com, the premier site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are back again with the smartwatch, the upgraded y68 smartwatch, so there’s a lot of queries on how to change the watch face of the uh graded y6a, okay. So this one – this is a new model. Remember that we have the previous version of the y68. We have this one. Let me show it to you, so this is the previews version. Okay, so we. What we have here is the upgraded version with the option to change the watch face with the y68. We only have at least two preloaded watch faces: okay with the new version there’s a lot of options, especially there’s, a customization option for watch faces still. It is very affordable and easy to use this time, we’re going to try on installing the watch face for your y68 again. So if you have any questions regarding this tutorial and smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. So this is the watch face, focus video tutorial, okay, we already demonstrated it in our other videos but there’s a lot of requests again to demo on how to change the watchpad watch face. As you can see here, we have a custom watch faces then, for we have a preloaded watch faces or themes in this smartwatch. So let me show it to you first okay, so this is touch button. Key doesn’t support, touchscreen again let’s go back.

I guess this is available in the more setup or the settings, so we have here the theme. Okay, we have one two, oh again, let’s check let’s make sure how many watch faces. Do we have okay at least two preloaded watch faces? But if you want more, we have here available in the support app, so we have the fit pro support. App. Okay, just go to the set here: okay, go to dial settings and the y68. The dial settings is not available. Okay, let’s go to dial settings okay, so we have here the default watch face here for our smartwatch: okay, let’s change it this one just tap on it and it will be loaded to your smartwatch let’s, see if it will update our watch face here in the Support app, so it takes some time if it’s not working, we’ll switch to another watch space. So here, as you can see, it is upgrading and it’s trying to install on the support app on the smartwatch from your support app to your smartwatch again, making sure that it is connected to your bluetooth connection. Okay, so succeeded. As you can see here, we have the default watch face. So if you want other watch faces we have here, we have a lot of options here. Okay, so i will show you again: you need in you need an internet connection to be able to install these. These watch faces okay, so it’s the world of space, so let’s check.

I want this one okay, so it is loading so you can set here. What do you want? The positioning of the time so let’s check this one? Okay, so this is the default let’s pick. This one, so you can see it. Okay, then synchronize dial here on the bottom part so is synchronizing again it is upgrading. So it is very easy that tutorial for changing your watch face of your y6a, the upgraded version. I want to make it clear: the upgraded version is very easy: okay, no issues at all, okay, so it is upgrading it may take some time, but anyway, it works. Just have some patience. Okay, it is a good addition to your y68 okay. The first y68 is disappointing and there’s only two available two watch faces with no option in the support app okay. Well, this one. We have a lot of options: okay, so upgrading 70 just wait, wait! It’S coming okay, so update success and we have the watch faces here and let’s go back to the home settings. Okay, so, as you can see here, summary focus that’s your watch face. Okay, let’s have another one. Okay. What if i don’t want the background here? Okay, so let’s check and change it to other images. We have here camera roll we’ll pick this one okay and tap select here again. The procedure here is change. The dial select the image, the desired image, and please select here that one please select okay, tap here on the top, but he here it says, completed again tap or just select it here.

Okay, so it he here, it says, completed so successful and go back here again. Let’S change, completed, tap on completed, okay check and sit okay, you got it again. Let’S have another demo again tap here. It is completed, tap check. It here tap on the check here and set to change dial and just like the preview steps tap on the synchronized dial. So this one is a custom image, so it may take some time. Sometimes it works okay, but sometimes it is unsuccessful. But anyway, most of the time it is, it works. It just takes some time to upload the image because it is not optimized for your smart watch. So it takes some time, especially the photos. Okay, so let’s wait, it’s upgrading, as you can see here, it takes much longer time compared to the preloaded watch faces here in the support app. Okay, let’s wait! 35 again, so we have a lot of pre loaded watch faces or installed watch faces in the support. App and while we have at least two watch faces pre loaded to the smartwatch okay, so it is much better compared to y68. So again, if you have any questions regarding the tutorial on how to install the watch face for your upgraded y68, please drop a comment below okay, so it is using the fit pro support. App let’s see if we will have a successful installation of the custom watch face, so it is still loading.

Just wait, have patience and that’s it here. Okay, finally update success and we have our custom watch face, see it now. We have our watch face here. Okay, so we have the time you can adjust the time. Okay, here, as you can see, we can adjust the position of the time as well as the date so that’s it so that’s the steps on how to install your watch face the available watch facing the support app and your own custom watch faces so far. We have a lot of options here: okay, from space to female team, feminine team, to tourists to respond team to chinese calendar here of thing and space okay. So we have a lot of options for the upgraded y6a again. This is smartwatch specifications.