All right! Well, to start things off, let’s talk about the design and the build quality, so the honor watch es comes in a rectangular, dial and well i’m glad to say that the watch itself feels really premium. It feels well built and glad to see that corner hasn’t cut any costs over here now, speaking about um the straps as well, then it feels comfortable, you can wear it. I mean the strap is of good quality. Now don’t get me wrong: it’s, not extraordinary, but it’s, not too bad, either it’s, somewhere in the middle and overall, when it comes to the design, as well as the build quality, just a big fat thumbs up from my side. Moving on now, let’s talk about the display, so on the honor watch es we get a 1.64 inch amoled display yup. You heard me right amoled, which means the colors pop out. They are super contrasty and the blacks are super deep and well. All in all, the display is just gorgeous now, even under direct sunlight. The honor watch es doesn’t break a sweat, it gets plenty bright and even the viewing angles are also pretty good. I mean it. Doesn’T cut any corners over here. All in all, the display is gorgeous man. So, overall again, no complaints over here up next let’s talk about the sports mode, so the honor watch es supports about 94 odd sports modes. Yup. You heard me right 94, so it doesn’t matter what you do.

You’Re pretty much covered, and you know the thing with huawei and honor fitness trackers is that they are super accurate. It gives you consistent and accurate results. So yeah i mean when it comes to fitness. When it comes to tracking your daily activity, you are pretty much covered and again no complaints over here as well. Now let’s talk about the os and the companion application, so um on on the honor watch, es we get honest, custom, ui and well. It is smooth, it is well optimized, it is responsive, so um overall touches and all it is pretty responsive, no complaints over here. Speaking about the ui, then, if we swipe right, we could access the steps followed by the music control and well. We can actually go ahead, see the weather over here, followed by the heart, monitor readings and well last, but certainly not the least. We can actually go ahead and see our stress level now. Swiping down from the home screen, actually leads us to the quick settings. Toggle and speaking about buttons, then on the honor watch es we have a single button on single pressing it from the home screen. It leads us to the app drawer and that same button does double up as a back button as well. Well speaking about the companion application, then, on the play store, we can go ahead and download the huawei health application by the way it’s available for ios as well. So once we go ahead and open up the application um, we can actually go ahead and see in depth about um.

You know our workouts heart rate, monitoring, spo2, etc, and well we do get the support for 200 plus watch faces so it’s not like you’re going to get bored anytime soon. Now, since it’s an amoled display, we do get about six odd, always on display faces, and, apart from that, the application actually has a lot of features, for example, stress, monitor, music control, receiving notifications and all that good stuff. Now you all know that a tips and tricks video is coming pretty soon, so definitely make sure to keep your eyes wide open for that, and apart from that, the huawei health application is actually super feature rich, and definitely it is one of the best out there Up next let’s talk about the battery life, so honor actually claims that we can get up to 14 days of continuous backup, but in my opinion, that’s stretching it a little bit so expecting about 12 days on a single chart should be pretty good enough and yeah That is also very good in my opinion, but i’m charging the watch from 0 to 100. It should take about 1 hour and 30 minutes and yeah. Just a small side note over here we do get the support for a small proprietary dongle, so um, no type c, no micro, usb no type a charging. We do get a proprietary charger inside the box and overall i mean i’m okay with the battery life, as well as the charging mechanism last, but certainly not the least let’s talk about other things.

So, first up we do get the support for 24 hour. Heart rate, monitoring and well, who are we and honor in terms of all these when it comes to tracking it, it is actually really good. It will give you accurate and consistent results. Apart from that, we do get spo2 monitor. So essentially, this will tell you how much oxygen level is there in your blood now one feature which i found, which is not there on too many of the smart watches out there is stress, monitor so that’s good to see over here, and apart from that, obviously Sleep tracking is present and thanks to huawei’s, true sleep algorithm, i mean sleep tracking is actually super accurate and well apart from that speaking about water resistance, we get the support for 5 atm, so essentially it is resistant up to about 50 meters. So if you’d like to go for a swim in a river, you do not have to think twice and apart from that, the straps are replaceable and since it’s an amoled display, we do get the support for always on display. So, finally, to sum things up, the honor watch es is actually super impressive. If you’re looking for a fitness band in the body of a smart watch and which can do something a little bit more, then you can’t go wrong with the honor watch es i mean i picked it up for about 5k, but usually i’ve seen it uh retail.

For about 6.5 km, and even for that price, i would say it is exceptional man now, by the way, if you’d like to pick one for yourself, i’ll make sure to drop the best buy, link down below in the description box below so do uh make sure To check it out and well uh comparison, video. You already know between the real me watch. S is coming soon followed by the tips and tricks videos. So a lot of content is planned up, so um yeah i’ll leave you guys with that. So um.