Actually, its name is the halo solar and you can also call the halo ls05. Okay. First, i will i’ll put the watch to the side and i will show you what to do on your phone. You, okay, okay, uh! First, you have to reset your watch. Okay, it will come, it will come with another watch face and you have to reset it. Let me show you what to do go under settings. You tap the reset button. So after your watch gets reset, you have to i turn on your watch. It will show you a barcode and you have to scan that barcode using an app uh, any barcode app. So you have to do that and then what it will do is it will take you to the play, store, okay and then it will make you install this app halo fit okay and you can see over here. Okay it’s! You have to allow the bluetooth to just turn on and what you have to do is to get the weather on on. Your watch is what you have to do to get the weather on your watch. You have to turn on the location, so after you’ve turned on the location, though, the weather will come on your watch and if you, if you don’t, need the weather on your watch, just keep your occasion: uh, location, unknown, okay, but um. Some ins in my watch um in my watch – i i nee i need to power off after turning on the location, i needed to power off my watch and then power it on.

So then the weather came okay, let’s see what you can do in the watch. See you can go over here? Okay, you can go here: halo, solar, it uh heart monitoring. You have to wear the watch for that smart alarm um. I put these alarms, okay and hero here, and you can do whatever you want and if you, even if you’re and even if you turn on this app reminder, see you can actually so when the apps uh, you have to select the apps which it will uh Give you the notifications so that’s. Another thing you guys can see that afterwards and it even tell you the battery sports and you can also do that and go to the home page. Okay. Let’S go to the watch so for the watched uh, what you will uh? What the wall, the features of the watches, if you have the watch on on your wrist, you have to strap it in first and if it’s on your wrist, then it will start measuring your steps and we have the status of your steps. Your steps and you have the bpm uh – you can look over here or even go down over here to see that okay, we have the sports. Okay, i’ll. Let me tell you what sports are these? You have jogging fast walking climbing Music, and what do we have? Spinning yoga and and what this indoor running integrated training gymnastics? Oh, oh, just wait: oh okay, gymnastics, basketball, football and what else rowing okay – and we have a sleep, monitor you can also scroll down over here.

To see the sleep monitor, you will need to put it on your wrist at night to get your sleep, so it’s not very accurate, but most of times. Sometimes it also gives me wrong. Uh sleep, but most of the times it gives me the right sleep. You have music settings: okay, um! You can even find your phone uh, you can just scroll up and if your phone is connected to bluetooth, you can find your phone. Let me do it for you guys. My phone is over here. Okay, look at this! After a bit of time, it will turn off Music. If your voice is not on uh, it will still vibrate and make a little bit of sound. So you still can find your phone okay move move back to the watch and you guys you can uh. There are the settings you have night mode at at in the morning the night mode doesn’t work so in at the night, the night mode works and it it doesn’t. When so, when you pull up your wrist, pull up your wrist, the night mode, doesn’t work um, and this is the bright settings. So if you keep it on two, you can get about 30 days of battery life or about two weeks of battery life. If you keep it on brightness level, two okay, we’re gon na move back to the app okay, okay, and i want to show you something uh. What was that just wait? Uh, let me go back.

Let me see and and let’s go to the home. You can see your sleeper car too, and Music, yes, and and if you wan na and if you want to turn uh off and if you don’t, want the watch to display it. When you put up your wrist display anything when you put up your wrist. So what you do is uh you go. Who was that uh you this one and then you switch it off so when you uh. So when you put up your wrist, the watch won’t show you anything, but i recommend keeping it on because it has good and the watch has good back to life so that’s it for today.