So this is what you get when you buy the avid smartwatch you get this. This is the box and then, when you take this out, you see fashion touch, screen, watch and then thanks for choosing have it. So we want to open up when it was opened up. You go to the back. I think you should have it logo again, in my opinion. Frankly, this plastic infused, cheap. It doesn’t really add much to the unboxing experience, but it feels cheap but that’s. How we go then, underneath that you get your watch here like it’s in case they will get that later. Underneath that you have a manual very detailed and then you get your screen protector, an extra screen protector because there’s one on the smartwatch already and then you get your charging base and i actually really like this charging base. Okay, so let’s take out the watch. This is the hobbit smartwatch. Let me clear this up, okay, so this is the charging base. It has a square shape and then it’s curved around the edges and it has a robust strap which is easily removable here, like i think i customize it, you can change the strap color. You can get another strap and then easy to remove so that’s a bonus. It has a crown at the side which just turn it on or turn it off or go back in any menu. The actual screen sits in the center of the surface.

It does have this, but it still looks nice for the price and also has a screen protector that comes with it. It’S said to be water. It has waterproof with an ip67 rating right here right here, but i’m, not testing that either no i’m, not testing that on the front of the display, you have a 1.4 inches tft controller touchscreen. With a screen resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. You can’t exactly enjoy high resolution, displays or smart watches, except they’re, showing images and on this smartwatch it doesn’t show any image, and the only image it might actually show is on the watch face which i’ll get to later, and it is quite comfortable to wear on My wrist, it feels like a normal watch and on my hand, for no apparent reason when i’ve used it for a while. It does tend to go up here so, like i made it like around here. It doesn’t go up, and i made it around here and sometimes that doesn’t allow the wrist to make future to work, but then sometimes actually works for me, then sometimes it doesn’t for the health tracking. It has a few health tracking features which i found to be relatively accurate. Okay, for starters, it has the heart rate tracker. It does go off when you are not wearing your smart watch, but then, when you have your smartphones on you just give you your heart rate at that point in time.

It will show you how to in real time for a while and then gives you an average heart rate which feels like quality, in addition to that there’s, an option to allow the world to track your heart rate continuously throughout the day, and then it checks your Hardware for every 30 minutes and it has an overview in the app and i can check my heart rate data from it at any time and here is called continuous heart rate monitoring. I think i check everything from day one. It also has a blood pressure and then a blood oxygen monitor it doesn’t give random numbers and it will detect when it is not on your wrist other than the heart rate and the blood pressure and oxygen monitors. It also has other functions. It has a step counter as a step cutter or epidural, as my colleagues, which is very accurate. Of course, it doesn’t tell you how many steps you’re taking in real time, but it is really really close and also has a sedentary reminder which tells you to stand up after you’ve been sitting around for a while. Okay, it also monitors your sleep. It also much as you sleep when you sleep not when you’re still it tells you how long you slept for and how the sleep went. It shows you you, when you woke up during the sleep and then when you were in deep sleep, which they called restful here and it’s, just how many hours of rapid eye movements and light sleep you had and then it gives you a sleep quality score and It also shows you how to rate your highest and your lowest heart rate when you were sleeping, and then it gives you an average, and it also gives some other sleep trends.

It displays messages that you received and vibrates when there’s an incoming call, and if you want to change that, you can change that in this settings. It shows you the last three messages that you received through the screen of the watch, and then you can also turn that off and if you want, you can allow other notifications from other apps too, and i feel like it will show the icon when it’s, showing You notification, it has a weather app, it also has a weather app, but then i don’t really use the weather app, because i have that on my phone. I found it to be a bit accurate. It does get information from the app and then shows you the weather, information on your watch. It also has a music player function, which i found to be very useful in situations when i can’t reach my phone or i just don’t – want to touch my phone, but i want to change the song that is actually playing, so i just use the music app It doesn’t show which song is playing from the speakers or from your phone or your earbuds, but it just shows the music. It just shows the player text and then a plural image and then the controls, so you might have to just guess which song is playing next and also there’s a camera app on the watch, which i never actually used because you can’t use any other camera app.

You have to use this with the camera app in the watch, so that’s like the best camera to use, so i don’t use it. So the camera app is really really poor and i don’t use that it also has a stopwatch feature, but then it doesn’t use the crown at all, which is not exactly really nice. The crown is just to go back to turn off the watch or to turn it back on and that’s. Actually a bit disappointing. You do get a few sports modes on this watch. It’S tag, that’s trading on the watch user interface. You have walking, you have running cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball and football as in soccer. I don’t really use any of these sports modes, because i don’t really play that much sports, but for running and a bit of walking. It actually has that. So far the watch has had an amazing performance, it’s actually really smooth, and there has never been any lag in any form which is actually really good. You do get a lot of personalization when it comes to the smartwatch, because you can customize. The watch faces that you caught that you get we open up, that we can change the type of watch face you get. First of all, you have three preloaded watch faces where you can, and it is one that you can change the picture in the background. If you want to use that, then you can choose from many other watch faces on the app many other choices on the app and they do get updated regularly.

As you can see, there is a there. Are christmas themed watch faces here. So if you are into that, you can use that the extra word faces was actually a really big bonus to me, because the first three watch faces were not exactly to my taste as well as the first watch face, because you have to put you put an Other image inside it, so i don’t exactly really like that. Speaking of the app you have your basic health data on the first page, you have the number of steps that you’ve taken today. Your sleep data last hot, where you measured and then your continuous heart rate that it has measured by itself, then last blood pressure and blood oxygen level that you actually measured and also it has outdoor running data, which is your gps to track. How much distance you’ve gone and then the water takes a piece in minutes per kilometer and counts the number of steps that you’ve taken and on the second page you have your watching for where you can change your watch faces certifications. You can set custom alarms that you can only support of the three alarms and the camera up, then all the settings and icon and then you have a settings where you can upgrade your firmware and as you can see, this is running latest firmware and on the Third page, you have your personal settings, your profile, you can change your profile, then your goal, and then you can set it to support background operation depending on the phone that you’re using because smartphones.

Nowadays they actually kill background applications. So you have to protect this app from being killed by by the os service of your smartphone. So far there have been a few quirks. Sometimes the animations don’t exactly go with my gestures. As you can see here i go here. It comes down, and then, if i go back, it comes down like this. Instead of it just follow my gestures, it doesn’t exactly feel like it was when i swiped down it went down, but when i go like this, it brings that up. So the gestures do so sometimes the animations do match the gestures, and i cannot change that, but so far you would. You will learn to use the gestures that flow with the animation. So you give your pleasant experience overall, and it just goes on you other than that i don’t have any other issues with the watch. This watch comes with 170 milliampere battery, which takes about an hour to charge, and then the battery percentage reader is work, and this is how the sensor reminder works. It’S through the walk around it takes about an hour to charge and the budget percentage is actually kind of work, it’s actually really poor. It stays on 99, the longest and once it’s full. It lasts a week with continuous heart rate measurement and it will last longer if you turn that off have it says that it lasts for 30 days, when the continuous saturation monitor is turned off.

Okay. So from my verdict for my overview of my verdict, should you buy this watch if you’re in market for a smartwatch which costs around 15 000? I believe that this is the best smart watch you can go for because it’s actually quite cheap. It costs around 40 dollars and since i got it, i haven’t actually looked back or thought of getting on that smart watch or whichever smartwatch.