It is a simple smartwatch, with activity tracking, outright monitoring, sleep, tracking and so on. The box is of a typical hello style, comes in a rectangular box in a combination of blue with a nice picture on the front and some specifications on the back, the hello logo on the upper left corner and the name of the device on the lower right Corner i have tried many hello products before, but only wireless earphones and the quality has been quite good at the budget price as a quick disclaimer. Hello did send this unit to me. But everything said in this: video is my own honest opinion Music. So it will be interesting to see how the watches will do. The ls02 is the third smartwatch after the ls01 and the solar also called the ls05 without a further ado, let’s open it up. So in the box we get the watch itself, a user manual, but detailed information. The user manual is quite simple, but it covers the basic needs to set it up and how to navigate through the menus. Last is the charging cable. This is the magnetic type and it’s the same as we get with other budget watches anyway. It’S, not a complicated watch, so it’s easy to figure out even without using the manual. This is a plastic watch, so it doesn’t have high premium feel to it, but i think it looks quite good with matte black plastic. The watch has a rectangle shape and looks quite nice, especially for a low price.

On the back. We have the sensors and the magnetic control for charging it’s, also a very light watch and at only 38 grams i hardly noticed wearing it at all. You could wear the watch all day and not feel any discomfort. Even while you sleep you wouldn’t have much trouble. Moreover, it is worth noting that the silicon strap is very pleasant to touch. They are flexible and comfortable to wear and they have a quick release pins to easily take them off if needed. The strap width is 20 mm and you can install any other strap by ordering it on the internet or buying it in your city. In a watch. Store on the right side is a push button, which is mostly used to turn on the display, but it also works as a back button like the first generation smartwatches ls02 received ip68 water protection. Yes, you can swim or shower with your watch without any problems, but remember that this production is still not 5 atm level means that the watch can withstand with splashes or shower. It is not suitable for water, sports, poolside, diving or sea diving. The first thing you will encounter when you turn on for the first time is the activation of the ls02 smartwatch. Like most smartwatches, you will see qr code scan the qr code on the screen on my android phone. This sends me directly to the app in google play just install it and set it up.

The hello account when that’s done tap the device icon in the bottom right corner and tap add device. The watch should pop up by itself so select it and accept the pairing on the watch by clicking in the red button that’s all we can now start using the watch on the front. We have 1.4 tft screen with a resolution of a 320×320 under a tempered 2.5 cord glass. It looks very good, it’s, so bright and has a good black levels on the main screen. We have all the necessary info like day time date, weather heart rate, calories, steps and distance. If you swipe to the right you get into the daily activity, widget another swipe shows the hardware widget, then sleep, analysis, weather and breathing training widget to get to the main menu on smartwatches. You need to swipe down here. You will see quick buttons for status brightness here we can adjust the brightness if needed. This is auto, brightness on or off and last is setting the gear takes us to the setting. First we have the watch faces. They can be changed if you don’t, like this watch face. You can change it by holding on the screen, but below it. We have some software information and the mac address. At last we have the power of and reset functions now swiping up. We get stats, bmp sports weather, sleep notice, music, modern setting. We saw stats and bmp now in sports we have all the different activities.

The main feature is the presence of 12 sport modes. Here we get jogging fast, walking, biking, climbing, spinning, yoga indoor running, integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football and drawing next is the weather. The weather display is nice to have and it shows the current weather and for the next three days at the bottom. Now there is no detailed view of the day, so this is all we get when the sleep monitoring shows us a simple view of the night’s deep sleep. My notifications list is empty at the moment, music setting is not really a setting at all. In the more section we first find the stopwatch the countdown function. Next is a find phone and under it is the same breadth, training that we saw before i will move on to the smartphone companion app. There are three tabs on the interface home sport and device home. Has all your stats from the steps you have taken today to your heart rate throughout the day to how much sleep you have gotten the spot tap is a gps enabled to track the running, walking and cycling? Lastly, is the device tab which shows you, the hellos devices you have connected to this phone? If you click on ls02 from here, there are nine options to send phone calls notification to the watch. Alarm setting stand up notice, application notification, setting dnd r3 sensor, setting time format, lift to wake up and screen dimming setting the magnetic charger.

Does what it’s supposed to do and we can see the charging progress on the screen regarding 260 milliampere battery life? It can last up to 20 days the charging time using the magnetic power. Adapter is approximately 2 hours. Less 0 2 is, first of all, a stylish and inexpensive watch that has a low weight and a comfortable fit on the wrist it’s, not a big watch, so it sits nicely on your wrist and the bands are more comfortable. The disadvantages i can attribute are lack of a swimming mode and the ip68 water production is there, but not as reliable as the 5 atm. The data transmission speed is enhanced and operates efficiently. You can say goodbye to seeking your phone for every notification when the watch is on your wrist. Now just turn up your wrist, and it will give you data on everything running on your mobile. Moreover, you can get full control of your music while exercising and running and get a social media access too.