It’S, a wearable and it’s a basic uh, cheaper or affordable, let’s, say smartwatch, and this smartwatch will give you a bunch of features that you’ll end up using on your phone together to be able to use it. Make you good use of it. So before you even go to the feature, which is a halo solar, let me go to the app features and tell you directly what you’re getting you’ll get target steps for the day distance cover heart rate, amount of calories, burnt, heart rate, recording you also get within The same sleep record, which will show all the times you’re sleeping weekly monthly and all that and it records very well. The gyroscope on this works. Fine heart rate monitor also works. Fine, you can go to step and it will give you step count on the app device under the device you can get. The dial setting the dial setting is where you set the watches and everything even you can even customize them different types of watches. If you wish, let me show you: this is the dial center and these are the watch faces that you’ll be getting there’s a bunch of them. You can check out to your field. A lot of watch faces this heart rate. Monitor you can turn it on call record record reminder. I have turned off sms reminder of app reminder. Sedentary reminder. Smart alert, clock results to activate do not disturb all these have turned off, but the most important part is that you can.

You can upgrade the firmware on the phone by checking the version that’s there you pay it by bluetooth and it will just directly upgrade it if there’s a newer version that’s what i’m usually doing you just check, it will tell you if you have the latest, so You can also clear data. If you want or a rest, then there is universal settings under universal settings. You can change the old screen time when you lift your arm up to 15 seconds 10 seconds or 5 seconds. It depends with you units you can decide metric or british system time. You can decide 24 or 12 hour system based it’s, an intuitive app it’s called the halo solar app on the app itself, it’s called halo fit. This is how it looks like so you just pay it on your phone and you use it it’s quite reasonable to use and i’ve paired it with my redmi note 9s to use it. So this is the watch itself, halo and first off. This is how it looks physical overview and you can press up, and these are the features you’ll get for settings under settings. You’Ll get watch face under watch face. You can change the watch faces if you wish it’s up to you. You can take your breather test. You can go to weather settings date, time, heart rate steps, amount of distance worked and calories burnt. Bpm you can go to that by swiping down our app sports mode is also there for jogging fast working.

I mean you can time yourself if you want it’s. Quite an intuitive watch to use you can go to biking, climbing, spinning, yoga windows, running activity, integrated training, gymnastics, basketball, football and roll rolling. If you wish they sleep, you can check this weather app. You can check. That starts is that you can check more there’s, even music control. You can control music that’s playing if you wish other than those this for this smartwatch accessory is kind of like a neat feature. It’S built with a heart rate, monitor sensor at the bottom. It fires green infrared lights and you can see the build quality, it’s sort of made of metal. The top round part is metal, the bottom part is also metal and the wristbands are very strong and securely strapped plus. It looks good on the wrist if you’re using it. This is how it looks on your wrist, so not so big, not so shabby on the leaders on the plastic strip. You’Ll see the halo logo also it’s inscribed here so that’s neater. You have the release latch here, you can release from if you want just press it this way and it releases there’s some inscription there and let me show you what you’re getting inside the box. So this is what you get inside the box, the foam padding for the watch itself. The watch protector face the smite guard, smart guard, for it only those there’s, nothing else, you’ll get inside the box it’s as basic as it comes.

Oh, and also, if i forget, you get this charger, it’s a magnetic charger that clips on into onto the phone. Let me show you how you just put it this way and it clips and it charges so that’s how? How much did they pay for the phone for the watch? It was about uh forty three dollars, that’s around four thousand five hundred kenya shielding several thousand five four hundred kilo shillings. I know if you bought it from aliexpress, it would have been cheap at about 2 500, but you’ll be charged shipping, which is about 18 to 25 dollars, so that totals up to around 50 and you’re still going to pay custom taxes on it. Maybe hundred dollars not hundred dollars but 500 shillings. This is close to 50, so there’s no point of paying more of that money on that front. You’Ll just be wasting the money so rather to rather you just get it from the local retailers which will still get a steal from it. Like four thousand three hundred four thousand seven hundred plus delivery shipping that’s far much better than if you didn’t like pay for it up front. This is how the box looks like this quick spec guide on it. The device is hey, lu, solar s051, and these are the specs and i haven’t charged it since i bought it see the battery has been quite good. Let me show you the amount of battery left from the app you can check directly.

You can see it’s a 61 percent of battery that’s like eight days of views with sixty one percent of battery left, so i’d say the watchwork. It works. Fine, it’s good, so far fits snuggly and i have no comments about it. That has been my review of the row of the watch.