It has some affirmations with xiaomi. I don’t really understand what that is, but i do know that this watch is actually really good for its price, and this is the unboxing and review and without taking any more time, let’s get to it. So this is what you get when you get the hero: solar, ls05 smartwatch, the solar actually doesn’t mean anything it’s, just a fancy name for it. Don’T be deceived. When you get the you have some information on the back it’s written in both chinese and english. So if you speak english, that would help we speak chinese. So you get this black box and one thing about the unboxing of this watch is like. It was actually really nice, because when you open it up, this is what you get you get. The watch like this black phone and then the watch is just like sitting here like it looks really really nice taking out the watch. Okay, this is the watch. This is how the watch looks i’ll get back to that later, but this is what you get with the watch. Okay, under that you get the charger and you get a man off. This was sitting on the face of the watch, and this is what you get on the cover it’s, the same thing: okay, that’s everything gets in the box, so here is how it charges this is the charging pin. It has a usb type into two pogo pins and then these pogo pins go on the back of the watch, it’s actually magnetic.

So if it’s not aligned correctly, it won’t exactly work, but then it’s aligned correctly it snaps on like that incorrect. It doesn’t actually work. Doesn’T work until it’s in the correct alignment. Then it works. Let’S put all that aside and let’s talk about watch. This is the halo solar, ls05 smartwatch let’s get into the details. I actually like the appearance. I like the round form factor of this watch. It looks nice and it’s like it’s kind of subtle, and this metal finish on the side. It’S, actually really cool to touch it’s. A shade of brown looks like like it’s blackish brown. I i can’t really put my finger on it, but then it’s not it shines, but it’s, not a glossy finish and it’s really good. It has this like rough texture, too it’s like if you listen, you have one ring on the strap which says hey on it. That’S, like an extra finish, it’s kind of cool, i didn’t have one crown on the side, which is to turn on or turn off the watch at any time, or maybe you want to go back in any menu. It takes it back to the home screen. Then contour on top the strap, feels really sturdy, but i have something to talk about. I wonder why there are holes here on the side because we want to put on the watch. The bottle goes in here, not here. Why why? Why are the holes in the side of the strap? I do actually know, maybe it’s a design choice yeah, i don’t know, but it doesn’t actually prove to be useful.

Maybe it might reduce the weight of the watch. Who knows it was also said to be ip68. Waterproof and uh i’m – not i’m, not testing. That i’m actually testing that i don’t test that, but to me it looks kind of sturdy and this drops out easy to take off. You have this pin type strap and they just pull and watch the strap comes off and then the other one too. It comes off easily, and this is the watch. Strap, strap and it’s also really easy to put back Music. The user interface is actually really polished. Looks good for the price and that window is actually quite smooth and gestures are easy to understand for personalization you don’t get too many watch faces of this watch. You have. A few watch faces there’s this one, which is a stop watch face there’s. This other watch face moving on to this one, and then this one and the last one is this and that’s all. You only have five watch faces to choose from and they’re, not exactly the best but that’s what you get and you’re just trying to do what you have. It has a one point: two eight inches lcd display with the resonant of 240 by 240 pixels, which looks relatively good. I also noticed that wearing these questions actually shows the icon of the app that i got the industry from so that’s really actually good. Moving on it’s actually quite comfortable to wear, let me take off my watch first it’s actually quite comfortable to it, looks really normal and sleek.

It doesn’t actually scream out like a smartwatch. Unless you use the razer wig feature and then then you know it’s a smartwatch that people react to the smartwatch. The raceway feature doesn’t work for me at times. For some reason i don’t know why, but as that it glitches it’s on and off, i don’t know why same thing for the half it’s watch, which i’ll review in the next video but yeah that’s that’s. It that’s how i don’t know why it doesn’t work. For me, it doesn’t really have much health tracking feature. It only has a heart rate tracker and a sleep monitor, and also it has a step counter or you might as well prefer to call it a pedometer. The heart rate tracker could be set to monitor your hearts every 10 minutes, which is really good. If you have a heart condition and you need constant monitoring, i don’t think it look can happen in 10 minutes. So that would be really useful and you can check again in the check your heart rate over the time in the app and gives you a graph. It gives you a nice graph of your heart rate at all times, and now here you can see that the graph is very, very detailed like every 10 minutes. It checks your heart rate, every 10 minutes and then, if it cannot check your heart rate at that time, it won’t exactly measure anything. It will just keep it like it’s just leave that a straight line and then, when you’re going through when you’re checking your object, it will show for that time.

It will show for the times that it actually recorded your heart rate and that’s how it works there, and it also has a sleep monitor, which i found to be quite accurate. It records your sleep, you wanted to sleep and how long he steps for how long he still had deep sleep, light sleep and then how many once you’re a week and then it gives you a sleep quality analysis. Just you sleep too late, and it was if it was easy for you to wake up that’s how the sleep model works and the step counter is relatively accurate, which is actually quality every hour. It takes it measures how many steps you took in that hour and then gives you a bar chart graph like this and also has a sanitary reminder which tells you to stand up after you’ve been sitting for a while. The watch has the weather app, but i don’t actually use that. I don’t know how accurate it is, and i don’t use it. It does the internet connection, so it can’t exactly show what the weather is like, but it uses the app to connect to the internet and then the app sends the information to the watch and then that’s how you get the information from the watch. It also has a music player. You can just push the pause button or play button to play a song. It doesn’t actually show you the title of song playing it just shows it’s connected down here and in the controls, so you might have to guess which song is playing by yourself if you’re listening, and also has this fine, my phone feature, which actually makes your phone Vibrate or ring if your phone said to ring then to ring out, but then you said vibrate it just vibrate.

I don’t think it would be of any good if it sets too silent and then afterwards stop like it’s vibrating. It also has a breathing exercise which helps you with your breathing and, to be honest, i don’t see myself using this app. I tell you to please relax then, after a while, i think, it’s just breathing in and breathing out. I don’t i just myself using this. I i literally don’t see myself using this, but if you need help with your breathing exercises, you can use the watch. It should be a bonus to you and it also displays messages that you’ve received from apps that you set that you allow it for. Like i mentioned area, you can get your notifications, i think it’s. The last thing notifications that you received. You will also show the icon and the app that you got notification from. They are quite in about sports boots on this watch and that’s actually really cool. You have jogging fast, walking, biking, climbing, spinning, yoga indoor running integrated training like with training gymnastics, football, basketball and drawing, and the football here is actually soccer, not the other, not the american football. The app is actually very okay on the homepage. You have a chosen number of steps that you’ve taken your target, the distance traveled and then the number of cars that you have burned and then you have your heart, switch, recording the real time, how’s your recording and then yeah yeah i’m about to sleep.

You got on the spot, speed, you have some sports top four sports, you can split in and then there are other settings to add other sports, maybe in the running. But then you can only add up to four sports modes and that’s. What also, if you are running or doing anything outside that that makes you go over a distance, usually a map, and then you do your gps tracking to track how much distance that you’ve taken an industry and the next page you have the you: have the device Page and then it has some settings like how to monitoring corey miner everywhere the sanitary reminder an alarm clock and then you can only have, i think, up to three alarms. It has a real time to activate the display and it has do not disturb and then some other settings. Then a frame will upgrade and then the last page you have your personal page, which would allow you to customize your steps and input. Your other details. Okay about the watch back to the watch, brightness is actually okay, it’s, actually visible outdoors. This watch can last up to 27 days on the full charge. I like to shoot if you turn on the real time heart monitor and it takes about two hours to charge from zero to 100 percent. During my time with this watch, i really did not have many issues with it. Just a few glitches here and there, the performance is actually quite nice, just like a few glitches here and there, but then that’s all if there are a few issues with this watch, the raceway feature doesn’t work for me and i think that’s a general problem.

For me, because the other smartwatch i use the eraser, the eraser weak feature, doesn’t really work for me at times, and sometimes the display is not exactly responsive on the flat surface. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Okay, my overview i have bought i’ve used this watch for about two weeks now, after about two weeks now and i got to fold thirteen thousand naira online and i have actually regretted my decision ever since it’s – actually really good thousand error for a smaller like this Is a bit of a snag but it’s actually kind of good it’s really good.