So the halo ls2 smartwatch is pretty straightforward. Its main motivation is to be a great little budget, smartwatch it isn’t trying to do more or less so. Let’S start off with the build quality here. So the halo smartwatch is made up of glass, zinc, alloy as well as plastic. The backplate is made up of plastic while the sensors are covered in a transfer, polycarbonate material, the frame and the sides are made up of a zinc alloy, which is pretty durable. In my testing and the front or the display is covered with glass, however, it’s not specified what type of protection that glasses. I assume it’s some sort of gorilla glass, but don’t quote me on that. This is the standard 20 millimeter belt size and therefore you can swap it out with any belt of your choice. The regular strap that it comes with, however, are really good too now let’s talk about the display, so this is a 1.35 inch. Lcd panel seems to be ips, like the viewing angles are great. The colors are punchy enough for this budget it’s nothing extraordinary and it gets pretty bright or enough bright to be visible. Outdoors too, it has five steps of brightness level control, so it can go pretty dim and also it can go bright enough. The refresher that this is running at is particularly disappointing. However, i think it’s running at about 25 to 30 frames so like, even though there are no noticeable lags, the frames are low and thus it seems to be a pretty choppy experience.

Speaking of experience, let’s talk about the software, so on the home page, you can long press to switch between the watch faces. However, unfortunately, the seven watch faces that this comes with are the only ones you can use. You cannot download or install any kind of third party ones whatsoever. Neither are more options included on the helu app on the that, aside um, when you swipe down from the home screen, you get a quick toggle size usual containing the do not disturb mode brightness level find your phone and the settings app shortcut. Then swiping upwards from the home page gives you the list of applications and the list of applications here are status, heart rate monitoring the sports modes, which contains 11 different workout modes, including um, running walking, jogging cycling and etc. Then, when you swipe down you get your more option, which contains additional applications such as stop. Watch countdown find your app and also the brief training. Then you have your music controls and also you have some other various applications that you can find on. The most basic smart watches now swiping, left or right from the home screen gives you all the widgets. The first widget which you can encounter by swiping left is the status. Then you have heart rate, then slip monitoring and then the weather app and back to the whole screen again also talking about that button, it also acts as a home button. So you can like go back a step or you can use it to turn the display on and off now, let’s talk about the health tracking features.

We have heart rate monitoring as usual, with a stress monitoring bar right, above that we also have our sleep monitoring, which is hella accurate and on my testing it was really good and talking about the earlier 11 workout modes. Those are plenty enough to also the pedometer and the location was pretty accurate and now the pedometer sensor here is embedded and it’s pretty accurate, and i had no problems whatsoever. This is around 95 to 99 accuracy and i’ve compared this data with my mi band 5. As well as the samsung galaxy watch active 2, so this also has ip68 water rating. However, we do not have any official swimming tracking modes, so yeah that’s a bit of a bummer other than that for this price. It does what a smartwatch has to do at its core. It can mirror your notifications, which, unfortunately, you cannot reply to, because, of course, this is a bunch of smartwatch, then also you do not have like a lot of watch faces and also another uh disadvantage. I would think of is that my some people might actually um prefer a gps built in, even though it’s slower, because sometimes they do not want to take their phones with them, while they’re on a workout. So, in my opinion, for the retailing price of 1950 taka or around 22 dollars, i think this is a pretty good deal and i am wholeheartedly recommending this to anyone who is on the budget and like once, a good smart was to begin their smartwatch hobby with So that’s been it for today guys hope you guys enjoyed the video.

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