Okay. So today we will be unboxing a really really cool product. This is the halo, solar, ls05 smartwatch. So first of all, let’s get the knife and start unboxing the product. So now let’s unbox, this really cool black um wrapping. As you can see, it is really wrapped. Well, it has like three layers, as you can see, let’s take a quick look at the box here on the front. You’Ll see the smart watch itself here on the side, we’ll see the logo of heilu. Now, if you don’t know, heilu is a sister company of xiaomi or, i think they’re under xiaomi i’m, not really sure anyways. Here at the back, it says here: halo, solar and yeah. You can pause the video and read that for yourself. Okay, now for the real unboxing, now i got ta admit the whole unboxing experience was very satisfying and i kind of rate that at like 10 over 10., by the way, if you guys are wondering the price, this one is under 40 dollars and i’ll just link It down in the description below, but overall the unboxing experience was really great, so here’s how the watch looks like in the box. It really is very clean and i really like the packaging okay pulling out the watch. It did feel some weight. It is 35 grams and it feels nice. The watch band is nice. The whole build quality is really legit. Moving on to the other items inside the box, we’ll be seeing the user manual, which is a really cute one.

I don’t know who would read this but it’s there. If you need it. The last item inside the box is the charging cable, which is magnetic, which seems really cool magnets, are strong. I tried it out earlier and yeah now let’s boot up the device itself. I really like the build quality because it is made from aluminum, alloy and booting it up. You just press it for like five seconds and the halo logo will start up after the boot up screen. You will see this qr code, which i will have to scan moving on here at the back. We have here the heart rate sensor, which i will test later on, and we have here the 24 millimeter replaceable wristband setting it up is pretty easy. I will just have to point my camera at the qr code and i’ll just download the app itself here’s the app itself, though it’s called the halo fit, and now we will install it after installing it we’ll set it up with the watch and then, after that, We’Ll just have to set up a halo account for the app itself now, while doing that. We’Ll just put my watch in my wrist, and here is how it looks like it does fit. My wrist very well, and i really like how it looks it looks. Minimalistic looks classy and definitely looks premium here. I’Ll have to set up my personal account now. I’Ll have to set up my height as well and wait, maybe that’s, because for the fitness app and yeah that’s, a good thing to have.

After doing so, i’ll have to connect it to the watch. Finally and yeah, you just turn on your gps and then select the device here. The watch is asking to set it up to the device and there we go connected successfully and now we’re in the app. Regarding with the app itself, it is very easy to use and very intuitive stay tuned for the review coming up next week. I will make a review after a week of using this, so stay tuned for that moving on with the watch, since it is all set up, let’s breeze to the os. The operating system is very easy to understand as well. Here we have the fitness widget. We have here the heart rate monitor, and we have here a bunch of other widgets that are very useful, such as weather and yeah that’s, a very good addition to the watch itself. Taking a look at the watch faces, there are five preloaded watch faces, which is very cool, but i updated the watch itself earlier and i have received a lot of watch faces and i’ll show you on later in the video. After having a software update on the watch here are the other watch faces that i was talking about earlier. There are a lot which is a great addition, and you can make a customizable one using your photos from your album, so yeah i like how customizable it is testing out the heart rate monitor was easy.

I just simply slapped the watch into my wrist and yeah. I think it is pretty accurate. I will have a comparison to other heart rate, monitor devices, but for now this is pretty good, because this is health certified. I read it somewhere in the description so yeah. I can trust this heart rate monitor from this watch. Swiping up the upper side, though we have here the brightness and other stuff such as settings and do not disturb and find your phone and checking out the settings it’s just a simple one. I will go more on these things on the review. I’Ll just have here. My first impressions so yeah moving on we have here other apps.