So it’s been almost nine months now. Okay, so here you can see the box. Okay of the smart watch, so it comes with a charger. A gradle charging cradle, which you can easily stick. It’S got a magnet so which easily sticks to the back okay and then you can just connect the usb type c cable and, as you can see here, it starts charging okay. So the in order to get the watch completely charged. It takes approximately about 45 minutes to an hour’s time, approx that’s uh. What i would say, however, once charge the battery is really good. So with one charge i am able to use it continuously for close to 14 days, i would say, and the screen is really bright, as you can see. Okay, so the watch i would say, the build quality is really good. It’S completely made out of matter. The watch face and it’s uh it’s. The entire thing is 46 mm it’s an amoled screen with a nice belt so and it has got a lot of features like you’ve got it. You can take the stress car uh steps. Count. Then you’ve got the heart rate. Monitor then, it shows you how many how many calories have been burned. You can control your music here from here through when it’s connected to bluetooth. It shows you the weather, it also shows the stress level heart rate monitor and you can even change. The watch faces easily. You just need to press it down like this, and then you can go through all the different watch faces.

Okay, i’ve just changed that and you can add a new one as well through the app which is available in the play, store so and then you’ve got many other features like you’ve got different workouts you’ve got spo2, which can measure the oxygen level than you. It does you can wear it to monitor your sleep pattern. It shows you your breathing quality as well as, if you want you can do some exercises as well. The breeding exercises are there available as well, then also it shows you the call log you can. If you have contacts here, you can make a call directly from the watch through bluetooth. So if it is connected through bluetooth, you can also receive the call you can reject the call as well. Then it it has got compass available here, as you can see. Okay, so then also you’ve got flashlight so and it’s really bright in a dark room, and if it is connected to your mobile, then there’s a feature called find my phone as well. So if you press that your phone starts ringing that way, you know where you have kept your mobile, so the battery life is really good and definitely i would recommend the smart watch to anyone who is looking for a complete a what a smart watch, which is Complete, it is very suitable for everything you need be taking calls uh from your smart watch is really loud as well or be it to monitor your health, your fitness everything so in case, if you have any questions, feel free to drop it in the comment.

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