I will be posting this and sorry if i knew it because i have like a stuffy nose. Okay, you know with some tough times with me, but i want to show you something: cool, okay, thinking of a group name for everyone that watches okay, i’m. Thinking about what sorry it was charging. I have a thing called a smart watch. It’S a see it now. Sorry i’m, currently in a dark room, and so it has a lot of good stuff on it. I am guys put it back in charging, and this is my longest videos yeah. I want to introduce my sister she’s, a Music hey, pay attention. Hi now stop filming me never because this is going on youtube. Now. Look what it says – and this is my friend ryder, say hi. He is also a youtuber audrey, but she’s not as successful as me. Yes and then i will be trying to do something. Wait hang on and i can lead the way. Okay, what yo guys you are the best fans? Okay, you’re serious! We are so yeah wonder, of course, and crafty one that’s gon na be there we’re gon na beat it gon na beat the youtube algorithm um. I don’t know how to edit so sorry, i’m, sorry, sorry, stuffy nose, house, tour, mama, say hi to youtube hi and that’s my channel mama. Now this is currently in a room it’s my mom’s room, as you can see, it’s pretty good.

Now move on to our bathroom bathroom, okay, charlie. Can you go sit down with that? Okay, i am doing a household went my room Music next and like they like turn the camera, like, oh some sister, oh yeah, you did. This is my sister’s sorry cross. How can you see it see and by the way i’m, not editing? I direct it so guys. This is my huge clever box. You might not see it, you might will okay, okay! This is a funny book. Yeah it’s called rodzo. You just can’t see it from just can’t see so guys. Sorry, if i talk too slow, but it’s called a rockstar, i think sorry and by the way um like recording like edits my voice, so this isn’t my real voice. I can’t do a voice from you and i’m.