We will unbox and review the brand new honor band 6. inside the package. We have the extra strap champlain. We also have the honor band 6 on its box and the last one we have the screen protector Music. Now let’s unbox the device inside the box, we have the honor band 6 itself, and this is how it looks like aside from the device. We also have the free charging, cable or the magnetic charging cord Music. We also have the user manual written in both english and chinese characters. Music now let’s begin with the device on the right side in a power button on the left is the honor banding now let’s power on the device to power on the device, just one tap and hold the power button on the right side of the screen until The owner branding appears on your screen and since this is our first time, booting up the device, we have to set it up first by setting the language and pairing it with our device or smartphone to pair it with our smartphone. We must have the huawei health app available now on app gallery play, store and apple store. Music. Now here are the best features of this trackband. First, it has a 1.47 inch amoled display that produces deep blacks and vibrant colors, a battery life that can last after 14 days or two weeks and also 10 workout modes Applause. Music. This is also powered by the huawei trucin 4.

0 heart rate, monitoring that can monitor our heart rate or beats per minute. 24. 7.. This device is also powered by huawei through sleep 2.0, sleep tracking. This can monitor our sleeping classifications, whether it is ram, deep sleep or light sleep. It is also capable of monitoring our blood oxygen, saturation or sp, auto monitoring. We will talk about this feature later on, as we move to the second part of this review. Another feature of this device is the bluetooth 5.0 connectivity in this kind of connectivity. We will no longer experience any lag issues, delays or any connection problems. This device is also protected from water damages because it can be submerged up to 50 meters below the water Music, and since this is a fitness track bun, it is also sweat proof, Applause, Music, now, let’s talk about the display. As i said, this has a 1.47 inch amoled display that produces deep blacks and vibrant colors. This feature is also important to show us the details of our workouts Music because of its large display. We can now easily control the track band by swiping up and down. Reading the text and recognizing the icons 1.47 inch display is not usually common among all track band available in the market, but because we here now have cornerband 6. We cannot experience the ease of controlling the fitness, trackman display and reading the text without hassle, Music Applause, Music. Now let’s talk about the best peeling features of the honor band 6.

As a fitness track band the first one, we have the heart rate monitoring. You can now actually monitor your heart rate or beats per minute. 24. 7.. Aside from that, we also have the sp auto monitoring or also known as blood oxygen saturation, just tap it and wait until it ends the measurement of your blood oxygen, saturation, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, monkey. Let us now talk about the workout modes of the honor band 6.. As i said earlier, we have 10 workout modes available in this track bed, so the first one we have the outdoor land. We also have the indoor run. We also have outdoor walk. We also have indoor walk aside from that. We also have outer cycle. We also have indoor cycle. We also have full swim, elliptical, rover and other now, if ever your workout is not available on this trackman, you can still use this just tap on the other. Here you can see your heart rate. The calories are burning and the time Music, while using the trackband. You can still actually control your music. You can also access the alipay now for music control. You can control the volume up and down. You can also play and posture music and play next: Music Applause. Music. Now let’s talk about the customization on this device in this device, the honor band 6. You can actually change your wallpapers as you can see on the screen. I have one i have two.

I have three wallpapers at a time to do this in this way. Just go on to your smartphone’s huawei health. App click on devices. Click on watch faces click, mine, tap on the wallpaper you’re about to change. Click. Add tap on gallery.