In my opinion, a good cost benefit and in this video Ill show you the complete and complete of this new Haylou brand.. I have already tested several products from the brand. A quality brand very good products, and I think this model must also be very good. Ill. Show you more details about this. Video leave a like if youre new here on our channel not yet subscribed, subscribe, activate notifications and also participate in our social networks and in our WhatsApp group. Always that has news promotions launches Ill, let you know there and Im also selling some products. If you want to know more details, follow me there too. And of course, if you also want to guarantee this model Ill leave a link in the video description. And come on lets see in more detail. This smartwatch. And if you want this, one Ill leave the link to the official Haylou Store on AliExpress.. Look, how many orders lots and lots of orders very good grade its costing one hundred and forty seven reais with free shipping.. A great cost benefit for the quality of this model.. The very good Smartwatch, with a really cool battery, has IP68 blood oxygen monitoring heart rate. Monitoring too, has sleep, monitoring and twelve sport modes, a very good one, with a very nice price.. If you want to enjoy and also guarantee this model Ill leave, this link to the official store in the video description. And the delivery was also very fast.

. Most of the products that I have purchased on AliExpress, even though they are imported, are arriving in approximately fifteen days.. If you also want to buy this model too, I will leave a link in the video description. And come on lets see how it comes in this new Smartwatch brand. Box.. Here are some more details. He who has IP sixty eight twelve sport modes, heart rate, monitoring, sleep monitoring, also blood, oxygen monitoring and a battery that can last up to fifteen days. This model is very top and lets. Go lets see in more detail this new one. You can see it. It comes very well packaged. I found the delivery. Also quite fast. Lets see what comes here in the box here. The charging cable, the manual also comes manual that has some languages, does not have the language in Portuguese. Here it talks about some more details about the application about the Smart Watch and not nothing else comes here in the box. There is nothing else here and lets see what came very well packaged well protected. Look I found the bracelet to be of quality. The material is very good, as well as the material here its sensor. You can change it, the bracelet too, if you want and look how cool, very good material here. The details are written very cool and lets remove this protection and lets see the screen, because it seems that the screen the button look, how cool the great quality, material and thats how it comes in the box.

This brand new. And now lets see the weight of the Smart Watch. This model that weighs fifty point four grams.. I liked the weight of this model. And I will now show more details of this model. I just connected it here here it is showing the clock. It has some watch faces if you want to change it, its just you if here on the screen, look at the models that already come here installed on, you can download other models, also in the Olha Que cool app. Here too, when you drag from top to bottom, it shows the settings. Look, how cool his menu look.. It shows the battery percentage. It shows the time too, the day. Here too. Oh, it shows the date and the day very cool. Here. If you want to search for the smartphone, if you have it configured. Here the screen brightness, I will increase the screen brightness.. I found the screen brightness of this model very good. Here. If you want to enable this function., You can see that it is also already in Portuguese. Here. If you want the clock too, you can change by that option here about you can turn on or reset.. These are some options if you drag from top to bottom. Look dragging from top to bottom, it will open here in these options here it shows the steps, mileage and calories here, heart rate blood oxygen here sports are the sports, the sports modes, that you have available lots and lots of options.

Pretty cool. Here too, about movement. Theres nothing saved yet I havent done any tests here. The weather sleep note would be the notifications you receive here on your smartphone. You receive and show right here you can see that theres, even a notification thats showing Here music control for you to control the music paused play in the music and even increase or decrease the volume. Here. More options are stopwatch countdown. Also for you to find the phone breathing training, these are the settings that I showed you.. If you drag it to the side here too, it will show the steps here. It will show the calorie and mileage here the heart rate here this would be oxygen in the blood. You can start doing a test then Ill. Show you more details here about sleep, the weather here. It is about breathing training and back here to the clock. If you drag it to the other side too, it will show these options.. I found the touch of this model very good with a high quality screen, a button that also works very well. I liked this model. You can see some options here and it works very well, and the material is of great quality. Here its sensor later, I will show some more tests of this model, and these are some of its functions and now lets see how it looks on the wrist. I found it very comfortable. I found the bracelet to be of quality.

You can see it has several adjustments, I dont know if you will be able to see it, but it has a small latch here that locks very nice here in the adjustment you leave. The writing – I thought was very beautiful. I found the material good comfortable on the wrist and it also has the function that when you move the watch, it turns on the screen to show the time.. I thought it was pretty cool. You can see that its already starting to count the heartbeats, and I thought that this model was very comfortable on the wrist and also quite light. Thats, how it looks on the wrist.. Look how pretty. I thought this model was great. And with this Smart Watch you can also change the song here in the app you just connect it to the smartphone. You connect it to the app select this option here, open a song here on the smartphone. You can play the song, you can also pause, the music turn the volume up or down, and you can also change the song. Select a song here. I will change the song. You can see. It is working normally., Very cool, this function here from and about the application of this one. It has the application you can scan this QR for you to download and install the application. Is this application here? I already installed it. I tested it in another one. If you havent seen it see the RS model four here as soon as I opened the app it says, to activate the GPS and also Bluetooth.

Im going to activate both here. The one is already here and Im going to connect. Lets see if it will connect fast or not. For you to connect the in the app after you download the app you need to reset the. If you have already connected in another smartphone, then it will appear here on this screen.. Then you come to this option here to scan you allow it here on the smartphone. You can see that it is already scanning here., It is connecting haylou GST. And as soon as he connects, he will also adjust the time you can see Ill accept. The message appears: yes, hell fix the time. Hes already set the time actually and thats it. Hes. Already connecting hes updating here and you, you will now be able to use the functions here in the application along with this one, which is the GST model., Okay, its already connected here in the app as soon as you connect it in the app it will show All these options, as you use it, it shows here the mileage calories here also the heart rate test blood oxygen and here for you to see more details and settings of the Smartwatch. You press here, my smart device. It will show here the model o GST. I will select – and here o it shows the percentage of the battery of the Smart Watch here. Also for you to choose other watch faces, there are several and several options in addition to the models that you already have here on the Smartwatch.

Look how cool several options you select one then you press here to synchronize., You can see. It already shows the notification here on and it is already starting to download and you will be able to install this watch face that you have here in the application here. On the Smart Watch., It was quite fast. It also depends on the speed of the internet, thats it its already installed.. Then, when you select to change it shows the other options, and also here you just installed.. This option is pretty cool. You can see that it has several different watch faces. You can choose which one, you think is best and download it choose here and synchronize directly with yours. Here too, look theres this option, heart rate sensor its automatic. You can leave it in the manual default. It comes automatic here, also message warning: I will select this option for you to receive notifications from your smartphone. When you receive a message you can activate or activate from all applications. Facebook WhatsApp, among others, apps message as well, and you will receive the notification here on the smartwatch and you have this option also do not disturb mode. You can enable it and choose the time to start and end.. This function is pretty cool. If you want to activate it, for example, at night you can activate it. Theres. Also the alarm clock Im going to show you a little alarm clock test Im going to select a time here and lets see how it will appear here on the SmartWatch screen.

. You can see the Smartwatch is vibrating, it shows the time and the alarm clock is working normally Here. There is also this option here for a sedentary lifestyle. You can select here, look the time it will show here, and it will also give a break at lunch time very good others that I tested there was no such break. I thought this option is pretty cool. Here, too notice of incoming calls.. When you are receiving a call, it will notify you here on. You cant answer a call from here, but it will notify you. Here also lift the screen to light up and by default. It is enabled, when you lift your wrist, to show the time if you want to disable it, you can too. Here. The screen duration is on by default. It comes to five seconds you can select up to fifteen seconds, but it will also consume a little more battery. Time. Format default comes twenty four hours, you can change to twelve hours and here weather synchronization you can select. It also sync. According to your smartphone.. These are some pretty cool options for this model. If you want, it also has these settings options that it shows here for you to restore factory defaults and also for you to unlink it here in the application. Now Im going to show you some, I put the one on the wrist here. Im going to select Heartbeats here., It is already measuring automatically.

I didnt have to press anything, look how cool. It shows here, also a minimal very top, and it works very well.. I found it accurate by the tests I did on this model and here also the blood oxygen test.. For you to activate you need to select this option And look how cool it shows the heartbeat even doing the blood oxygen test.. This feature is very cool.. I also hadnt seen it on other Smartwatches that Ive tested. And you can see. Oh the blood oxygen test. Working normally. And come on now Im going to show you a training test Im here with the Im going to select the training mode here, Im going to show you a little test Im going to run here in the hallway look at the options you have now, Its not in Portuguese, I need synchronize with the app to stay. In the same we already sent. The app here are some options that it has come on. Lets start. It will start the countdown here its also already marking the heartbeat and lets go., And you can see this is a little test here, Im going to pause and Im going to show you in more detail., And this is a little test look. It shows the time here. It also shows the mileage, the heart rate. And to pause just drag to the side and press and pause here., And you can see look I did a little test and it already shows here too.

It updates very fast here in the app its already showing the distance calories time, steps very cool and its already updated here in the app you can see that the application is also in Portuguese and here in the application. There is also this other option here for sports. You. It shows here for you to activate the GPS and start doing your workout, showing here on the smartphones GPS., And this one has IP68. You dont have to worry about sweat with rain. I found this model very top. In addition, I also found it very comfortable on the wrist bracelet. I found it very cool and as well as its screen and sensor, I thought it works very well. It has a sixty nine inch. One point screen a resolution of two hundred and forty by two hundred and eighty. The bracelet is twenty: two millimeters. You can change it. If you want to change it, you can too, and this model has a battery. very good. You can use it for approximately seven days and if you have a basic use, dont receive many notifications and also keep checking the time and dont keep the screen on for a long time. During the day, you can use it for up to twenty days. For some tests that I did. In fact I did several tests. The screen was very lit and the battery is still a lot. Look. Seventy four percent. I found a very top one with a very good battery.

It has a total of two hundred and twenty milliamps of battery, and I found the battery consumption of this model very good.. If you want to know more, details also want to guarantee this model Ill leave. A link to it in the video description., I thought it was very good. Its price cost benefit. I found this model to be top a quality one from the Haylou brand, several products from the brand that Ive already tested here on the channel. If you want to know more details, check it out Ill leave, some suggestions Tell us what you think of this one and if you want me to record another video of another one, just leave it in the comments..