So let’s start and if you are new here, subscribe, my channel and like my channel for more videos and press that bell icon button. So, first of all, you have to get in device open it, and then you have to open play store and then you have to search the app dad fit. As you can see, this is the app now i have to install it. This is the app for the watch now it’s installing so guys. As you can see now, it’s installed now let’s go ahead and open it and you can see on home. You can see the app there that’s it. You have to press on it and it’s telling you to set your profile, so let’s go ahead and do that you have to allow these on, as you can see, add bracket to get more health information. So you have to first turn on your bluetooth and then, as you can see, this is the watch. Vsw001. You have to click it now it’s connecting connectors as input device. Now you can, you have to come here and press on add device and, as you can see, this is the bsw001 watch. You connect it. As you can see, it shows the battery life of the watch. 92. Let me show you some features where you can see. Watch faces you can download. If you want more watch faces, you can go here and there is thousands of watch faces and you click on one and press download.

So there is an icon of downloading on the watch. You can download it like this and then it will be automatically put it on your watch as you can see, it’s right now, downloading it as you can see. As you can see, this is the same one which i downloaded and if you want to put picture of yours, so you have to press edit on the picture here you can see and you have to press select picture, and here you select the picture and press The tick mark – and here is your picture and you can set the collect of the time bracket as you can see, and then, if you have done that, you can change time position below done now, it’s below and above time date, heart rate and steps, and you Press save now it’s switching background. That means it’s downloading the, and once that is done, your picture will be put on the face of your watch. You turn on the watch. You will see your face picture as you can see it is completed here. If you turn on your watch, you can see you can allow notifications like you can set alarms, and next one is the shutter here you can see it’s same camera and you can see the camera on your phone and if you place it on something. So if you press this camera button like this, you can change the camera and take a selfie like this, and you can upgrade it from here and here you can see your steps, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and blood, oxygen and outdoor running.