This is me ying and welcome back to my channel today, i’m going to make this video for you guys of unboxing and a review of the xiaomi band 5 here, okay. So actually, this is my third smartwatch of unboxing, and this is actually the budget smart watch that we have and now, if it is your first time to watch this video watch this video until the end to see how to set up this smartwatch okay. So you guys, if you haven’t, subscribed to my channel, please subscribe now, so guys. I would really like to help you guys, especially when you’re trying to buy your first smart watch, or it also depends in your budget it’s still your decision. If you really love this smart watch or not okay, so here we’re going to start the unbox now – and here we go guys so here in front of us now is the box. So a black color box with a me logo, number five right on the side. There’S, a description of multi sports mode magnetic charging all day, sleep track: okay, 14 days battery life on the side again, 1.1 inch, colorful, screen water resistance, okay, heart rate and stress, monitoring, female physiological cycling cycle, recording, okay, so wow so there’s. A lot of features i’ve been added into this smartwatch band 5 compared to the band 4, all right, so here i got actually the english version, so we don’t have a problem of translating it and if probably, if this is a chinese, we can just set up An english inside, if there’s a setting inside right, so here we go so let’s, try to open it up.

Okay, so there’s a pool here: okay, all right! So this is our smartwatch, so let’s put it inside what’s inside the box, the cable charger. Okay, let’s! Try to remove this one let’s wrap within all right, so it’s, a circular uh charger with a charging pin on it documentation all in english. Guys, no problem right so now, let’s go to the smartwatch let’s, try to open it up, sealable and there you go guys. So this is our smartwatch um. The appearance is just like the band 4, but now we’re having the band 5. uh. I didn’t see much of a difference here. Also the strap are almost the same. Okay, so let’s try to look in feel this smartwatch. What it can do to my hand right so here let’s try to open it up. Okay, so almost the same, so the strap is a silicon type, it’s really awesome and tough. So my first impression here is actually it’s still like the band 4 and it’s like a sports type of a smart watch here. So i can see the strap is still the same and right so here i can see that it’s. Actually, when i try to remove it, green here was asking about some language, so we don’t have a problem with the english or chinese version here, so just type, the english one, okay, so pair first so later, we’re going to pair it during our features. Okay, so really nice on the sides, guys uh.

We can see some codes here, some serial number, no difference compared to the uh band four and now we’re having the band five right now. Okay, now next is uh, where we’re having this one uh there’s. Actually, the charger uh it’s kind of different compared to the band four. Why it’s? Because i the charger here – is a circular, so you just need to uh charge it over there. What i like that, i really like it so much: okay, so it’s really cool because uh you don’t need to remove your smart watch in this strap right, so let’s go to the building quality, so our smart watch is actually a display of 1.1 inch, 2.7 centimeter. Okay, so the screen is actually with a full color with touchscreen uh it’s uh amo led here all right, so it’s really awesome and it’s having a color depth of 16 bit okay. So i can see that it’s clear. Also, you can see the brightness it’s really awesome. Uh resolution is also better and it’s having a single touch button here. Okay, uh connectivity is having the bluetooth version. Five, all right, uh, the ram is 512 kilobytes storage. Around 16 megabytes battery is having the 126 milliamperes. Only which is a bit low, but i don’t know why but um it’s still not bad for a budget smartwatch and the 14 days of battery life. Right now it has a sensors of accelerometer, gyroscope and ppg heart rate at the back capacity proximity sensor and also the body let’s try to weight it guys so let’s try to weight it guys: okay, ah 22 grams, okay, so it’s still lightweight casing is actually polycarbonate And let’s try to remove it.

Okay, so this now this one without a strap: okay, that’s, 11 grams right, so that’s really really light guys. Okay! Next it supports also the bluetooth 5.. All right so let’s try to wear it. Okay, so there you go guys uh. The band 5 is almost the same design as the band 4. Okay, no difference the strap is also similar. So i have no problem with it and, as you can see, it’s also ultra light, and you can do it with your exercise everywhere. You go right. So next is the setup in the apps guys and look at the features of this smartwatch band. 5. Okay, all right guys! So here we go uh we’re going to set it up right now; okay, so if you did your first time to set it up, uh i have from the previous band 4. So all we need to do is try to disconnect first, the band 4 here. So this is the xiaomi app um, the mi fit okay. So all we need to do is go to the uh running, face here and then go click, the the heart rate there and then just try to turn off the me band. Four, all right. So there you go guys so here we’re, going to try to set up right now. Okay, so all we need to do is to click the plus and then click the band there and then and click agree. Okay, so now it’s searching for the new um smart watch.

You got there. Okay, so here’s uh keep the band as close to your smartphone. Okay, so it’s asking to confirm the band and click. Yes, okay, there you go so there you go. So you are using now the band 5, alright, so uh, so just wait for a few more minutes to set it up. Okay, so activate new device and just click activate okay, so our device is actually using one smart watch at a time so that’s only the features of the uh me fit. Okay, so next is click the activate and also click. Ok, all right, so the band 4 will be stopped and now the me smart band will be in your smartphone okay, so there you go. It was being activated to this divide and click: okay, okay, now it’s trying to restoring the bank settings and just wait for a few more minutes all right. So there you go uh once the the setup has been processing design band display all right, so it’s asking you to tap d, also the feature of how to use your smartwatch cool isn’t it guys. Okay next, is try to swipe it customize shortcuts. So a lot of customization okay. So what what can you see here? Instruction is actually what it can do. Okay, so swipe right: okay, it has also a remote shooting control, which is awesome guys and then swipe right 11 kinds of activities, so that 11 kinds of activities are actually the sports mode.

All right next is the suffer from stress, so it has also. The measuring of the stress right so is with asking try right now: okay, so later we’re going to try it later if, after one week, okay next is uh, try right now, okay, so there you go guys so now it’s transferring the resources library files into your Smartphone, okay, so if this is like a firmware update so now right now, your smartphone and smartwatch are trying to update with each other okay. So all we need to do is to wait for it to complete so guys during the setup. I have the previous band. 4, all we need to do is to disconnect it first and then try to use the band 5 and if you don’t have a previous connection with the other band, just go directly to the upper right of your apps there and try to connect the smartwatch. Okay, all right next is the updating of the firmware. Okay, all right now, so here we have the updated, successful and right now the me logo just came out to our uh smartwatch, okay, so very nice it’s, because our smartwatch has a um, a heart rate already in our main screen and also the number of steps There it’s really kind of awesome and you can see also the apps here we have a 22 okay that’s, the battery gauge, so we just open it up and there you go guys.

Okay, so here you can see also the status just like the previous one. Now it’s trying to sync the data and there you go guys so once it’s sensing uh you’ve got all the records here right. So here we go so once the synchronize has been finished, let’s try to discover what’s inside the smartwatch okay. So here we go okay, so let’s try to discover it. Um let’s try to scroll up here so it’s, almost the same as the band 4. Okay status features uh pai, so this is one of the new features of the band 5. Okay. So if, if you are actually health conscious, this xiaomi band 5 is really awesome and it’s really really decent watch for you guys. Okay, so, besides that the pai, you can see the physical there uh age uh, we have the heart rates, almost the same, so okay, uh fasten the band right above your wrist bone, okay above 1 cm so it’s going to teach you how to put it near In our um arms here, okay, so as you can see here, it’s right in front of me right now and then it’s trying to measure your heart rate right now, all right. So after the measuring there, it’s really kind of awesome: it’s, not updated. 10 30 that’s. The big time for today, okay, next is we have the notification. So if you have some message, there’s, no notification, there uh stress level, another features here.

Okay, also teaches you the the fasten, the band slightly above your wrist bone. Okay, so next is let’s. Go back to the breathing here. Okay, so another feature is the breathing uh event. So you can put your events here. It’S really awesome guys! Uh next is uh. Let’S go back. Um events can be uh at the vents on the midfield. Now, okay, so you’re gon na add the events there weather so it’s still there just like the um, the previous band 4, and you can see also some uv there. Another features that we added and let’s go back again to the main okay. So the work out there work out includes the outdoor running treadmill, uh, cycling, indoor, cycling, walking, uh, elliptical, rowing machine, okay, uh yoga, jump, rope, cool swimming, okay and freestyle. So guys you can use this smart band into the uh swimming pool right. So next is we’re. Going back again to the features, um workout and then more okay, what’s more here, it’s, because there’s also a dnd. The nd stands for do not disturb there’s an alarm, a camera here, guys so let’s. Try to see! Please open the apps and go to the lab camera settings to complete the pairing all right. So all we need to do is try to settings so let’s go to the settings. Um profile. Okay, so there you go so let’s go to the settings there. You go uh once you went to the settings and there’s the lab okay.

So once you read the lab: okay: try to set up here the camera settings; okay, so pairing in the bluetooth. So actually we need to have a bluetooth connection here, guys, okay, so tap the bluetooth pairing uh watch has been paired. Okay, so bluetooth pairing is now waiting now all right, so once it is already paired okay, so all we need to do is go to the uh camera all right. So let me give you an example here: okay, so it’s, currently standing right there and uh there. You go and uh let’s go to the um uh camera here right, so open your phone’s camera. Okay! So now it’s open and there you go so this feature is actually trying to synchronize right now. Okay, so all we need to do is to uh press here. Okay, there you go so there’s one and you you can feel also that it’s been uh took a picture because your smartwatch is actually vibrating. Okay and everyone wow really awesome guys so it’s really kind of awesome, because it has another special features here. That being added into our band 5, okay next is all right. Let’S go back to the main features here. Okay, so more, we got the alarm camera a music, so it’s still the same. So all we need to do is just to play our music down there and it serves as a remote control. Also, okay, next is a a stopwatch, a timer.

You can also find your device if you lost your smartphone okay, so there you go so let’s have a quick test here. All right so find a device. Okay, okay, there you go so now, it’s ringing, it’s, really kind of awesome. Okay, so let’s go back. Okay band display – oh, this is really awesome. So there’s a lot of band display there. Okay, so you can choose any blend display so well. Another features here: okay, so there you go entering band, display, editing, page press and hold to confirm that the the changes. Okay is there’s a lot of settings here all right, so the brightness here will see the brightness okay wow. Look at that guys, so it’s really really bright, it’s really kind of awesome. You can also lock your screen. You can also have the audio screen locked, okay and the tech activity. You can reboot there’s, also a factory settings regulatory and about the smartwatch firmware all right. It’S really kind of awesome, guys let’s, take a look at the app, so let’s go to the to the apps and go to the store all right now the store is having also the uh watch faces there. So there’s a lot of watch spaces here all right. So plenty of things to choose there: okay, so there’s, even a spongebob. So if you’re planning to change your um watch face, okay, all you need to do is to try to click one of the apps and then start to synchronize.

The uh watch face right, so it’s really kind of awesome, guys. Okay, now let’s see if it is waterproof or not. Okay, now there you can see it’s, actually waterproof guys, okay, so if you, if you’re planning to go swimming so if you’re into a swimming, this is actually a perfect waterproof watch for you guys and guess what this one is very decent and it’s, really not bad. For you guys, okay next is the gps. Now the gps. Here, our smart watch doesn’t have a gps but we’re going to rely on the gps of the smartphone. So whenever, if you’re, workout or jogging or hiking, we must bring your smartwatch enabled to operate your smartwatch. Okay, last but not the least, the most important is the price guys. So everybody was looking at the price um. The band 5 was usually launched if it is expensive or not now guys, it’s still a budget smart watch from the xiaomi guys and the prices is around 25 us dollars. Okay, not bad! For a 25 us dollar, smart watch got lots of features. What i like here is actually the charging cable guys that you know need to remove the smartwatch from the wristband all right, so it’s really kind of comfy and also there’s a lot of features here for women i’m. Going to stop this review there guys and if you have any questions, just comment below and i’m going to reply to you and and i’m going to make a video for you.

And if you have any requests.