com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, here is our third video review of this popular premium, looking smartwatch, okay from cospet. What we have here is the cosmet magic 3 smartwatch and this time we’re going to install okay it’s support app. Okay, talking about the support app, it is using the defeat support app available on ios and android. Okay, so let’s install the support app and see if there’s, some new features, okay, additional watch faces and, of course, additional functions for this cospet magic. 3, smartwatch. Okay. So here we have the user manual. Okay, so let’s look for the qr code. Here it says the system app is the fit or d8 fit available in android and ios, okay, so in your user manual. Okay, if you want to know how to install just scan here that qr code with your smartphone, okay or if you happen to lost your smartphone, just search the daffit, app or it’s here on the support app. Okay, let me show it to you it’s available here: okay in the settings, i think usually it’s, always in the settings. Okay, so we have here the app or the qr code. Okay anyway, we already know the app so let’s search it here. Okay, we are using our tablet here. Okay, our smartphone is on any low battery mode, so let’s search the fit okay. So we have here the application, just search it okay by prepa and, as you can see here, it’s over five million downloads it’s a pretty popular support, app for smart watches.

Okay, so about this app use that feedband to set track and follow your health day to day and night description, use the effect band to set track and follow your health date day to day and night, monitor and track. Your sleep quality start every day feeling rested with gentle alarm, gain insights from easy to view. Trends based on your personal health data set your band to by rate when you have incoming calls on your phone over five million downloads, very light 10.93 megabytes. So just getting shy of a one or seven mb: okay, okay and it’s – already 11 and bill it’s here, as you can see, it’s already, 11 mb, okay, so let’s install the support app okay we’ll see. Hopefully it will not take too long. Okay, while we are waiting for the installation of the support, app let’s have again a closer look on this beautiful smart watch from cospet. Okay: okay, try to appreciate the view beauty of the cospet magic, cree, smartwatch, okay, so rectangular design full screen display okay bubble type menu. Here you have a lot of sports mode here. Okay, what else you have sleep monitoring? You have heart rate measurement, okay, so you’re. Just asking to put it on your wrist: okay, you also have what else exercise mode we have. What else do we have here? Okay, walking again running cycling, badminton, basketball, football swimming hiking, tennis, football, golf, baseball, elliptical, training and more okay, so let’s check.

If our app is already installed so here we have the daffy app okay, so activated let’s open the app okay. So it is asking for details so allow the fit to make and manage phone calls so just allow it so permissions again. Gps, allow it allow the outfit access to photos and media on the device allow it allow the fit to access the device location. Yes, allow only using this app. Okay, so guess it’s already. Okay, now, okay, let’s add the device, so you have not linked device tap on it. Enable okay enable the gps. You thought we already activated it. Okay, so again that fit app. So it is looking for this smart rod, so we have at least two here – two smart watches so we’re going to pick the magic tree here, because that is a war. Smart watch, okay, they see the number here. Okay, if there’s no name, you can check it here on the smartwatch settings. I think it’s on the settings and about so we have here the address the map address. So it is same similar mac address, tap on the magic tree and we’ll, see if it’s connecting okay it’s not connected yet okay, still trying to figure out let’s see if it’s working, okay, it’s now connected okay, as you can see here, we have 40 battery mode. Okay, so let’s check let’s go first with a chart. Here we have step sleep heart rate: what else blood pressure, blood oxygen and out outdoor running okay for the device? Let’S go and check the available watch faces, so we have at least one two.

Three four and five default watch faces with a custom watch faces here. Okay, so you can add your custom watch face for the magic tree we’re going to have a tutorial on this. Okay on our next video, we have additional watch faces here. Okay let’s see, so we have digital here. Simple also have feminine type watch faces. Okay, we’ll see let’s, see if we do have an analog so more of a digital here. So we have here an analog. This two zero five, five, okay, okay, so beautiful analog watch faces and digital watch faces. Okay we’ll have a separate, separate vid videos for this. Okay notifications. So allow the affiliate to access your contacts, access your contacts, of course. So if you want to receive you just toggle it on including a messages and pick the desired social apps here, let’s say: if you want facebook enable bullet, okay, so allow and set okay let’s go back again, so that’s it and we have other popular apps here. Okay, going back to the main page dashboard let’s see, we also have remote control for photos alarm. We have at least three here what else? Okay, we have others here, let’s see what are the additional settings here. We have find device time format if you want to change it to 12 or 24 hour format. We have the metrics here reminders to move. We have continuous heart rate detection control phone music. So this is the bluetooth music control, autolac let’s change.

It let’s make it longer. If we have the option here – oh okay, so 20 seconds, it is the longer or longest time we also have a drink water reminder. Okay, with the intervals here, we also have the weather, then for our social city, and we have here a piece of visual logical cycle reminder. This is for women, everything okay, so we have the cycle menstrual days. Okay, what else we have reminder mode reminder time and physiological cycle calendar okay, so we have a lot of options for the magic tree with the daffy support app. Okay again, if you have any questions, okay regarding this tutorial on how to install your daf it app with a magic tree, hey, please drop a comment below, and we also have here an integration with a google fit okay, so the data on your daffodil fit can Be synchronized to your google fit account or google fit app. Okay, you also have a goal settings here. You can increase it. If you want okay, we have the version here. Did that fit okay let’s see if we have the update, so firmware is the latest version. So that’s it for a simple tutorial on how to install your cosmet magic tree with the daffod smart watch or the fit app okay, the magic tree smartwatch with the defeat app okay again, this is smartwatch