Smart watch so i’m, bringing to you the honor 6 band – and i picked this up on ebay for 58.99. This uh caught my eyes it was am – is a 1.4 inch screen. Amoled display we’re gon na get right into it. I’M gon na do unboxing i’m gon na tell you everything that comes in it and i’ll. Tell you a little bit on what i know and uh let’s just get right into it. So here we go okay, so guys i am back right now this now i got this in the mail today i saw this on ebay like i said it was 58 and um. I saw some good reviews on this one on this watch, so i wanted to get it um. Unfortunately, unless you’re korean chinese uh and you guys can read chinese because i can’t read it, but i know that it says it has it um. So, just letting you know up here, it’s an honor, let you know that it’s six i’m guessing this stuff says honor band, and you turn to the back of it. Has some more chinese language right here, it’s, let i do see it says nfc it has on here, and it says emily at the top right here and that’s. Really all i know so. We’Re gon na get right into it and see what it’s all about. So let me crack this open right here and talk a little bit about it.

So let me get right into this thing. Okay, so it says it has a storage of one gigabyte it’s, a 1.4 uh 1.4 47 inch screen so that’s pretty cool. It is metal and plastic. This thing is hard to open, so sorry, guys and then okay, i’m kind of like messing up this box as i’m. Talking about it and okay, oh finally, got it into it. Okay, so when you open the box, you are greeted by the manual so that’s it it’s all in chinese, so, okay, so we’re gon na mess with that and um. I think you know some phones have a language translator. I think all phones, you can download the app if you want to so once again, i’m still having trouble getting into this thing. So that’s like christmas, trying to get into this thing: okay, so kind of screwed up the box, so so okay, so here is the band right here and you have like a little red power button i’m guessing this is the bands feel really really nice on here And you got, i guess: that’s your heart meter and all that stuff, so we’re gon na put that to the side. They give some stickers, and i guess this is like the serial number so i’m, not gon na show that and what else comes in in the box. Is you got a charging cable right there and the prongs to hook onto the back of it, and i guess it is it just goes like i mean, maybe i have it backwards? Oh there you go so yep, pretty sturdy, pretty sturdy.

So, okay, they on there pretty tightly so let’s peel this off right here, a little sticky thing. If i can, i had it at first peel that off right there and it says amulet so we’re going to be starting up right here. So you know it’s! Let you know it’s power up: oh that’s that’s, a nice screen just looking at it, so you’re greeted by that right there i don’t know if you can see it, but you agreed about that so it’s telling me do. I want to select english uk or english i’m, just like english, that oh gosh, this this screen is nice, it’s, it’s, really really nice that’s. Let me see if i can focus look at that screen right. There that’s a nice screen. Okay, so it says, install huawei health on your phone and pair okay. Then it gives you a scan board. Wow. This thing is nice right here this is a little bit about it. The device is the honor band, six model, mac version. It says: 10.1. Okay, you guys this is. When i tell you this is uh. I can see the ambulance here, it’s, it’s, nice. Let me see okay, says or swipe up to scan bar wow. This is nice, okay, so i’m gon na try to get this thing fixed up. So i can see what’s going on with this and then i’ll be back so stay tuned, okay guys. So i am back right now.

I just got done pairing it with my phone. What you’re going to do? Is you whatever phone you have you? Will you want to download the honor? Let me sorry about that. I was going through all this. You want download the the honor health app right there and let me see you go to devices and you’re gon na this thing is gon na link up which your phone right there, as you see and it’s on eighty six percent and it’s letting you know about All the stuff you have health um, you got health motion right there. You got help. You got alarm, you got weathers weather. You got notification. Devices, restore factory, restore all that stuff right there on your phone. Here you got a little heart up in the corner. Right here – and you got your 86 really nice layout when i got it when i tell you guys, this is a really nice layout, it really is, and you get your steps right there and you got this nice little a clock widget now, if you hold it Down, let me see if you can switch it. Okay, let me it gives you a little vibration so slide to the side. You got one, you got another clock right, there slide it to another, got another clock right there and you just keep sliding it until you find the one that you’re looking for and it seems like they got a lot of them like okay.

It stops right there. Okay, any pop it up and there’s thing right there, sorry guys about that. It must be the light right there. So yeah so got that. So you press this little button the red button, and then you got your workout. You got your workout recording your health rate. You got spot two, you got active, recording sleep, stress, breathing exercise, you have music, your notification guys. This is a beautiful display, real beautiful display. You get your weather, get your al pay stopwatch, timer alarm, flashlight find phone and you got your settings and unless you know about your display, you get. This is a watch phase favorites, very, very nice. Okay, then you just press the button and you go back and say you know all about that stuff. Now you swipe down when guys, when i tell you this. This is nice i’m i’m not lying to you. This is a nice watch right here, um it’s it’s! So crazy how they can pack so much into this display, and it just looks beautiful for 58 dollars. If this is a this should be like a like a two like 150 200 watch, i mean literally i’m just it should be like a 200 watch. It’S really nice, the display is beautiful. Beautiful with this thing get your music, you can press. Let me see if anything can play on here. Okay, so search your music there’s, no music right now, probably don’t have no music in it start the music on your phone.

Okay, like that, so get your weather. Let me know: i’m gon na cedar hill got ta change that because that celsius and you get your health nice well guys. When i tell you this is a nice nice watch um, it really is. I i want to get my review on here. You guys, i’m. Sorry about the the whole the light. Let me see if i turn the light off of here. Can you see it better? I think you can so, and some of you guys see the reflection of that right there and then i think it has that uh. Let me see when it goes door. You can like lift it up and you can see it. Oh yeah, pretty good okay, so it has that motion when you just lift the wrist motion, so it’s pretty cool guys. I wanted to get my review on this watch. It’S very, very nice um go check this out on ebay 58 dollars. You cannot lose with that. Very, very nice, amoled really nice. I have a samsung it’s nice. I have uh google, but i got ta tell you. This is a very nice one really go check this out. I really recommend this so let’s uh comment below i mean let’s. I will comment below if you want to know more about this watch um, i will put it on my instagram and um like i said please. Let me turn this light back on. Let’S don’t forget to like subscribe hit that bell button um i’m doing some giveaways.

I’M open up to new ideas, because i got different stuff for different ones of my videos that i’m going to be putting on my giveaway, but this is only going to be when i reach a thousand subscribers we’re, only 50 there and um. If you know somebody, you know they boy, they want to look at some youtube. Please tell them about my show and let’s get right to it.