Showcase and halo is a brand i’ve worked with in the past. They do some great tws earbuds and i also reviewed their halo. Solar watch and recently halo has sent me a number of products and i wanted to get them all in on this one video to share with you. So we have the halo t16. True wireless active noise, canceling earbuds, we have the halo t19s true wireless earbuds, these support, qualcomm aptx as well and last but not least, we have the halo rt smartwatch, which continues from the tradition of the halo solar, delivering, really great budget smart watches for the price That lasts four days and this device is no different, so we’re gon na go in random order here, starting with the t 19s, and let me tell you a little bit about this product and by the way guys. I have some exciting news to share. At the end of this video, so stay tuned, so here’s the t19s and they’re pretty standard, looking airpods style earbuds. But i do like the build quality. The stem is a little thick, but you have this nice kind of golden ring around them and the basic specs of these t19s. You have an in ear sensor: wireless charging open to pair animation, a master slave switch optics and bluetooth 5.0 as well, and the charging time is approximately two hours with a talk time of five hours, and these should work up to 10 meters in terms of distance.

So, overall guys pretty solid budget earbuds here coming in at well under 50 us dollars and i’ve enjoyed these t 19s quite a bit. The pairing is super simple and the connection is very reliable. A solid pair of budget tws earbuds the t19s from halo, but of course, if you want to step it up, you got the t16s, and these are true active noise, cancelling earbuds and i got to tell you these are a step above the t19s. With this really nice matte texture case, and there you see the halo logo and when you open them up, they give you this very kind of galaxy buds, type of appearance and with the halo logo there. These are some pretty well built earbuds and i got ta say the noise canceling, of course isn’t to the level of the best like the airpods pro. But it delivers some active noise cancellation on the streets of hong kong and you can also set them to transparency mode. To be honest, guys, these are terrific earbuds for the price as well and quick rundown of the specs of these. You have the in ear sensor. Active noise cancellation and wireless charging, just like the t19s is available. You open the lid to connect, you have a master slave switch, you have aac support and you have copper, clad, aluminum wires and the charging time is approximately two hours. With a talk time of approximately four hours for these t16s – and these are definitely a step above the t19s – and for any of you who are looking for some budget – active noise cancellation, tws earbuds – these may be just the thing that you’re looking for as well and Last but not least, we have the halo rt and if you remember guys, i reviewed the halo solar previously, this halo rt is the more budget version, though it’s got the same kind of setup as the halo watches, i’ve reviewed in the past, and i think the Key about this smart watch is the battery life.

The battery life of halo, smart watches, is just next level, with some of the longest lasting battery life of any budget. Smart watches, i’ve tested this halo rt continues that tradition and sharing some of the key specs right here: ip68 dust proof and waterproof. So you can go swimming with this. No problem with 12 sports modes, sleep monitoring all day, heart rate monitoring, which, for the price point of the smart watch, is pretty impressive. You have a tft, hd, touchscreen and 15 days long battery life, so this should last easily two weeks and then some on a single charge and of course, this device uses bluetooth 5.0. It should work with any android phones above 6.0 or above ios 11 as well, and with really nice clicky buttons. While the edge here is made of plastic, you do have a metallic ring around this smartwatch that does lend to a more premium feel and the wristband is really comfortable and can be adjusted. Actually, you can actually remove it, and so that means you can switch out. The bands on this halo, rt and the interface of this watch is super simple, adjusting the brightness and you can just swipe away through the sports modes and going to your stats. Your steps, kilometers and calories for the day as well, and you have weather, updates you’ll, be able to monitor your heart rate here and you swipe up here to your settings. So you can adjust.

Brightness settings do not disturb mode and all this stuff on the fly with this halo, rt and so guys for the price terrific products here from halo, both in the t16, the halo rt and the t19s as well. If you’re, looking for solid tws earbuds in both the non active noise cancellation, active noise, cancellation and smartwatch category, then look no further than these products and thanks once again to halo for sending these out and now here comes the fun part for all of you who Stuck it out to the end of this video, you know we’re on the road to 200, 000 we’re, not just there yet, but you know i figured it’s been such an amazing time for my channel it’s time to start paying it forward and thanking all of you Guys for the support, so i guess we can call this the first giveaway of the road to 200 000 and i will be giving away the halo t16, the halo rt and the halo t19s. All three of these incredible products to a lucky one of you, and so the rules of the giveaway are simple. I will be posting a tweet for this giveaway, and all you need to do is make sure you’re following me on twitter, when you see the post retweet it and feel free to drop a comment on which of these you’re most excited to receive. Now, of course, make sure you retweet that’s the main point, because that is how i will be picking the winner on twitter in the next couple of days.

So hopefully you stayed to the end of this video for the first giveaway of the road to 200. 000. Definitely follow me on twitter, if you’re not doing it already and thanks everyone for your support, but that’s it for this video. If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon for future updates thanks once again guys best of luck in this first of many giveaways coming up for the road to 200.