What are we waiting for? Let’S go Music and features. First, new little box is same as ever same white box covered with the watches picture. The brand logo and the watch’s name inside is a black box containing the halo, rt, the magnetic charger and the paperwork. Currently, this watch retails for 1 699 pesos online and yes, why not click that subscribe button and hit that notification bell, but unlocking updated chatting on our videos going back setting up is the same as ever just power up. The watch then scan the qr code, download the app and then scan the qr code again via app accept the pairing and you are all set. You can search manually as well to connect Music for the physical aspects. Mero niton will get a 50.4 grams with the strap on speaking of the strap. The way it was a silicone with a strap width of 22 millimeters and as always, okay, the straps – i am quite not a fan, it is smooth and lightweight yes, but it feels flimsy and a little bit loose for my liking, it’s a display department. We have a 1.28 inch lcd screen with a resolution of 240×240 pixels it’s, an okay display, although i wish them a sharper and colorful ito, and it does not get bright too much as well. It’S a battery man. It has a 300 mah battery. It is advertised to run about 20 days if you are using it sparingly or 15 days for all day, heart rate monitoring it charges via magnetic charging as well for the sensors.

It has an optical heart rate sensor and a motion or acceleration sensor. The watch is ip68 dust and water resistant and suitable shot to use for exercise and can withstand sweats showers, hand washing and shallow water activities Music. Lastly, it has a bluetooth, 5.04 connection and works with android 6 and ios 11 and above Music for the features first. In the list i am start, which is like a summary screen for your fitness activity. For the day, the next one will be the bpm or the heart rate, monitoring very simple on interface method. It will just show the heart rate and the heart rate zone pure ac, wise, very spot on and heart rate measurement and hero rt. As i check with a pulse oximeter, the next function will be sports tracking. The watch supports 12 sports modes and records your heart rate, burn calories or the distance covered Music. Take note long belongs to dealing cheapest chip and halo id so pylon connects as a phone for location. Trapping starting a workout is very easy. Just select your desired workout, then you’re ready to go Music. Other included features are weather, sleep, notifications, music, remote, some timer features, find phone and breathing exercises Music on the settings menu. You can change. Your desired watch face Music. There are a few built in watch faces awash itself, but you can also choose to syncs a limited selection from the app. Lastly, you can change the brightness power off or reset the device Music.

We will also have a short overview: sahih lufan, app, honestly, very confusing nasa dummy and abner hilu for their smart watches and don’t get me started: support performance, nagila and semapsnihilu to support the watch anyway, so home screen, you can quickly see the summary of your fitness Stats such as your distance covered calories burned and how long you are walking available data, heart rate and sleeping data summary you can tap each category to view detailed data such as minimum average and max heart rate or the details of your sleep as well. Lastly, you can tap the watch icon to open up your hiluarty settings Music. Here you can change your watch. Dial set up the notification and change the device’s other settings as a sports tab. Noman you can initiate a workout like running walking or riding. It will automatically start a workout, so watch to check your workout history. You can click the hamburger, menu or side menu and select your research history. Lastly, so my tab, you can see, and edit your profile and some general settings as well in comparison to halo solar. There is almost nothing to compare, but the design very sporty and designed it on halo rt compared to minimalist and simple design. Helium solar, also cosmolinum battery in the top contracts, solar Music. On a positive note, very responsive and smooth and ui navigational halo rt compares the solar and that’s about it. So dab the bamboo, milina halo, rt for its price of 1699 pesos.

I can say in a better smartwatch for quite some unbranded smart watches, salazada or sharpie. But if you already have the heliosolar, there is absolutely no need for you to buy this. The hell almost the same lancilla.