom here and it also supports touchscreen. Okay. This allows you to swipe through the the various um features of others we get. They have on the smartband. So in terms of navigation, the galaxy f82, like its predecessor, is very easy to navigate. It has a display size of 1.1 inches which is powered by amoled, and this is very colorful to read. Okay, although not the best experience when you want to read these um outdoors, when you talk about watch faces, there are a total of 80 watch faces for you to choose from on the samsung galaxy wearable app. You can actually um choose any of the word faces. I want to actually customize this to from that app right. So talking about fitness, tracking and features of the galaxy feeds 2., the galaxy fit 2. Here we will count your steps to track your steps. It will allow you to track your heart rate. Okay, it will also track your sleep, it will come calories and if you want to track your outdoor activities, you will have to carry your phone along i’m.

Talking about this steps tracking accuracy, when i compared this to the weapon 4 pro and the mi band 5 and of course the galaxy was 3, the galaxy fit 2 year was not consistent in tracking my steps, i mean i’m sorry to say that but that’s what It is this isn’t consistent in tracking my steps. It lagged behind most times i mean. Sometimes it was higher. Sometimes it was lower, but overall it wasn’t consistent in tracking my steps now talk about heart rate tracking the glasses fit two year did a very nice job. In tracking my heart rate, and when you talk about the heart rate tracking accuracy of the galaxy 2, i would say it is quite accurate when compared to the galaxy war, 3, the weapon 4 pro and even the fitbit versa, 3, it will show your average heart Rate your resting heart rate and, of course, the maximum heart rate now i’m talking about sleep tracking the classified two year also did a nice job in tracking my sleep, i have compared this to the galaxy water tree and the results were fired the same, except for Very slight discrepancies. I also compared this to the free versa, tray and the results were acquired the same, so this will track your sleep in four stages: it’s gon na track your sl, the deep stage of your sleep, the light stage. They are wastage and, of course, the ram stage of your sleep it’s, going to show the time spent in each of these stages.

So this does a good job. As far as sleep tracking is concerned. Now the galaxy 2 yeah lacks inbuilt gps, which is very unfortunate. I mean i was expecting um the galaxy f2 to have mb gps, since it wasn’t present in the galaxy feeds, but unfortunately, for some reason, um best known to samsung. They actually omitted that feature in the galaxy v2. However, you can still track your outdoor activities, but if you have to do this, then you will have to carry your phone along now. This can come with its conveniences, especially if you want to run. However, it actually does a good job in tracking your outdoor active. I mean the the roots tracks looked quite accurate when compared to the galaxy wave 3 and even the band 4 pro which has imbued gps. This shows um your average pace. It shows the um the total um distance covered. It also shows the your heart rate in different stages and the time spent in each of those stages. So the the galaxy two here did a nice job as far as outdoor activity tracking is concerned, except that it lacks inbuilt gps. There are over 90 preset spot modes for you to choose from. So if you want to choose running whatever one that interests you, you have lots and lots of options um to choose from as far as precise spot modes is concerned, so you also get strips measurement degassing. The galaxy feed two year has stress measurements.

You can see straight measurement here. This will monitor your your stress level continuously, depending on the settings and if you feel stressed you can use the brit feature here which will guide you through a breathing session to actually help you reduce stress. There is also the hand washing app, which was recently introduced to the galaxy watch tree and galaxy watch active 2 with the hand washing app available on the galaxy f82. This will allow you to wash your hand and it’s going to guide you to wash your hand for 20 seconds, so this guides you to wash your hands for 20 seconds, and this comes handy in helping you prevent gems and, of course, can help you stay safe, Especially with the coffee one nine pandemic, so that is all for fitness tracking features available on the classified zoo. So this is a very nice fitness tracker. So let’s talk about the notifications management features of the galaxy v2. The galaxy 2 year will allow you receive notifications. You get an alert when you receive notifications on your phone, and the good thing is that you can actually reply to notifications. Some of these apps will allow you to reply to notifications with preset quick replies which you can customize on the samsung galaxy wearable app, and you can also add more custom, quick replies depending on what you want, and that is a good one for the galaxy 2. As it allows you to easily manage notifications that you receive on your phone, so let’s talk about the battery life of the galaxy f82, the galaxy fit 2.

When i compared when i tested the battery life of this smart band, it lasted up to 10 days that’s. What i got from the galaxy 2 year and i’d say it’s, quite um, impressive, okay, so this allows you to go multiple days from a single um single charge, so guys let’s talk about this samsung um wearable app, which is the companion app for the galaxy f82. The samsung gradable app is quite intuitive maintenance very interesting. It is well designed and it’s also very easy for you to navigate and find those information that matters most to you. If you want to view the matrix tracks by the galaxy 2, you can access the samsung ads app from the samsung galaxy wearable app from there. You can actually view metrics, like your heart rate, your sleep um, the sleep sleep records as well as your outdoor activities tracks, i mean like rules and all that from the samsung health app. So, overall, the samsung galaxy available app is a very decent and nice and well designed companion app for the galaxy feeds too other features of the galaxy to the music control app. Okay, this allows you to control music that’s been played on the connected smartphone. You will also find the calendar we get okay and you also have the timer and alarm we get yeah. This allows you to um set up a timer and, of course, you can also set up an alarm with this um smart band.

That is also the weather. We get that allows you to see the weather and all that so guys. That is all i can say about the galaxy f2. If you have any question drop that in the comment section, if you find this video helpful, give me a thumbs up if you’ve not subscribed, click on that subscribe button and, of course, on the notification bell to always get updates from me. Whenever i upload a video like this all right guys, thank you for taking up your time to watch this video until next time.