This is yad from sedekchen and welcome back to this new review today, i will be talking about this smartwatch from hello. Take originally out to do this review thanks a lot for them. Of course i will be talking today about every details in this smartwatch. I will be trying that actually uh, i really like it so much and i’m using it now every day. So since i receive it, so let’s just jump into it. So this smartwatch, as you see here, a simple design – it cost around 25, 2002 or 25 euro depends on. Where do you live the weight of it it’s a 35 gram? Can you imagine that and that’s really amazing, because you don’t feel like you are wearing any watch? Actually, i usually wear a heavy watches from g shock or this kind of brand, but not anymore after i just deal with this kind of watch anyway. The amazing things about this watch is the battery life it’s a 20 days standby mode i’m, winning it now from saturday and i’m now on thursday, and i still have 36 of the battery. It comes with a lot of features and the best features is 12 sport modes, 20 days standby, as i mentioned before, heart rate, and also it’s, a water and dust proof. One of my biggest concern was the waterproof because i washed my hand a lot per day, but i can confirm that it’s really waterproof and it’s.

Really. I don’t need to think about that anymore. The battery capacity is 260 milliamp that charging fault is 5 volt as all those devices that we are using these days, bluetooth, it’s version 5, and it can work in minus 20 degree to 45 degree celsius on the both sides of the package. You can see just the bright name of that smartwatch. Here we come to the unboxing and the smartwatch comes in this small, simple bucket and comes with a watch itself, of course, and the manual guide and cable to charge it the manual guide it’s. You can, of course, see all the information that you need to learn how to deal with this smartwatch and there’s also qr code that you can scan, of course, to learn more about it. The cable has a magnetic connector connectors to connect to the watch when you are charging it. The strap itself is so flexible and that’s, maybe a bros or cons for some people, and you can see the name of the brand company on it. This looks to be made from plastic, but it’s, good plastic, so it’s not really from any another. You know metal or something like this. Here you can see the watch shape it’s a square from the inside on the side. We have just one button to turn on or off the smartwatch on the first time when you turn it on, then you will see a qr code will show up.

Of course you can scan it to download the app and it’s available, of course, on android and ios. For me, i had two buttons, so i choose the halo app, so maybe in the time you will see more options in that page, but anyway, just to know about that after you open the app you need to give it some permissions, the location, notification, bluetooth and These things, of course, and you need, of course, also to make an account to be able to connect the watch with your mobile. After that, you can select the steps that you want to achieve per day. Your toll your weight and you are ready to go for me. I want to achieve 8 000 steps per day, so can, of course rise it up to your customization. As you see here from the top, you can see how many steps you can see. Also, sport, you have, you can see also heart rate, you can see sleeping, you can record your sleep and you can see also the weight. This is the home page. Of course you can go to sport, mage or page or start workout. You have running, you are walking, you have riding and of course you can see where you are and start selecting how many distance you want to make when you just want to start. You have also customization option to enter your distance. Then you can hit start your practice and then go back home devices.

If you can add the device and just press on add device, then he will find it and then bear it via the bluetooth. Here on the screen, you can see the notification pop up on the screen, just agree with that or accept it and then the other watch. It will be connected with your phone, then will it will show up some new notification on the phone itself? As you see here from the top, you can see incoming call, so you can turn this on or turn it off. You have alarm, you can also turn it on turn it off. You have also secondary reminder. This one is maybe useful for you. If you want to, i think, on your disk messages here, you have also messages notification. You can enable this one, and here you can see that you have many options for me that’s more than enough, because i just use whatsapp and cms that’s amazing and you still have dnd mode. I really didn’t understand what is this, so you can take a look on it and try to understand it, and let me know what is this heart right sensor? You can turn this of course automatically or manually, because when you turn it automatically, then you will be using more charge because it’s working you know automatically, and here you can see the sensor from there. Of course backside. You can see also that the battery percentage is not the same in the app.

So this is the layout of the watch. You can see here the date you can see here the day the weather temperature clock, of course, heart rate galleries. I burned steps. I made distance, i woke so if you just sweep from the from the top, you can’t see there’s many things here. The first things is of course, night shift. Second, there is, if you want to search or find your phone, so you just get a so he will send a signal to your phone and that your phone will make uh, of course, a noise or a sound. Then you can know where it is here’s. The brightness here you can rise up the brightness, and here you can of course lower it. If you want here, you can go to settings watch face, we have many faces here, and this is the first of them. This is second one. This is third one. This is fourth one. This is fifth one, of course you can always choose which one you want just by pressing connect. If we go just back, you can see about you. Can here see the version. You can see that, of course, the ib of it and you can of course have power off. You can of course, pull it off or you can reset it to the factory settings now. Let’S move on to the left side. You can see here give you which steps, how many steps, how many distance you made calories you burned.

If you just go here, you can see it also in another shape. You can see here also another face, light sleep, deep sleep and of course you can just you know, try to sleep weather six degree foggy day, almost rainy, sunny, it’s, all all in one uh take a breath. It’S helped you also to practice breathing one minute. Two minutes you can just play and relax, please relax, so they are gon na. Tell you so here you can try to breathe in and breathe out. As they told you, you can see actually the same things when you are sweeping from left to right. If you we, if we go down so you can see, go to stats, you can see also the same things if you go to the right or the left, pmb heart rating. So you can see here also some settings here. You can see a static. The max bmb for today was for me, 108 sport. You have really many sport modes here, jogging fast walking, biking, climbing spinning, yoga indoor, running integrated training, basketball, football, gym static and rowing. If you want just to play football, then you can of course start see how many calories you made. How was your heart rate the annoying things, as you see here, every time that it’s it’s really go to the screen, go to sleep mode or save mode? Really quick, you have like one. Second, you can see here the weather there’s, nothing here, sleep notification with notification.

I have just once one things i notice someone he is rating to me in arabic, so it doesn’t support arabic. I hope it will be soon with a new update, maybe and but for another things, all other things. It’S it’s support dutch it’s about english. As you see here, it’s dutch language. Of course you can delete all all the notification and if we go music settings you can also run the music just from here. Of course you can go next and previous more stopwatch. You have stopwatch. You have countdown 1, 5, 10, and of course you can add your number. If you have any favorite number or any custom number find phone as a as we saw before brief training and yeah that’s it settings that’s it more um we have can go to settings. The same one, if you we, when you swipe from the top uh, as you see here, you can see also the battery percentage, the clock and the phone give you that you are connected with a phone, but i really found it for the the price. It’S. Really amazing, really amazing. Every time i move my hand, it’s gon na show you the all information on the screen. As usual, we are as man a lazy people, so we try to do more less than you imagine if it’s gon na, if it’s going about movement, but we use also our brains so but sometimes and we need that actually to stay healthy and don’t be fat.

So is this watching can help us let’s see what how far we are now, if you can see, i was actually burned two galleries at the morning or four and now: it’s 45 heart rate 121 steps. 1. 000, almost 1000 steps, location, it’s, zero point: eight! Four! Forty so i’m gon na still actually working on that until the exercise is finished or what the result will show up on the watch let’s continue. So this exercise was 20 minutes exactly 20 minutes. I will put the link for the guy. I was you know: practicing with online is really he has really many videos and i was doing or sporting or doing exercise with him from the last year. I don’t do it every day, because i don’t have enough time. Every day. I try to do it when i, when i am you know, have a free time in my schedule. So let’s just take a look on the watch gallery: calories 64 and steps 1364 and 1 kilo and 5 15 meter meter meter and the heart rate. Let’S just start to going down because of course i stopped of practicing or jumping on my feet here you can see when i reached the target so 8 000 steps per day, then the smart will be vibrated and tell you target rich, dark, rich and that’s. Also, you know it’s make you happy when you reach a goal in your life, the smart smartwatch you can’t answer using it.

You can just reject a call because you don’t have a mic or speaker another things, it’s the notification, the notification. If you don’t look at the notification when it reaches you, then it will not stay longer on the screen. Then you need to go to the notification through that menu and then you can see the notifications. I believe they can fix this with an upgrade for this smartwatch, so this is the end for today, if you like it, please be like if you don’t like it, i can’t do anything feel free to ask any question in that in the comment below.