com the premiere smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are back again for our video review of the x8 smartwatch. This is our third video review of this new smartwatch, the x8 and, of course, there’s more to come, this time, we’re going to show you on how to install a watch face to your smartwatch, as we promised last time, we we demoed on how to synchronize it And connect it to your hry, fine, app support app so so far it works. If you haven’t seen the video check on our youtube channel, we have there the installation of the x8 smartwatch 2d hr wine support app. Okay. So this time let’s see if we can install a watch face for your x8 smartwatch okay, so we have here, we already tried it earlier. A watch face from the dial mall, so it has a lot of watch faces right away in your smartwatch. Reloaded watch faces. Okay, but if you want more there’s a lot of options in the support, app okay, so changing watch faces is very easy, just tap on it and scroll, okay or slide so let’s pick this one okay. So if you want more or if you want to customize it, we have up an options here in the support app, so we have at least two options here. The dial management in the dial and the dial model let’s go first with the dial management tap on it, and we have at least several options here.

We have 12 watch faces. Okay, let’s see if there’s there are mores so that that is for the dial mode and let’s see if you want. This watch face just tap on it. Okay from this one just tap on it and it is selected on your smartwatch. Okay, if you want a custom watch face, you want your own background for as a watch face, you can go here on the first one and click or tap on the edit okay, you can set the time play or the options that will be shown on the Watch face okay, just pick, you can also pick your own color here, let’s see. Okay, i want lighter one. Okay, any time position just tap and drag we’ll put it here on the bottom part. Okay, we also have the color options here and tap on the check option here: okay, so that’s it and let’s pick our background. Okay, let’s see: okay, let’s change it to other options. Here: okay, let’s see, for example, this one okay, just for the demo, doesn’t look good, but just for demo, okay, tap on the select here and tap on completed the follow so yeah. Here. The layout of the watch face let’s, see let’s say that it is already. Okay, just click on the check here, tap and that’s. Your watch face a custom background for your smartwatch. Again, it will be pushed to your smartwatch just tap on a check here, and we see a preview of the watch face for your smartwatch and tap on save once you tap on the save, it will be pushed to your smartwatch and it may will take some Time, okay, so you all, you have to just just wait so tap on the save, so it is now pushing to your smartwatch, so let’s wait.

It may take a few more seconds so, depending on the details of your background, okay, i tested it with photographs. Okay taken by your camera – and it is much it takes some time – okay let’s see, it is loaded to your smartwatch, your own custom, smartwatch. Okay, do you see it own custom watch face for your smartwatch, so we have the time and the background okay. But if you want more, we have here in the the other options, the dial mall. So we have reloaded watch faces here. Let’S go the dial, mall and just tap on more, and we have at least several here so almo. Most of the options here are christmas. Themed watch faces, but anyway still it’s a good thing that there are other options: okay, let’s pick one okay, much sharper image; let’s choose okay. How about this one, this one, the e strain? Okay, i like the color; okay, just tap on it, we’ll see. So it is free and size about 99 kilobyte, okay, so that’s the look of the watch face. Okay and tap on get dial similar to the custom watch face. It will be pushed to your smartwatch and will will take some time. I guess it is much longer longer compared to the custom watch face, depend depending on the size of the watch space here: okay, so 48 percent, 51 53. So just wait have patience and it will be loaded to your smart watch, just making sure that you have a a a full charge fully charged more than or more than 50 battery for your smart watch as well as for your smart phone.

Okay to void any issues with synchronizing and installing watch faces: okay that’s it. This thing sucks successfully beautiful watch face for our x8 smartwatch again. The procedure is similar to the y6a plus okay, but this one it has an option for the dial mall. Hopefully there will be some upgrade and we’ll see more watch faces available for your y68 or i mean for your x8 smartwatch available for the hry fine, app okay. So this is the hry fine, app available in ios and android. Again, if you have any questions regarding the installation of the app and and specifically the watch face for your x8 smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. If you have any more requests, just drop a comment below check our website at For the initial review of the x8 smartwatch and its specifications again, this is smartwatch specifications.