, So watching this video means you are looking for a smartwatch that you can buy on a budget. As you already know, a smartwatch with some good features, usually costs more than 60 USD. Also for less than 60 USD you can buy. A basic level smart watch., So in today’s video we will talk about a very good and highly specified budget smartwatch that can be bought for between USD 30 50., So let’s go to the video First of all. If we talk about the haylou brand, it is a sub brand of Xiaomi and a leading company in Japan.. So today we are talking about the budget. Smartwatch called haylou solar ls05, which comes from this haylou brand.. When you buy this smart watch, you will get a box like this. As accessories look like paperwork’s and a charging cable in this box.. The build quality of this smart watch is very high.. The reason for choosing this smart watch for the review was the build quality.. This watch has a rounded design and a matte finish.. Similarly, the body is made of metal.. The body is made of metal, so the watch has good durability.. Similarly, the strap of the watch has a good durability.. If we talk about the protection of the watch, there is such a tempered glass in this watch. also, this watch has IP68 dust and water resistent feature. Having ip68 for a budget like this is a good opportunity for anyone who uses this watch.

. Even if you wear this watch without fear, you can still do things like take a bath or swim.. If you talk about the display, you will get a 1.28 inch TFT LCD, touchscreen display.. Also, there are several levels of visibility, so you can see the display clearly even outside the house.. This smartwatch also has proprietor Os like in Samsung The said operating system and android version will run. Due to this operating system. You can do any work done by the watch fast.. You know the touch screen of a budget. Smart watch is usually a bit slow, But this smart switch works well without any lag.. Similarly, a heart rate sensor is seen as an accelerometer sensors.. This watch has the ability to experience twelve sport modes, just like any other smart watch., For example, jogging indoor running basketball, boating and other smart watches can be seen in several sport modes.. In addition, this smart watch has options like breathing training, fine phone, timer, music and sms controlling.. In addition, a problem that many people have is that there is no way to add a beautiful interface to smart watches., So this haylou brand has given a solution for that. Too., That is the app called haylou fit. Through this app. You can control the settings of the watch as well as change the interface.. Similarly, according to the Haylou website, if this is used, normally it can be used for 30 days.. Also, it is said that you can use this watch for 15 days by turning on the heart monitoring 24 hours a day.

, Since this is a watch that comes at such a budget price. I think this option is more than just the price given to any user who uses this watch.. So today we talked about a smart watch that has more features than budget. Comment below, on which feature you like the most in this smart watch.. Also, if you like, the video like it and share it with your friends.