So what could that be? So before we do that let’s? Do a quick, swatch check on my left wrist? I am wearing the rze, resolute, cobalt, blue i’ve done a full review for this particular watch. Please go ahead and check that out, so it is on a smartwatch uh, silicone strap, which for me looks absolutely nice and fits the color tone of the watch and the case uh and the bit blasted case and on my right wrist. I have the uh what they call this honor band. Five. Oh, i know band five ace ace, smart, not a smart watch, but a fitness tracker that i’ve been using for the past one whole year. Absolutely absolute bargain this! This thing is in, but what is inside? The pouch packaging list tear it open. Yeah, oh yeah, come on come on yeah a bit of violence. Won’T hurt, won’t, hurt the watch, i think so just tear the thing off and boom we have. Oh, we have a free, strap, not really freelance, because i have to pay for them right anyway. So, okay, so we have a green color, strap with some tools here, let’s check them out before we check out the product itself. Let’S just put that away. It mentioned huh. Finally, it mentions here dark gray, but it is in green what the hell guys, what the hell all right. So it is in green uh, a bit dark, green and uh. It features a okay, so we have a dark green with a black keeper.

Here very nice and at the back i don’t know what to call this a hook system right. So let me see if i can just focus in yep a hook. Fist system that you maybe can you can. I don’t know i don’t mean let’s let’s, just see how the original strap looks like right. So this is the green color strap that i’ve got extra. So we have oh okay, this one this bit here right. So let me just take it out from the plastic. This is a screwed flat screwdriver. I have no idea what this thing is. Maybe is. It is used to to pry this. What do you call this? This is basically a stopper for the uh folder strap right, so let’s put that back so put that back in the plastic bag, because you don’t want to lose one of these and let’s check out what is inside the box right so put that in all right. So immediately there are chinese writing. So this is a smart band or smart watch from china and boom all right and yeah. It mentioned owner, but we have this white wipe all right, so let’s just take it off. Yes, this is the brand new honor band. Six right so on a pen, six, so let’s just see if i can open this without using any knifes whatsoever, because my knife, i don’t, really know where the heck did. My knife went to all right, so let’s take off the tape here, all right so boom.

Okay, so now there’s a tab here, guys easy to take out and all right, so we have a pink on a band 6, so obviously i’m not going to be wearing pink. So this is not for me. This is for my wife right so let’s see what is inside the packaging. We have the, maybe the cable, the cable and the manual instruction uh how to take this one, okay, so yeah. We have cable here, charging cable, oh okay, and we have a manual instruction which i can’t read a kai. So maybe it is a quick, quick guide, something like that and it is written in chinese. What the heck? Oh, no, no all right! So hopefully the watch is, does have an english english language option inside it and we have a usb type a here with this magnetic uh magnetic uh charging thing so where to put or maybe like so, oh okay, so that’s nice, that’s, quite strong, actually, the magnet Some of the cheaper smart watches or smart uh or fitness tracker have this very, very um, weak, magnet, magnet right so it’s, i don’t know it’s totally not unusable, but yeah it’s easy to the watch will easily drop right, so let’s check out to watch itself. So so we have a honor and honor written a science signed, strap here with that prong inside it, so that the the strap won’t slide out right so similar to the ones that i have in this one and the this again black plastic keeper.

Here and yes, we have uh yeah. I think that is just now. The black beads is for you to slide into that portion and back off the watch right so yeah. It mentions here owner model number blah blah blah. I can’t really read those and we have the this tracker thing here and we have an honor stamped at the side of the watch and there is a power button here. Let’S let’s power up this thing. If it okay, so yeah, you can see that we have an honor. It starts with the honor writing. Maybe you should just peel the sticker off peel the sticker off and select english or not. Can i select okay, install health on your phone and play with on a band or swipe up? I am using a huawei phone, a huawei phone as a as camera, so i can’t really install it and i have installed the uh health app, but i can’t really connect it connect it with the watch right now, swipe out or scan to pair, oh okay. So language reset about and yep i have apparently i have to post this video before we can get into the watch. Okay, so let’s i’ll see you later, okay, guys so i’ve managed to connect with the watch and yeah. You can see that it starts with this sunny day, it’s in bungie all right. So this is the button to wake up the watch itself and slide on.

You have a music controller here. Of course it doesn’t have any. I think it doesn’t have any um built in memory for you to store your your music whatsoever, but yeah. We have an open, alipay version. I don’t use alipay, so it doesn’t really matter. Okay, and what is this uh? Oh, maybe this is the status of my uh, my workout today uh since i’ve just opened this voice so i’m, not gon na have any status here so steps. How many, how many 30 minutes, maybe i’m, not really sure slide? Oh, we have the watch face right. So it is 4, 20 p.m, sunday, the 11th of april, so we have 83 percent of battery remaining there and we have our heartbeat. And what is this? Oh, my god, what uh? This is a step counter. I have no idea what this is. Maybe this is um. This is the heartbeat right so i’m, not no idea all right. So, okay, so this is your heartbeat status, 88 beats per minutes and per hour and that’s about it right, uh, maybe not so dearly i’m resting here so how to okay? So, just just okay, so go back to the main function and slide up and down or down. Oh okay! So push this button and you have this workout. Let me let’s. We have outdoor run in the run out of walk in the work outdoor cycle in the cycle. What, oh? You can swim with this thing.

This thing too right, uh, elliptical, rover, others, okay, so uh touch back, go back and no, oh, okay, push the button work out. Workout records heart rates, sp02 yeah. We can measure our our oxygen level oxygen level in our blood activity records. It can track your sleep. It can track your stress level, okay. So how does it do how the heck does it do that? Okay, so let’s just see? How does it track? Yours? My stress level am, i currently stressed out. Okay, so sorry guys, i have to do this behind the camera. Okay, i’ve put it on my wrist and let’s, see how it measures my stress, enable automatic stress, that’s in health. Ah, no i’m, not gon na happen because i didn’t set it up just yet on this particular watch, because it is not my watch right so i’m not going to be wearing pink pen, uh watch anytime soon, so just press the again uh breathing excess wow breathing Exercise so moderate, so how how to do this? Please keep still two seconds inhale and exhale exhale. Okay, i have to hold apparently exhale and breathe all right i’m, not gon na stop there because i’m, not gon na be i’m. Not gon na bore you with this uh breathing exercise thingy. Okay, so you can of course control your music. You can have a remote shutter, remote shutter here, come on right, remote, shutter, here notifications and the weather alipay blah blah.

Ah, basically, we have all of the different uh styles stopwatch timer alarm a torch, how the heck, oh okay, so this one can be used as a torch. It just become become it has that white screen here and you can, you know just just lighten up your room right so find the phone. Okay so and settings let’s see what is inside the setting. You can adjust the display. We can adjust the vibration. You can put the do not do not disturb mode workout setting system and about uh device name honor band 6, c90 mod 92 model, argb, 3, 9 mac address version, blah blah blah all in all. Quite a nice watch right. I just love how how big this thing is so it’s not really that big to be completely honest, so let’s, just let’s, just let’s, just compare it to my honor band 5, which is this one right so i’m. I i wear this thing to sleep. I wear this thing to anywhere i go, so you can see that it is just a bit bigger compared to the uh pen on the band six, but not that big uh yeah. I just think this is the right size right. So what do you guys? Think of this new model from honor. I think it is a great option if you want to go for something. That is not that big, but still very, very nice check out that vibrant display. So i think this one can be changed as well: okay, nope, okay, nope, nah nah, i think yeah.

I i i didn’t install the new the face of the watch just yet, oh okay, so it come free. It came pre installed with uh. Quite a lot of um face soup to be honest right, so what do you guys think of this particular watch, the honor band 6? I think, as i’ve just had this for about a few minutes, so i already i i already. I think my wife would love this and don’t tell her. I bought this one anyway, so if you guys like this kind of video, please give me a thumbs up. If you want to see more future video reviews or tech, video reviews such as this one, please go ahead and comment down below so normally i don’t really do tech, but once in a while, but once in a while, i you know it’s a kind. A nice change, in my opinion, yeah, if you guys, if you guys want me to do more videos such as such as this please do comment and, of course, subscribe to my channel until next time.