You might be thinking, I really really want them, but they are just out of my price range. So in today’s, video I’ve got a product which is not only stylish with good, build quality, pretty decent specs, but it undercuts both of those products pretty drastically. We are, of course, talking about the Huawei honor magic SmartWatch, so without further a due let’s get straight to it. Like I said today, we’re talking about the honor magic SmartWatch. Now honor is a sub brand of Huawei. You may have heard of honor before the likes of their smartphones. They do many other products as well, including this little bad boy SmartWatch. So, firstly, I’m gon na talk some of the specs and then I’m gon na talk about pros and cons. What I like what I don’t like, and what I think that this product is for I’m, also going to show you footage of the kind of mini unboxing that I did to show you. What comes in the box so first off let’s talk. Specs it’s got 60 megabytes of RAM 128 megabytes of storage got the GPS NFC payment 50 meters, water resistant it’s got a 1.2 inch AMOLED display, and I must say that the actual display on here is really really good And the brightness also it’s got a hundred And 78 mAh battery capacity and as we’re on battery, I have to say that I’ve been using this now since the last charge anywhere I’ve been using it for about two and a half days on and off and I’ve still got 25 battery left.

So in my usage, I’ll probably get somewhere around three days used before I need to charge it in the actual charge. Time is just two hours using the magnetic charging base that come in the box and the type c charging cable. Now this is one of the best charging basses I’ve used on a SmartWatch. Often I find them quite fiddly and difficult to try and match the pins up, etc. This snaps on brilliantly the only downside to how well the magnetic strip actually connects to the watch is that it’ll pretty much connect to anything. So if you’ve got any metal lying around it’s gon na pick up that disc, so just be careful about that now, that’s! Your design and build quality of this watch kind of left me in two parts. Originally, when I first took out of the box, I was thinking I like the strap. I actually thought it was real leather I’m. Not gon na lie it’s actually silicone on the bottom, which is actually probably a benefit for you, guys who are heavily into your sports or again swimming, and that basically means it’s multi purpose, so you can dress it up, dress it down now, we’ve got like a Plastic base and a metal top the metal ring and again originally, when I open out of the box number one expecting it to be a little bit larger than it appeared so that’s, something to know if you like a massive watch face.

This will probably be too small for you equally on the wrist I’m kind of with my large watch face preferences, push to one side, I’ve kind of adjusted to the size of it, and it now doesn’t, look really too small, again, that’s a benefit for some people. For me again, if you’re being active with it, the size isn’t really going to be a problem. It is small enough to play sports with, but equally it looks like a piece of jewelry and doesn’t. Look like a toy compatible with iOS and Android anywhere from iOS 9, if you’re on Apple or Android 4.4 up now let’s move on now inside the box. You of course get the watch. You get the charging cable, you get the charging base and you get the user manuals now. Unfortunately, these are in Chinese, and this is one of my biggest negatives about this. It was quite difficult to actually set up. It should have been a lot easier. It really was a little bit of a tough, but once I managed to work out what I needed to do was pretty much plain, simple pairing with my smartphone. You have to download like that. While we help up from the Play, Store or iOS App Store and then it’s fairly easy to set up from there, it took me a while to work out which app I needed. It was probably me being an idiot. More than anything, I will probably hold my hands up on that one it’s also fairly light as well.

So if you’re worried about it being heavy and if you’re very active, for example, again you’re not gon na, have too much of a problem now it does have some inbuilt watch faces, which you can select between you’ve got festival. Flint elegant petals you’ve got whether you’ve got heart rate. You’Ve got outdoors, you’ve got Explorer, you’ve got exercise rings, you’ve got dashboard, which is the one I’m currently using you’ve got minimalist. Dark blue traditional sport. Quite a few nice choices. If you swipe to the right, you have your heart rate, which, as I’ve, taken it off it’s, now not really doing a lot. That was on I’d, be slightly worried, stress levels, you’ve got your weather. You’Ve got an a leap. A section you’ve also got your steps. Minutes and time so again, if you’re doing specific bits of exercise, you’ve got a kind of quick toggle there and then, if you press the top right hand, button you’ve got a choice of workout workout records, heart rate activity, records, sleep stress, breathing, exercises barometer, compass, weather Notifications stopwatch timer alarm flashlight Find My Phone and settings a lot of different things on there, but we got through it now in terms of language when you first actually turn it on. It starts in Chinese as soon as you link it to your smartphone. It works at your location and changes the language according you, don’t have to do anything and that’s quite handy. You don’t have to flash any English roms, for example, and that’s always a positive.

Thank You. Honor you’ve also got a specific workout section. So if you press the bottom right button, you have running courses, you’ve got outdoor riding, you’ve got indoor, run, outdoor, walk, climb, outdoor cycle, indoor cycle, pool, swim, open water and others as well. If you swipe down from the top you have no disturb can have Showtime on or off you’ve got fire my phone. If you lose it it’ll stop you press that your phone will start going I’m over here. It won’t do that, but it’ll make a noise you’ve. Also got a lock feature there, so your screen is locked and you press and hold the bottom right button in order to unlock it and you’ve got a Settings tab there, which in there you’ve got your display, so you watch faces and your brightness, which can be Auto – or you can do it manually and on the huawei health app, you can also set up notifications for specific apps, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram email, for example, and when they come through on the watch, it just pops up with your notification watch vibrates and You can scroll through them and have a look for yourself at the different notifications. Now, if you want to get rid of those notifications, you simply scroll all the way to the bottom and press clear. All my only one, disappointment is there’s. No, there doesn’t appear to be a way of interacting with these notifications and also you can’t swipe away them individually.

You can only look at them and then clear all that’s something I would like to see from them on another product going forward. Now I quite like the brown straps on here, but you can’t change them as well. They’Ve just got the little pin you just pick out and then you can attach new ones, so there’s some good customization options on here. Now. Personally, I don’t feel it’s the most premium feeling device, because it’s obviously got half plastic and half metal and it’s slightly smaller than I would person like it. Doesn’T quite have that same weight to it that I would necessarily go for, but equally that makes it better for active wear as well. So for me it’s a very happy medium device. If you want something that looks smart, but also you can be active in it, and this is probably one of the best products you can get right now. The main reasons why I would say not to get this is, if you’re angling, for a slightly more dressy watch or you want something completely for active use, the likes of a Fitbit, for example. Then they are the options that I would probably recommend more outside. Of that, the operating system is very fluid and all in all, I’ll probably be using this, as my daily driver in watches for the foreseeable future Samsung Galaxy watch and nearly four times cheaper than the Apple watch. For now I do have a lot more SmartWater reviews coming over the next couple of months.

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