Now this is oneplus first, ever smartwatch, so i’m super excited to finally get to see it in person, but before we dive in, i just want to make one thing clear, and that is that oneplus has given us specific instructions to not show the software off just Yet so we’re not going to take a look at the operating system. This is going to be strictly hardware and design i’ll. Try it on. You know, i’ll show you guys what it looks like and i will talk about some of the features. But again this isn’t a full review. This is just an unboxing of what it looks like so let’s dive in so as you can tell from the packaging. This is a one plus box um. It matches the rest of the oneplus smartphone box. You’Ve got the red, color the same branding and then the elongated shape. I hope this is as satisfying to watch as it is to peel back Applause all right. So here we have the smartwatch before we get into that i’m, just going to place it right here and see what else we get in the box, so we’ve got some accessories here, some of the reading materials. Yes, so we have the one plus watch charger um. This does come with one pluses warp charge technology. So what that means is you’re gon na get a full day’s worth of battery life with just a five minute charge, and then a 20 minute charge will give you up to a week’s worth of battery life, which is pretty impressive and also comes in handy when Um you want to go work out and realize that your watch is dead, so we’re going to put that aside for now, let’s get to the watch all right.

It lists the app list and main dial as here and then the function key and power key right here. So clearly, this button will be used to navigate the watch and to see all of your apps um function. Key and power key, i assume, will allow you to maybe customize specific apps to a specific button. I’M, not sure again, these are things i will find out once i turn the watch on, but that will come in a later review, um, so initial impressions. This is a big boy, it’s also really it’s, not really heavy, but it’s pretty heavy um. I have very small wrists, so the one thing that i was very interested in checking out is whether or not this is going to be too big on my wrist. This is on the very last notch right here that i put it on and that’s that’s way too big. First of all, this has a bunch of sensors packed into it. So there’s an spo2 sensor, a heart rate, monitor gps uh to track distance while working out and the reason that i get so annoyed with the fact that these watches are way too. Big is because, when it’s not fitted, the sensors don’t pick up on your staff. So it often results in readings that are just either inaccurate or um. It can’t even take the reading um, because the watch just doesn’t recognize um, where it’s sitting on your wrist, so um there’s, just too much room um and, as you can see, that’s that’s a lot of room what’s going to have to happen.

While i test this is i’m going to have to wear it here, which you know is the most ideal when tracking heart rate, as they say, you should wear it um a little bit further up on your wrist but that’s like really far for a watch um. Ideally, i would like to kind of have it about right here, um so pushing it all the way up, so that it’s a snug fit it just. First of all, it looks really strange. Thankfully, the watch straps are interchangeable, so it oops, so it just comes out. Like so, and then you just these aren’t, my favorite i’m, not gon na lie, these are kind of annoying to place back in. I prefer Music, the ones that sort of just clip in without this little pin needle mechanism, like i don’t even know i’m gon na be able to get it back on. Oh, my god, it has to like. Oh my gosh. Okay, finally got it back on. That was ridiculously annoying anyway. Um let’s talk about the rest of the hardware, so these are silicone traps again. It is compatible with other third party watch, straps, so you’re not limited to these ones. This only comes in one 46, millimeter case size, so that’s it. You literally only get the choice of a 46 millimeter size for someone like me, i’d, rather go with a 44, or if i can a 40 to a 42., my wrists are really tiny and this just doesn’t cut it.

So, as far as the rest of the watch goes um, this is a 1.’ inch. Touchscreen display um. It is made of stainless steel, so it definitely feels premium i’d say um feels rather sleek expensive. I mean 159 is a reasonable price, but um i’d say it. You know looks a little bit more expensive than that i’m. Sure it’ll look better once i turn it on um, but it only comes in this midnight black color, so there’s really not much variety in terms of size or color with the watch i’m hoping. This is just because it is their first version and maybe in the future um they will be able to offer additional sizes and colors um i’ll keep my fingers crossed for that, but yeah at the moment, that’s really your only option. They are also offering a cobalt limited edition, um, so it’s a little bit more durable than this classic version. Um it’s made of a corrosion resistant, stainless steel. So for those of you who tend to scratch your watch or drop it a lot, you might want to look into that one um and then the display is also sapphire glass. Instead, so again, it’s just a lot more durable and then you have two of these buttons on the side and then underneath it are a few sensors that i mentioned before. We have a heart rate sensor, an spo2 sensor to track blood oxygen levels. Um there’s also stress, detection and reminders for inactivity um.

You also get that belted gps, the heart rate monitor um, which will also send you rapid heart rate alerts. As far as workout modes, there are a hundred and ten plus workout modes, including parkour mode. I can’t say i’ll be trying that one out, but for those of you out there who participate – and this will definitely be a welcome feature um, but then there are also the you know. Obviously more common ones walking running biking um. I don’t know how comfortable this thing is: gon na be to run with, because again it is heavy stainless. Steel is never really my preferred choice for activities. This just feels a little bit more fancy than it does rugged um, but my opinions might change um and then there’s also automatic detection um for specific activities such as running. So you know, if you forget, to turn your watch on and you start your workout. It will kick in after a certain amount of time and it’ll start tracking it for you, which is nice, because there are times where i think i started the workout. I mean i started physically, but i didn’t start tracking it on my watch and nobody wants to lose out on proving that they work out for the day. I will have more on what that operating system looks like and um how easy it is to navigate, but it’s also worth noting that at the moment it can only be paired with android smartphones, uh running android 6.

0 or newer um, but it will work with iphones In the future, so those of you who are iphone users and don’t want to get into the apple watch. Lineup um we’ll just have to wait a little bit. Uh oneplus hasn’t really given us any details as to how long exactly, but that is coming for those of you um who aren’t on android. So this is the charger that comes with it um it just clips in magnetically and wirelessly charges. Um there is a 402 milliamp hour battery under here um and the cool part is that oneplus claims it can last up to seven days for what it says are active users um. That basically means if you use it every day to track your metrics to work out, but it can also last up to two weeks with sustainable use. So that basically means if you use it infrequently. So if you tend to skip a few days um, you don’t have to worry about the battery draining quickly um. It should be able to last you up to two weeks before you have to throw it on the charger again. Additionally, there is also the four gigabytes of storage uh that it comes with, so that lets you store up to 500 songs. So if you don’t want to take your phone with you on a run, but you want to listen to music um, you don’t have to you just store your favorite songs on there, your favorite playlist and you are good to go um and then it is also Compatible with most bluetooth earbuds um, but it might be a good idea to make sure that the ones that you wear often um are compatible with watch before purchasing uh because again that’s a very vague term as far as most bluetooth earbuds.

Of course, i will look into which ones exactly um, but yeah it’s nice to just double check and then it’s also compatible with the oneplus tv. So when you pair it to the watch, it’ll basically act as a smart, remote control um. So you know it’ll lower the volume when a call comes in um and it’ll turn the tv off once the watch recognizes that you are asleep okay, so we are allowed to show the display of the watch. I just can’t show you guys the ui or go through the features, but i did just want you guys to see what it looks like when it is turned on um. Also, just to give you an idea of how big the watch looks, you can see there’s, you know some room that shouldn’t really be there on a smart watch, because these sensors need to be touching my skin in order to get those accurate readings. But i probably just need to maybe give it a shot, give it some time work out with it um and see how it feels while wearing it throughout the day. So, but i mean this looks like my dad’s watch or something i don’t know. I feel like a spy kid. This is just way too big all right, so that is the oneplus watch. So as far as pricing goes, this classic edition will cost you 159. Now, as far as that cobalt edition i mentioned earlier, pricing has yet to be confirmed on that one but it’s safe to assume that it’s definitely gon na cost a bit more.