This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos i’m, going to show you on how to connect and set up your g30 smartwatch all right. So now guys let’s just go to our qr code and let’s scan this one using our phone. Okay, let’s scan that one okay and let’s open, chrome, okay, so in this case guys is we’re going to download this one from app store. Okay, so let’s click on install okay, so now it’s already downloaded so now, let’s open the application. Okay, so, as you can see guys also in our watch, it is still 12 25 pm, while in our phone it’s already 5 24 p.m. So all we have to do is we’re going to set the time as well, okay, so and also how to connect. So in this case guys so qdf8 would like to use bluetooth so let’s click, ok, ok, let’s turn on our bluetooth case, all right! So now let’s connect the device; okay, so now let’s tap on, add device. Okay, so now let’s tap on g30. Okay. So now it is already successful guys. Okay, so now let’s check the time. Okay, so our time now guys in our watch it’s already 5 25 and in our smartphone it’s, also 5 25 pm. So now, i’m gon na show you also the features of our application. So let’s click on device and now i’m gon na show you on how to change the watch face so let’s tap on dial push okay, so from there guys you can see there the different watch faces and you can also tap on custom dial.

So in this custom dial guys is, you can choose the background that you want, so is it from camera, album so let’s say, for example, you want this one guys this one, so let’s stop on sync, okay, so our watch face. It is already changed guys. Okay, so now let’s move on to another feature. We have here alarm settings. Okay, you can add the alarm clock and heart rate check. Okay, so you can choose that one as well and then let’s try to tap on message push. So when you say message push guys, it means that whenever you have applications like social media like facebook, it will notify you whenever you have a message or a notification. Okay, so let’s also check on find watch, okay, so our g30, it is notifying us okay. It has also a long seat reminder, so it means if you’ve been sitting for a long time. You can check that one as well.