I’Ve been testing it around for two weeks and it’s got roughly around 60. Now the honor band 6 can be found for around 50 pounds, 50 euros or 50 dollars. Obviously, depending on where you live, and if you’re interested in purchasing links in description below will take you to your relevant stores now also down there, you’ll find links to my social media platforms. So if you’re on instagram or twitter i’d very much appreciate to follow, and furthermore, if you’re interested in keeping up with the latest news or reviews on all electric or hybrid vehicles do check out totally eevee i’m effectively doing a new car review every single week. So to kick things off, let’s talk about the actual, build quality and design, and here i really like what honor have done now. This is the honor band 5 on the right hand, side and on the left hand side is the honor band 6.. You can see how the new generation is a lot larger to be specific. The honor band 6 has a 1.47 inch amoled color display, as you can see, and it’s fully touch screen and we’ll talk talk about that in just a bit in terms of its functionalities. In terms of the design of it, it’s actually not too thick, either it’s very much similar to the honor band 5. and in terms of style. It comes in three different colors over here you can see it’s a fully black one.

You can see the heart rate, one constantly flashing, because look at the heart rate monitor as enabled and again we’ll touch upon in terms of features a bit later now, it’s also 5 atm rated. In other words, you can fully submerge this and actually use this for swimming, if you so wish. So, if you’re someone who is a swimmer, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can take this out and not have to worry about it. Now, when it comes to charging it’s, actually very intuitive, as it’s got this magnetic clasp, which kind of fits on on one way and at the other end it’s got a type a port, whilst the honor band 5 has this kind of plastic mechanism which fits on And personally, i wasn’t a fan of it initially because it’s a little bit faffy to kind of plug in and furthermore, it’s something that can be a little bit annoying each time, you’re trying to figure out which way you have to plug it in that is no Longer the case with the honor band 6 – and i must say, i’m very impressed with honors progression over here. Furthermore, in terms of actual battery life, it will give you around 14 days of battery life. If you were to use it in medium usage and if you use it for heavy usage on a claim that you’ll get around 10 days of battery life, now from my test, i actually found for around two weeks of usage on, i would say medium to high Usage, it was very much well incredible, i’ve only charged it once and you can see it’s still at 60 percent, which i find pretty incredible for a wearable with a relatively large size screen now in terms of the design and the actual fit.

I have no issues whatsoever, i think honor i’ve actually smashed it out of the park, because it’s got a multitude of different notches for you to adjust, and so therefore, if you’ve got small, medium or large size, wrist you’re not going to have a problem and in Terms of the design itself, it doesn’t take too much space on your wrist. In other words, it doesn’t feel bulky or large, whereas other wearables will have that sort of feeling, and for someone like myself, who doesn’t actually like wearing a watch in the first place, i was actually pretty taken back by the honest band 6, whereby i was actually Comfortable wearing it for prolonged amount of time so now, let’s move on to the watch itself and there’s a button found on the right hand, side and that allows you to essentially wake it or go through the different options now first off in terms of the watch. If you were to scroll from the top to the bottom, what you’ll see is a quick menu and you can also access the watches settings directly from there now going back into the menu over here. If we go up, you can see over here. You’Ve got some messages that you can access. So in this respect, you can just look at your glance at your messages and in some respects you can reply to them. If you were to scroll to the other side, it will go through the different menus.

So, as you can see over here, i’m just scrolling through and there’s all the different menus that you can have now, you can customize these but it’s just nice to see that you’ve got a whole host of them built in and in terms of the watch face Itself, if you were to hold it down, you can actually switch between the watch faces directly from there now we’re going to talk about the app integration in just a bit, but i just thought to show what you can actually do via the watch itself. Now, if i click on the button, you’ve got this pretty comprehensive menu system, as you can see there’s loads of different options. Now, if we go into the workout one, which will be maybe of interest to most people, you can have a other workout, which is something i did when i was going to play tennis, but you can also have other ones over here. So, for example, if you’re going to do an indoor walk or outdoor walk, you can do it via there and you can just start your workouts going back. You’Ve got your heart rate and your spo2. Now, the heart rate you can have it enabled continuously, as it is right now or you can have it as a heart rate, monitor when you when and if you want it. So if you were to press on it, it will give you a heart rate me reading, so you can see right now, it’s constantly measuring it.

You’Ve got spo2 which again works in the same sort of way. You just have to be still and it’s going to record your sp02, and it gives you a rating of upon that now what i will say in terms of spo2 and even terms of their heart rate, if you’re someone who has health conditions or you’re someone who’s A fitness fanatic, i wouldn’t rely on a wearable that is on your wrist, namely one that’s under budget in this respect, i’d. Very much urge you to get one that’s mounted on your chest or indeed consult your doctor. Now you’ve also got activity records. If you click on that, you can see your kind of goals that you’ve done and in terms of calories and distance and all that stuff, and you can even see your step count as you can see. I’M, not very someone who really exercises that much at the moment, but nevertheless you’ve got that and you’ve also got a sleep monitor. So i don’t actually use this feature, but i can see some people wanting to use it. But you’ve got this sleep counter which basically lets you know how well you’re sleeping you’ve also got a stress monitor, which i actually found quite interesting. You can see right now, i’m, not feeling stressed at all, while doing this video that’s kind of surprising, but anyway, but yeah. This is um. It tests the heart rate, variability and it’s quite interesting in terms of how it does this and in terms of how it measures it.

So it again is a little bit of an indicator as how you’re doing you’ve also got some breathing exercises which you can initiate, and you can also you know, go through it in terms of what you want to do in terms of music wise. This is in terms of controlling your music on your phone and in my respect, i use the power amp application and i had no issues actually controlling music on this playing pause. Previous next and the volume slider is a little bit fiddly as it was on the band 5, but given the fact that you’ve got extra real estate with the screen, it makes it slightly easier to interact with you can go through your notifications, as i showed you Before and you’ve got your weather now, this you can enable or disable via the app, but you can see right now in terms the weather right now. It’S 8 degrees centigrade outside and it’s cloudy in putney, which is great and then you’ve got a stopwatch, which is actually a feature i actually used more than i actually thought i would use um, because i do variety of exercising and all the strengthening exercises is because I’Ve got a problem with my foot and in this respect i actually time my exercise because it it has like 30 second intervals and stuff like that. So i used to do this press stop and then your restart and you can do lap times as well.

If you so wish in terms of playing pausing, so i just really like the fact that stopwatch is built into that. So you don’t have to consult your phone. You’Ve got a timer alarm, a torch, a find a phone feature, so it’ll find your phone. Of course you’d have to have the app for that in order to make that work, and then you’ve got the general settings where you can adjust in terms of display. So you can go through the watch faces over here as well. You can adjust what favorites you’ve got so in other words, if you want to adjust which are the favorites when you’re scrolling left and right and you can completely delete them. As you remember, i was just flicking through them, it’s nice, to see that you can customize that as well, you’ve got the brightness and in terms of advanced mode it’s, just in terms of how long the screen remains on. In my case, i actually use it at the auto mode, but just for the purpose of this video and for me testing, i use it at 20 seconds. It comes with a little warning to say, obviously the longer you have it: the lower battery life that you’ll have, which is pretty much obvious with any sort of device. That alone are wearable the vibration intensity. You can enable or disable that, in my case, i have it on soft, because i like to have a slight little vibration, but not to be overly distracting.

You can enable or disable a do not disturb mode work out settings as well. You can have this set to automatically detect when you’re doing a workout so detect when you’re doing some movements and therefore initiates your workout, which can be useful but again is going to consume battery. So it’s up to you in terms of how active you are and if it’s, something that you might actually use and if you go into the system, you can of course power it off reset it all together, if you’re, for example, giving it to a friend or Family and give a little bit of information about the actual device itself. What i want you to take away from this is the fact that it’s absolutely really comprehensive of the amount of features and the sort of settings that you can access directly from the watch watch itself without having to resort to the app which isn’t the same. That could be said about all wearables out there on the market, but it’s lovely, to see the honor i’ve integrated this at a budget price, so the amount of customization and what you can actually do – doesn’t actually stop there, because then it extends on to the huawei Health app so for those who might not be aware, honor and huawei are not say part of the same company, but effectively pretty much stem out the same place. Now, what you’ll be able to see over here on the health app is that you’ve got even more data that you can access, which is obviously taken from your wearable and in this respect also um accounts for let’s, say steps you’ve done on your phone.

So if you go over here, you can see on the information tab. It will give you the fact that it’s packing up your phone and a wearable. At the same time now you can get some detailed reports in terms of what you’ve done so, for example, over here when i was playing some tennis, you can see over here. The average bpm was 115 bpm 40 minutes, and then you even got a really nice chart which gives you an indication as to what the exercise was looking like. It did quite not pick up the fact that i was doing some extreme or anything like that. I mean i’m, not exactly an extreme type of player when it comes to tennis, i’m, quite casual, but it’s just nice to see that there’s a breakdown, i think it’s, maybe a little bit off in terms of what it actually thought i was doing. But i was using the custom workout mode so i’m, not sure if that would really apply. If you went on a run, for example, then, in terms of heart rate, you can see in terms of measuring i’ve, i mostly don’t have the heart rate as constantly enabled, but you can see today, it’s been measuring it consistently and you can see the different fluctuations And when there is um different spikes as well, moving on from there you’ve got a sleep monitor, as i said before, that it’s, not something that i actually use, you can have the weight monitor as well.

It’S again, not something i’ll actually use stress level again, something that i showed before that’s. The fact that i didn’t really have that much stress quite interesting to see that and then your sp02 as well in my case, i’ve recorded it twice and it’s been fine but you’re looking for figures above 95. If not, you should really consult your doctor. But again you can see that you’ve got a variety of different things over here now. One thing i forgot to mention and that’s actually because i’m, not a female who’s, um who’s men who’s got menstrual cycle in this respect. It can also give you an indication of your menstrual cycle, so you can set it in terms of your days and you can customize it through the app as well. In this respect – and i think that’s quite useful for the ladies out there who are um – who, who are going to use that function or use an app normally, you can actually use your wearable as in the honor band 6. In order to do that, so a real small feature, but actually quite can be quite big for the ladies out there. Now. As for the exercise, tab you’ve got even more options over here where you can enable an exercise via the app instead of going via the watch again, you can choose a different type of workouts that you are going to be doing again further, emphasizing the point that You’Ve got a lot of different features that you can choose, and there is a lot of workouts as well, and even courses that you can even follow now.

As for the device, you can actually go into device settings directly via the app you can change. The watch faces as you would do on the app, and it gives you again an indication of the battery life and how it’s actually performing today. Otherwise, in like what how many steps and things that you’ve done today and you can got the different settings so, for example, the health monitoring one, the one i was mentioning before – i don’t – actually have this enabled continuously. So the heart rate monitoring. But you can have it enabled and of course that will drain a bit of your battery life, but the health monitoring one is useful with those people who just want to have a constant eye on their health in terms of their well their bpm, their their heart Rate now you’ve got some help: information troubleshooting alarm that you can set over here the weather reports you can enable or disable again. This will um access your location and will also use a bit of extra battery. So you might want to disable that if you don’t care about not knowing what the weather is like, but in my case i find it quite interesting in terms of notifications, i really love the fact that you can enable it or disable it per app that you’ve Got installed and it’s really nice to that that you have this option. So, in my case, i don’t want to get notifications from let’s, say android, auto when i’m doing car testing or my emails, because i get quite a few emails but i’d like to know.

When someone sent me a message on messenger or via messages or let’s, say, for example, on whatsapp, so it’s nice, the fact that you can customize it or you can actually completely disable it if you don’t want the um, the wearable actually showing up any notifications whatsoever. Now, as for the me tab, this is actually used for your own settings, your your own user setting, rather than the wearable settings, but they do interact as well. So, for example, if you were to go into settings and then into heart rate, limit and zones you can set in terms of your limits or notifications that you might want to or not receive via wearable, if your heart rate exceeds a certain level again, you can Customize the unit, so you can have metric or imperial the notification management that’s, not only for notification of the wearable, but also notification on the app itself. So you can have a step counter by the app and showing on your notification tray and by the way. In case you’re wondering why those pop ups are coming up: that’s because i’m on airplane mode and it requires data and or connection. So when you’re adjusting these settings, it adjusts it on the fly. So, even if you had a different device and specifically if you’re using huawei’s cloud, then you will synchronize all the devices all in one and you can have some metals and stuff like that, which i find interesting.

But the main thing over here is the fact. You’Ve got extra settings that you can customize and furthermore, you can look into statistics and data and actually even get reports directly from the app now and i’ve gone through a lot of the features and what it can do, but there’s some things that it can’t do. As well – and it might be expected at this price point – there’s no built in gps – so therefore it’ll be using your phone’s gps if you’re going to be using it on a run. Furthermore, it doesn’t have built in bluetooth, in other words, for your music. So therefore, it can’t output, music and therefore you can also not store music on the device itself, so it’s, another kind of limitation in terms of you having to have your phone. If you want to have music on the go you’re going to go for workouts and furthermore, in terms of the overall accuracy again, i have talked about this quite a few times throughout this review. But in my case i am definitely unfit at the moment and while i have been practicing taekwondo for over a decade, my form is absolutely terrible. And when i went to the back guard – and i was just trying to look in terms of how my heart rate was increasing or decreasing – i did find that the measurement was a little bit hit and miss. Now. You should bear in mind that you’re going to want to have the wearable quite tight on in order to get a accurate measurement.

But if you have it quite loose like when i normally have it loose, then the measurement won’t be as realistic. So another thing that you should kind of bear in mind in terms of if you want an accurate measurement while you’re doing a workout, and i did have it pretty tight on when i was doing taekwondo. But i just still found it to be a little bit hit and miss so again, re emphasizing my point in terms of the overall accuracy that you should expect from a wearable device of this nature, be it a this wearable or any other wrist wearable again, if You’Re someone who’s going to be using it on a more serious level. Then you might want to look into other solutions and truthfully. This really leads me on to my verdict. If you’re, not someone who is going to be using it for those purposes, in other words, for medical reasons in terms of health reasons that you might have – or indeed, if you’re a fitness fanatic and you want to have all the data and, for example, gps tracking. If you’re going to go out on a run and kind of figure out how many miles you’ve done all that stuff – and you want really accurate data, then you should look at some other wearable, which is either more expensive or indeed a chest wearable, which will give You that more accurate health measurements, but despite this fact for most people such as myself, it’s, just a really nice device, which gives you all that data looks pretty slender and sleek and furthermore, is actually really affordable at around 50 pounds.

50 euros around 50 dollars. So, as a result, i really do like this wearable and for its purpose. I think it really does deserve my best buy award now, of course, that’s. Just my thoughts and opinions about it so be intrigued to hear your thoughts in the comments section below, and it goes without saying if you like this video, give it a like subscribe and, of course hit that bell notification.